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Toowoomba Acupuncturist Explains How Acupuncture May Direct Stem Cells in the Primo Vascular System to Regenerate Tissue and Heal Diseases

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How Might Acupuncture Direct Stem Cells in the Primo Vascular System to Regenerate Tissue and Heal Diseases? Toowoomba Acupuncturist Explains.

Using a high-resolution microscope, Professor Vitaly Vodyanoy from Auburn University, Alabama, has been able to observe and actually map a system of nodes and vessels that appear to follow acupuncture meridians.

Dr Vodyanoy calls this the “Primo Vascular System,” or PVS, and he has seen evidence of it in “blood vessels, organ tissue and the lymphatic system.” To date, he has only been working with rats. But he says that’s just the first step before validating this research in humans.

Professor Vodyanoy confirmed Primo Vascular System existence that could provide a scientific foundation for acupuncture

Professor Vodyanoy confirmed Primo Vascular System existence that could provide a scientific foundation for acupuncture.

“Even with our microscope, you cannot see the vessels until they are touched, because they are transparent, but they turn a yellowish colour when touched,” says Dr Vodyanoy. He says the primo nodes are filled with microscopic stem cells which are the primary building blocks that can be used to regenerate tissue and heal diseases.

Dr Vodyanoy is testing his theory “that the nodes, when activated by acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, pressure or laser, release stem cells that flow to organs where they replace injured cells and become organ cells.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains that “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) is the primordial energy that flows through all living things, along the defined meridian pathways outlined in the science of acupuncture. Now scientists including Dr Vodyanoy aim to show that acupuncture directs microscopic stem cells so they can help tissue to regenerate and optimize healing capacity.

For example, stimulating an acupuncture point below the knee at TCM acupoint Spleen 9 is thought to send stem cells to the pancreas, where they can repair and even regenerate the organ.

The article noted that this research could have a major impact on “pain management, tissue regeneration, organ reconstruction and diabetes and cancer prevention and treatment.”

You can read more about this research here.

I PROPOSE that acupuncturists’ ability to direct Yuan Qi (stem cells) via our knowledge of acupoint dynamics constitutes the major healing force behind acupuncture’s efficacy.

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Ancient Chinese Physicians Considered the San Jiao Organ was the Largest Organ in the Body

Ancient Chinese scholars believed that the San Jiao Organ was the largest Fu organ in the body. They further believed the Sanjiao was a literal organ that was located inside the body but outside the other Zangfu, that is, outside all of the other 11 organs. Due to this configuration, the Sanjiao has no defined morphology, and was thus known to have “no form” because it took on the form of the surrounding organs. I believe that the ‘formless’ San Jiao Organ complex described by ancient Chinese sages is actually the modern Connective Tissue Metasystem (CTM) that is only now being considered an organ in its own right. This exactness of these two organ complexes is only the very beginning of the similarities between the ancient TCM Sanjiao Organ and the modern understudied and under-appreciated organ-complex called the Connective-Tissue Metasystem.

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             Sanjiao’s Mystique Demystified


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