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Q. How does Earthing help me feel better and my body’s ability to heal?

A. Pain and diseases and other disturbances in our bodies are often caused by chronic inflammation. Such inflammation is, in turn, caused by positively-charged molecules called free radicals. When you make direct contact with the Earth, either by being barefoot outside or via a conductive sheet or mat indoors, the negatively-charged electrons from the Earth are absorbed into your body and reduce the free radicals and inflammation. This is our theory and it is supported by our research and feedback from thousands of people who use Earthing products.

This benefit of Earthing is very important because medical research has found that many of the chronic and dreadfully debilitating diseases of our time have the same cause: chronic inflammation.  Scientists now realize that pain and disease arise in our bodies where an inflammatory response has taken place, but the inflammation has not completely stopped after the healing process.  A low level of chronic inflammation can continue for years, damaging normal tissues and wasting energy.

The human immune system developed over a long span of time during which we were in virtually constant barefoot contact with the Earth. In our modern society, humans no longer walk barefoot. We wear shoes that insulate us from the Earth’s energy. In recent decades the incidence of chronic diseases, allergies, auto-immune conditions, and insomnia has skyrocketed in modern societies. One overlooked reason for this situation is that the immune system began functioning less efficiently as humans increasingly separated themselves from the Earth’s energy.

Q. In your clinical studies, the physiological effects of Earthing have been almost immediate. Can you explain this?

A. The body is a good conductor of free electrons. It is a repeated observation that Earthing produces beneficial effects very rapidly. When people are grounded through the feet (either by standing barefoot on the Earth or via grounded EKG patches in experiments), they sometimes feel a tingling sensation moving up the legs. We associate this with the apparent movement of electrons up into the body. In our research, we have “clocked” the speed of this activity. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach sites of pain and inflammation and then begin neutralizing the inflammation.  When a study participant says that pain has started to ease we regard this as a sign that the electrons have arrived at the pain site and have started to “go to work.”

Electrons may even be attracted to those sites because electrons have a negative charge and free radicals, involved in the inflammatory process, have a positive charge.  Once the free radicals are neutralized, we hypothesize that the destructive action on healthy tissues is abated, leading to a reduction of pain, sometimes quite fast and dramatically.  As soon as a person comes in direct contact with the Earth the electrons inside the body “feel” the effect of the ground potential of the Earth’s electric field. We discuss this—the so-called “straw-bead” effect—in Appendix B of our “Earthing” book. The body settles and equalizes electrically to the ground potential almost instantaneously. The information that a new potential has been established in the body is transmitted, also almost instantaneously, to the autonomic nervous system, which then responds by “adjusting” electrical activities throughout the body.  Muscle tension and skin conductance, and maybe also brain waves, are adjusted in a few seconds at the most.

Q. Can Earthing add years to my life?

A. We don’t know the answer to that question, however Earthing does look promising as a powerful anti-aging strategy. Many researchers have documented the deterioration of the immune system as we age.  The name for this is immunosenescence. A prominent medical theory states that one of the causes of general deterioration during aging is free radical damage, technically known as oxidative stress, and resulting in injury to cells. Since Earthing greatly reduces oxidative stress and inflammation it is expected to increase life expectancy and improve health. There is no question that  maintaining a functionally “young” immune system is an excellent strategy for preserving the quality of life and slowing senescence.

Q. How much time do I need to be grounded in order to feel results?

A. When you come into direct contact with the Earth there is an immediate and natural shift in your body. We have measured these various changes in the laboratory and they all clearly indicate that the body is functioning better.  People with pain often feel relief in varying degrees, from a little to a lot, and to even disappearance of the pain, just by planting their bare feet on the ground outside for a half hour or forty minutes twice a day.

Sleeping grounded all night produces many beneficial results, such as better and deeper sleep, more energy during the day, and less pain.  Again, the  degree of benefits run from slight to dramatic, from immediate to gradual.  Some chronically ill people benefit from additional grounding hours during the day, such as by being barefoot or using an Earthing mat or body band.  From the thousands of cases that Clint Ober and others have observed over the past decade, the more severe the health problem the more dramatic the improvement seen with grounding in general. Even in end-of-life situations associated with pain, it has been reported that individuals generally have less pain.

Q. How long will it take to relieve my symptoms?

A. Everybody is different and symptoms are different and with different causes.  Earthing does not cure anything.  Contact with the Earth helps restores the body’s natural electrical balance and reduce stress and inflammation. By doing these things, Earthing can have both short-term and long-term effects, and sometimes quite dramatically and quickly.

We have had many reports of improved sleep and decreased stress after only one or two nights of sleeping grounded. If the cause of sleep difficulties is long-term insomnia with underlying health issues, improvement often takes more time.  Medical thermal imaging has shown decreased inflammation in minutes after people are grounded.

In a study conducted by the California Institute for Human Science, instantaneous changes in brain waves and muscle tension were documented when the Earth connection was introduced.

Clearly, lasting changes in stress, sleep, pain and body rhythms occur when we are connected to the Earth for longer segments of time on a repeated basis. Night-time sleep, when the body is most receptive to healing, is the most beneficial time. In a general sense, just as you can’t direct healthy food, air, or water to create specific desired results in one function or part of your body, the body takes in the natural energy of the Earth and uses it as needed. You may experience benefits for certain issues you were not even expecting improvements in, and there may be no change in other areas. Generally, the longer you continue to use Earthing, the more benefits and vitality you can expect to see.

Q. I feel better when I sleep grounded. What happens if I stop sleeping grounded?

A. Over the years, we have heard from many people who experienced relief and improvements and then stopped Earthing. Their gains began eroding. We advise people to make Earthing part of a healthy lifestyle routine and keep grounding themselves daily. Don’t stop. We all evolved connected to the Earth. Staying connected may be the difference between feeling good and feeling bad. Earthing is not just for regaining well-being, but also for maintaining it.

Q. I’ve got pain. How can Earthing help me?

A. Go outside and stand, sit, or walk on the ground barefoot for at least a half hour or so. In that time you may notice that your pain is less. We believe this effect comes from the electrons that flow into your body from the Earth. Inside the body they act to reduce inflammation. There are also “barefoot substitutes,” Earthing products you can sleep on, work on, and sit on inside your home or place of work. Think of them as extension cords connecting you in your house or office to the Earth outside.

Q. Do Earthing products need to be applied directly where I have pain in my body?

A. Our bodies conduct the Earth’s energy. If any part of your body is in contact with the earth, or an Earthing product, all of your body becomes equalized with the energy of the Earth. We have observed, however, that applying the Earthing product near the location of an injury or pain may accelerate the decrease in local inflammation and pain.

Q. I have two stents. Could sleeping grounded do any damage to the stents?

A. Not any more than sleeping or walking barefoot on the Earth would cause damage.

Q. Can Earthing products be used by somebody who has a pacemaker?

A. There is no evidence that Earthing interferes with the function of a pacemaker. Earthing is the same as walking barefoot on the Earth. Many people with pacemakers sleep grounded and experience the benefits of their medical device and Earthing. To our knowledge, no one with a pacemaker was advised not to walk barefoot outdoors. Just check with your doctor initially and monitor yourself for any symptoms.

Q. Can you use the Earthing products if you have knee and hip replacements?

A. Absolutely. No problem.

Q. Can I get too much of the Earth’s energy by sleeping grounded every night?

A. Throughout most of history we walked barefoot and slept on the ground. We were directly connected to the Earth almost 24/7.  That’s what our bodies are used to. Our body knows exactly what to do with what the Earth provides for us. When we connect to the Earth the amount of the electrons we absorb is governed by the amount our body needs to balance the electrical charge of our body. It is always the perfect amount.

Q. I am not feeling any difference from Earthing. Could it be because I am very healthy already?

A. Most dramatic results are felt by those who are sick and depleted. For healthy folks, we regard Earthing as a significant anti-aging strategy.  But our investigations support the idea of staying grounded not just to feel better, but for prevention and optimum health.

Q. I have battled with insomnia for a long time. I got the Earthing sheet, and during the first week, I slept so much better, but then started tossing and turning again.

A. Sleep is so subjective, and the quality is often related to the many stresses in your life.  It doesn’t matter how grounded somebody is, stressful situations can readily impact sleep.  Drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol in the  evening could also interfere with your sleep.

Q. Can grounding help stroke patients?

A. No studies have been done to determine this possibility. In a general sense, if you can increase circulation and the oxygen delivery in the body, you can get an improvement.  Earthing research has demonstrated improved circulation and oxygen uptake.

Q. Can grounding help blood pressure?

A. Again, no specific studies on this have been done. Anecdotally, we have heard from many people whose blood pressure numbers have improved, and who have better control of their blood pressure, after starting Earthing. Some have been able to lower the dosage of their medication.  If you take medication and experience better control, you should inform your physician and ask about the possibility of lowering your dosage.


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