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Regarding the meteoric rise in allergies and allergy symptoms, the following information was extracted from pages 13 – 14 of the book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever?

Earthing and Allergies

In March 2008, an article by Rob Stein of the Washington Post brought attention to one of the primary issues responsible for the health melt down; the decline of the human immune system. His article was entitled “Is Modern Life Ravaging Our Immune Systems?” “First, asthma cases shot up, along with hay fever and other common allergic reactions, such as eczema,” Mr. Stein wrote. Then paediatricians started seeing more children with food allergies. Now experts are increasingly convinced that a suspected jump in lupus, multiple sclerosis, and other afflictions caused by misfiring immune systems is real.

“Although the data are stronger for some diseases than others, and part of the increase may reflect better diagnoses, experts estimate that many allergies and immune-system diseases have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in the past few decades, depending on the ailment and the country. Some studies now indicate that more than half of the U.S. population has at least one allergy.”

Researchers are levelling blame at modern living because the increases have shown up first largely in highly developed nations in Europe, North America, and elsewhere, and they are on the rise in other countries as they become more developed.

“It’s striking,” one British researcher said. “Disturbing” said one French researcher, referring to the increase of autoimmune disorders, the difficult to treat and often disabling conditions stemming from a dysfunctional immune system that attacks the body’s own cells, tissues, and organs. Common autoimmune diseases include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes. The cause remains unknown, and the reasons for the increase are poorly understood. Collectively, they are among the most prevalent diseases in the United States, afflicting between 15 and 24 million people, about 75 percent of them women.”

These are the personal observations of Clint Ober about how allergies and allergy symptoms resolve after the subject participates in daily Earthing. Mr Ober is one of the co-authors of the book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever? The following extract is from page 113 of the book:

“Eczema and psoriasis improve. So does dry skin. And dry, itchy eyes. Food and pollen allergies improve and sometimes even clear up. Faulty immune systems seem to work better. By connecting with the Earth, it’s as if you press a button on the immune system—like on a computer— that switches disabled to enabled. I know this from firsthand experience. Years ago when my kids were growing up, they would bring every virus and bug home from school, and I would inevitably catch what they got. In the twelve years since I became grounded, I’ve had a few colds but that’s about it. I used to suffer from pollen allergies, with a particular sensitivity to juniper. When the junipers blossomed, I would have difficulty breathing for weeks. Certain foods would cause red blotches on my throat. If I ate strawberries, I would break out with something like hives. Oranges gave me canker sores. There were long stretches of time when I was living off drugstore allergy remedies just to be somewhat comfortable. One doctor told me to stop eating wheat and grains with gluten. I don’t have any of that anymore. I eat everything. I don’t have any problem with juniper or pollens.”

The technical and biochemical components of allergic inflammation

Allergic inflammation is an important pathophysiological feature of several disabilities or medicalconditions including allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and several ocular allergic diseases. Allergic reactions may generally be divided into two components; the early phase reaction, and the late phase reaction. While the contribution to the development of symptoms from each of the phases varies greatly between diseases, both are usually present and provide us a framework for understanding allergic disease.

The early phase of the allergic reaction typically occurs within minutes, or even seconds, following allergen exposure and is also commonly referred to as the immediate allergic reaction or as a Type I allergic reaction. The reaction is caused by the release of histamine and mast cell granule proteins by a process called degranulation, as well as the production of leukotrienes, cytokines and prostaglandins, by mast cells. These mediators affect nerve cells causing itching, smooth muscle cells causing contraction (leading to the airway narrowing seen in allergic asthma) goblet cells causing mucus production, and endothelial cells causing vasodilatation and edema.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allergic_inflammation

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