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Toowoomba Acupuncturist Uses Acupuncture in Toowoomba for Stress

My name is Louis Gordon and I am an acupuncturist. I practice acupuncture from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, 4350, Queensland, Australia. Just as fresh clean water bubbling up from a natural well is vital to sustain life … my WELLNESS information will help YOU to sustain a healthy vibrant life beaming with optimal wellness. Call for more information on (07) 4636 6100.

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Acupuncture and herbs are both an integral part of Chinese medicine practice, which may help patients to manage a range of symptoms including pain, stress and fatigue.

Stress is something that we all suffer from at some point in our lives but there are things out there that can help to alleviate it.  One such thing is acupuncture. As well as being great for physical conditions, acupuncture can also be used to relieve mental burdens.

What Causes Stress?

Stress can be caused by such things as work, not having enough time in the day, financial problems, relationships with other people, and by trying to juggle work, family, and social life, amongst other things.  However, you don’t have to manage it all on your own.

How Does Stress Affect the Body?

Stress affects the body in a number of ways.  Stress can cause headaches, migraines, or insomnia.  Stress can also cause a tight feeling in the chest, dizziness or palpitations.  The digestive system may be upset and bowel habits can change.  Mentally, people can feel like their life is out of control, or they are easily irritated or quick to anger.

Why Use Acupuncture for Stress?

Acupuncture is actually great for stress as it is very relaxing.  This is because practitioners spend time with their clients and the rooms are quiet and peaceful.  While the needles are in place, clients often feel drowsy.  After treatment, they sleep well and regular treatments help them to manage their symptoms.  As an added bonus, the safety of the treatment means that anyone of any age can have a course of acupuncture.  People on medication are also able to safely use the therapy.

The Acupuncture Treatment

The purpose of acupuncture is to unblock a person’s energy pathways or “Qi”.  Each person’s case is different but traditionally, an acupuncture course consists of a series of ten weekly treatments followed by a review.  Weekly treatments work best for some people, while others find that fortnightly treatments or short bursts of treatments several times a year work best for them.  However, the people that are committed to regular treatment are the ones that will have the best results.

For more information on acupuncture and stress or to make an appointment call ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic on (07) 4636 6100.

 Acupuncture Really Can Reduce Stress Levels, Scientists Claim After Alternative Therapy Experiment

Acupuncture really does reduce stress levels, say scientists. In the first study of its kind, a team found the ancient Chinese therapy reduces levels of a protein linked to chronic stress. Although the research was carried out on rats, researchers say it might help explain the sense of well-being many people receive from after a few treatments with acupuncture therapy.

If their findings are replicated in human studies, it could offer a proven treatment for stress. The U.S. study tested the effect of acupuncture on blood-levels of the protein neuropeptide Y (NPY), which is secreted by the sympathetic nervous system in humans. This system is involved in the ‘flight or fight’ response to acute stress, resulting in constriction of blood flow to all parts of the body except to the heart, lungs and brain (the organs most needed to react to danger).


Accupuncture, Acupunture or Accupunture common misspelling

Note that “Acupuncture” is often misspelt as accupuncture, acupunture or accupunture, that is with either too many c’s or not enough c’s. I would love to be able to clear up this very common spelling mistake, and set the record straight.

Ac·u·punc·ture – pronounced ak-yoo-puhngk-cher; Origin: 1675–85; < Latin acū with a needle (ablative of acus  needle) or acu- (as combining form of acus ) + puncture.


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