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Price: $36.00

If you don’t have access to a properly earthed mains outlet, an Australian Earthing Grounding Rod (hereafter called a Grounding Rod) allows you to easily connect your Earthing Products to the earth, via a window or doorway at your home or workplace, or anywhere else you wish to use your Earthing Products.

The Grounding Rod is a 0.3 m (1 ft) long stainless steel rod with a 13.5 metre (40 ft) extension cord.  The stainless steel Grounding Rod is pushed into the ground outside, thereby making a good electrical connection to the Earth.  The cord is only 2 mm in diameter so it can usually be run through the edge of a window frame with the window closed.  Grounding Rods are compatible with all Earthing Products.  The 13.5 metre (40 ft) cord is suitable to Earth most 2 storey homes.

Simply push the Grounding Rod into some moist soil outside the home or work place where you wish to operate your Earthing Products.  It is essential that the ground is kept moist.  Watering the ground weekly will ensure that the earth’s conductivity allows the free electrons to readily flow into your Earthing Products.

EARTHING Grounding Rod to Earth all Earthing Products where there is no Earth Pin

This YouTube video discusses how you can Earth your Earthing Substitute Products when there is NO Earth pin on the power point outlet. This YouTube Earthing Video was produced by EARTHING HEAVEN. You can use Earthing naturally OUTSIDE, or you can use Earthing Substitute Products INSIDE, in the comfort of your own home or work place.

Earthing or Grounding involves allowing the naturally occurring healing Free Electrons from the Earth to flow into your body to neutralize damaging Free Radicals which cause inflammation, pain and disease. Earthing Substitute Products (ESP’s) allow the Free Electrons to flow from the Earth via the wiring in your house or office into these Earthing Substitute Products. This video is about fitting Earthing or Grounding Fitted Sheets and Half Sheets in locations that do not have an Earth pin in the wall socket. This video shows how to use the Grounding Rod to connect to the healing power of the Earth easily, so that the benefits can still be derived, for example in third world countries where no Earth pin is included in the power point. This video pertains specifically to Bali, but the principal is the same for any country.

For more information on the theory of Earthing and Earthing Substitute Products (ESP’s) see my YouTube Video at http://youtu.be/rRNzFkPq8iU

To see a YouTube Video on how Earthing is splendid for treating leg ulcers see my YouTube video at  http://youtu.be/Vhb4Zy4Uu_8

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