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Spa Days EarthingTM | DIY Spa Days in Toowoomba 

Cheap spa breaks, cheap spa days, essential day spa, spa days for 2, day spa Brisbane-04Spa Days especially Cheap Spa Days have become immensely popular. You can relish in Cheap Spa Days nearby. The Spa Days experience is stimulating yet relaxing. Spa Days and Cheap Spa Days leave you revitalized. A lavish Spa Days experience in your demanding schedule is a necessity. I propose that you can enjoy the equivalent of Spa Days and especially Cheap Spa Days bliss at HOME just like it was a Commercial Day Spa. Yes, I propose that Spa Days Substitutes in your own HOME is an actuality. Regarding Cheap Spa Days and also Spa Days enjoyment at HOME …. Good News!

EARTHING HEAVEN in Toowoomba, Queensland, is the HOME of the Inexpensive Spa Days Substitute System. Please view my Spa Days Substitute video to see how you can pamper yourself at HOME with inexpensive Spa Days Equivalents to use easily wherever you choose. EarthingTM is “a natural form of anti-aging medicine, whether you feel it or not”, and Substitute Cheap Spa Days will allow YOU to enjoy the benefits without even leaving home. Well there you have it! EarthingTM Substitute Spa Days satisfy and gratify YOUR need for relaxation and escape and EarthingTM Substitute Spa Days won’t break your budget.

Feeling 10/10 from a Commercial Spa Days session occasionally is great, but feeling 9/10 EVERY DAY from an EarthingTM  Substitute Spa Days System is even better”.

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Is EarthingTM aka Grounding Behind the Healing Power of Mineral Spas?

Have millions of people over the ages experienced the healing power of EarthingTM in Spas and not even realised it?


 Have millions of people over the ages experienced the healing power of EarthingTM and not even realised it?

In an earlier video I discussed the 11 different types of therapeutic Mineral Springs (Spas). I believe that the therapeutic effect of ALL eleven diverse mineral compositions of Mineral Spas does NOT come mainly from the minerals in the water, but rather from the extra large amount of healing Free Electrons flowing from the Earth below the Springs, through the highly conductive water and then into the body of the bather.

What’s the Purpose of Modern Commercial Day Spas?

Modern commercial Day Spas provide clients with a variety of beauty procedures in a calm and relaxing natural environment with an atmosphere of sensuality.

Spa treatments are grounding and profoundly restorative, and make you feel good about yourself. While smaller Day Spas generally don’t have a water-body, many larger spas actually have bodies of water to bathe in, either inside or outside. The rejuvenating water-body can be as small as a foot bath or as large as a pool.

The point is that the term “spa” has the connotation of health, beauty and relaxation.

Day Spas are good for this …………………..

 Enjoy an Earthing Day Spa Equivalent System Daily

Did you realise that YOU can own your OWN Day Spa Equivalent (DSE)?

  • Do you want more energy?
  • Do you want to feel more relaxed?
  • Do you want better circulation?
  • Let me discuss the most Frequently Asked Questions re setting up your EarthingTM Day Spa Equivalent.


Q1 – How can EarthingTM at home be anything like going to a Day Spa?

Q2 – Is the equipment expensive?

Q3 – Is setting up the equivalent of a Day Spa at home TECHNICAL?

Q4 – Is there any chance of electrocution?


Sorry guys! It does get a bit technical here, but I have to prove a scientific point to YOU.

In October 2004 researchers M. Ghaly and D. Teplitz published a research article in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine entitled “The biologic effects of grounding the human body during sleep as measured by cortisol levels and subjective reporting of sleep, pain, and stress”.

The results indicated that grounding the human body to earth (EarthingTM) during sleep, reduces night-time levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and resynchronizes cortisol hormone secretion more in alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm that Nature intended. Changes were most apparent in females. Furthermore, subjective reporting indicated that grounding the human body to earth during sleep improves sleep and reduces pain and stress.

Notice that the scientific trial indicated that EarthingTM reduced the stress hormone cortisol, improved sleep, and reduced pain and stress (anxiety, depression, irritability).

REFERENCE: Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2004 Oct;10(5):767-76.

A review article entitled “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons” was published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health in 2012. The authors G. Chevalier et al discussed the following positive findings on EarthingTM.

In one study, eleven of 12 participants reported falling asleep more quickly, and all 12 reported waking up fewer times at night. EarthingTM the body at night during sleep also appeared to reduce morning fatigue levels, increase daytime energy, and reduce night-time pain levels.

You know when you’ve used muscles that haven’t been used for a while, the next day or so you suffer from pain. That’s called Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS is a common complaint in the fitness and athletic world following excessive physical activity and involves acute inflammation in overtaxed muscles. It develops 14 to 48 hours after the workout, and persists for more than 96 hours. EarthingTM is the first intervention known to speed recovery from DOMS.

Reduction in inflammation as a result of EarthingTM has been documented with infrared medical imaging and with measurements of blood chemistry and white blood cell counts.

Also in the review article, a pilot study on the electrodynamics of red blood cells (zeta potential) revealed that EarthingTM significantly reduces blood viscosity, an important but neglected parameter in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and circulation in general. Thus, thinning the blood may allow for more oxygen delivery to tissues and further support the reduction of inflammation. These factors are obviously beneficial for your complexion.

Stress reduction has been confirmed during EarthingTM with various measures showing rapid shifts in the Autonomic Nervous System from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance, improvement in heart rate variability, and normalization of muscle tension.

Authority in the biophysics of energy medicine, Dr. James L. Oschman states that there are “measurable changes in a variety of stress-related parameters when people are conductively connected to the earth.” The studies summarized here explain why this is the case.

Obviously, there is no cost for barefoot grounding OUTSIDE. However, the use of EarthingTM Substitute Systems INSIDE, while sleeping, working, or relaxing indoors offer a more convenient and routine-friendly approach, that can easily be enjoyed DAILY.

REFERENCE: Journal of Environmental and Public Health. Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 291541, 8 pages. doi:10.1155/2012/291541


I just discussed the findings of scientifically-controlled studies. Now please consider the findings of an informal survey about women’s subjective feelings.

At a recent women’s wellness conference in Southern California, EarthingTM  researcher Christy Westen, D.C., conducted an informal experiment, using about 100 women in her audience, to measure how EarthingTM affected them during her 1 hour talk. The women filled out before-and-after questionnaires which asked for a subjective assessment of how they were feeling. The questionnaire asked about energy, pain, stress, irritability, mood, circulation, and flexibility.

The women received a “goody bag” containing the questionnaire, a pen, an EarthingTM patch and cord, and a pocket mirror that lights up. Why the mirror?  So they could easily view themselves before and after the talk, and see how they looked.

Once seated, they filled out the “before” section of the questionnaire asking for their subjective impressions on how they felt, using a 1-10 scale. An EarthingTM wiring system had been laid out throughout the room that allowed each woman to place the patch on the bottom of one foot, and then connect the cord to the installed EarthingTM  system.

After the talk, everyone filled out the “after” section of the questionnaire.

The results were phenomenal, Dr. Westen said. “They demonstrated just how rapidly EarthingTM can enhance a woman’s vitality”.

The results of the survey were as follows:

  • 78% reported more energy, on average an increase of about 40% more energy.
    Cheap Day Spa or spa days in Toowoomba

    With an Earthing Day Spa Substitute System (EDS3) you can dare to dream!

  • 60% of those with pain said they had less pain at the end, with an average decrease of about 30%.
  • 77% reported less stress, feeling on average about 50% better.
  • 82% said their mood had improved, with an average of 40% improvement.
  • 73% thought they looked better in the mirror, with an average improvement of 38 percent.
  • 65% stated that their circulation had improved, and on average by 32%.
  • 62% reported an improvement in Flexibility, with about a 23 percent improvement.

Keep in mind that these changes occurred within an hour of being seated on typically hard, conference chairs, next to strangers.

… These changes are comparable to results you would expect from attending a Day Spa. However, if you are using any EarthingTM Day Spa Substitute System at home DAILY, rather than the fleeting TEMPORARY benefits of a typical Day Spa, you would feel pampered, de-stressed and energised DAILY!

Dr. Westen concluded: “As a health practitioner dedicated to helping patients feel better and become healthier, I have found that most people think that creating more vitality in life requires a ton of time, effort, and sacrifice. We have to sweat it out in the gym, strenuously try to eat the perfect diet, and offload as much stress as possible.

To be sure, these are essential ingredients for a healthy lifestyle, but often not so easy to accomplish. EarthingTM, on the other hand, requires no strain whatsoever and is, in fact, one of the easiest things you can do for your health.

Dr Westen concluded “Just reconnect to the Earth, and even in one single hour you can feel a difference, sometimes profoundly so, and without any side effects!  Make it a routine part of your life, and wow, you really put yourself on a direct path to becoming simply vibrant!”

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 12:50 PM

REFERENCE: – http://www.earthinginstitute.net/index.php/blog


Cosmetics are cheap in the U.S. I suspect Australian women spend more than U.S. women. The average American woman spends $86 a month on cosmetics, skin care and hair products, based on a 2008 survey by Procter & Gamble. That’s > $1,000 a year.

Depending on their age, hairstyle and preferences, the average American woman pays anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 per year to colour, cut, style and highlight her hair.

Over the course of a lifetime, the average U.S. woman spends nearly $450,000 on beauty products, treatments and procedures, according to a NewsWeek report in 2009.

For less than the cost of a 1 hour Spa session, I believe that you can use the versatile Universal Mat to turn any location in your home into the EQUIVALENT of a Day Spa Session. You can sit on it, rest your feet or arms on it, or sleep on it. You can work on it or relax on it.

For less than the cost of a 3 hour Spa session, I believe you can enjoy similar benefits of a mineral spa in your home for 8 hours every day for 5 years, if you sleep Earthed.

So compared to $450,000 over a lifetime for beauty products, treatments and procedures, owning the Equivalent of a Day Spa at Home is dirt cheap.

Q3 – Is Setting Up the Equivalent of a Day Spa at Home TECHNICAL?

  • No, You don’t need to install a large spa, or contact an electrician.
  • You don’t need Council approval.
  • You don’t need to use large volumes of precious water.
  • You don’t have to worry about chlorinating large spa tanks.
  • You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars.

 Q4 – Is There Any Chance of Electrocution?

NO! EarthingTM systems are only connected to ground/earthing points, either a grounded/earthed outlet or a grounding/EarthingTM rod outside. There is NO mains electricity flowing through the devices. The only reason a power point is used is because the bottom pin is the Earth Pin, and allows convenient reconnection with ground outside.

NOTE: This information pertains to power points ONLY within Australia. If you live outside of Australia, you will have to determine if your power point system is earthed.

So how do YOU set up YOUR Personal EarthingTM Day Spa Equivalent Environment?

I propose that using these ideas EVERY SINGLE DAY, you can inexpensively create the EarthingTM EQUIVALENT of a Day Spa inside your own home, and enjoy the rejuvenation and invigoration of a Day Spa Experience without even leaving home.

It’s essential that the area where you are going to indulge in serenity, and pamper yourself is clean, quiet and relaxing. Make sure there are no mobile phones, children or pets around that demand your attention and spoil the mood.

Consider the following to get into the mood – aromatherapy candles, soft music and soft lighting, and personalized home-comforts like soft spa slippers, a robe and a cool beverage of your choice. For optimal benefits YOU must use one of your EarthingTM Substitute Systems EVERY SINGLE DAY.

EarthingTM must be a regular feature of your life, and having an EarthingTM Day Spa Experience EVERY DAY in some way is essential. For example, relaxing or working on an EarthingTM Mat or using EarthingTM Bands or Patches. ……Alternatively, you can sleep on an EarthingTM System for 8 hours every night. You don’t have to set up any apparatus. You simply go to bed and rejuvenate on your EarthingTM Half Sheet or EarthingTM Fitted Sheet, and allow the healing energy of Mother Earth to permeate your entire body with revitalising free electrons.  ……….Let’s look at the EarthingTM Day Spa Equivalent Systems available.

EarthingTM Day Spa Equivalent Systems (EDS3)

Pure Cotton EarthingTM Sheets
You can enjoy the rejuvenation of a Day Spa Equivalent experience and reconnect to the Earth INSIDE at night by sleeping on an EarthingTM Half Sheet, or an EarthingTM Fitted Sheet.

Using the EarthingTM Universal Mat
You can use the versatile Earthing Heaven Universal Mat to stand on, sit on or lie on to enjoy the benefits of an EarthingTM Day Spa Equivalent experience. The mat cover makes the whole experience more comfortable. Laying on the Universal Mat connects you to the healing power of the Earth, and replicates the rejuvenating experience attained from a relaxing 1 hour Day Spa session, except the Mat will probably last 5 years.

The EarthingTM Band Kit 
The kit consists of an adjustable elastic band to use on your foot or wrist. The bands contain conductive silver fibres on the inside that connect you to your EarthingTM Day Spa Substitute System, and imitates the regenerating experience you get from a relaxing Day Spa session.

EarthingTM Patches
This is another option for EarthingTM Day Spa Substitute Systems, and involves sticking an EarthingTM Patch to the acupuncture point Kidney 1. Set up time takes 30 seconds.

Here’s your chance to take the dynamic healing power of Mother Earth home with you. And trust me, EarthingTM Day Spa Substitute Systems won’t “cost you the Earth”.

EarthingTM Fitted Sheets and Half Sheets are expected to last at least five years. To sleep Earthed for 1/3 of your life for those next 5 years, will cost you less than a 3 hour commercial Day Spa session.

Please Note That We Only Supply EarthingTM Day Spa Substitute Systems Within Australia.

 Thank you from EARTHING HEAVEN – HOME of EarthingTM Day Spa Substitute Systems (EDS3)

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Daily EarthingTM by reconnecting with Mother Earth has been shown to:

  • Diffuse the inflammation and improve or eliminate the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders e.g. arthritis;
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain e.g. sciatica;
  • Improve sleep quality in most cases;
  • Increase your energy level;
  • Lower stress levels by reducing stress hormones, e.g. cortisol;
  • Promote calmness in the body by soothing the nervous system;
  • Thin your blood and improve blood pressure and flow;
  • Increase peripheral circulation to fingers and toes;
  • Relieve muscle tension and headaches;
  • Lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms;
  • Dramatically speed healing of wounds, ulcers and burns, etc.

While this list of health benefits may sound almost “too good to be true”, remember nearly ALL of the conditions above have one commonality – INFLAMMATION in the body.  EarthingTM supplies free electrons which neutralise the free radicals that cause INFLAMMATIONIt’s really that simple.

 CALL (07) 4636 6100 to find out more about the EarthingTM Day Spa Experience, or to purchase your inexpensive EARTHINGTM DAY SPA SUBSTITUTE SYSTEMS (EDS3).

EarthingTM Universal Mats are very versatile for Day Spa Substitute Sessions. EarthingTM Half Sheets are an economical way to sleep serenely each night. A dynamic way to indulge yourself is to spend every night (one third of your life) sleeping serenely on one of the High Quality Cotton Fitted EarthingTM Sheets. For your convenience they come in FIVE sizes. Costing less than 22 cents per day (over a 5 year period), YOU deserve to pamper yourself, sleep soundly and feel rejuvenated each morning. So secure your natural Day Spa Substitute indulgence NOW!

CLICK this Link to see information on EarthingTM Universal Mats.
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