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EARTHING HEAVEN Healing Products for Grounding / Earthing INSIDE are available from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, 4350, South East Queensland, Australia. We supply EARTHING HEAVEN Healing Products ONLY within Australia.


The established first aid treatment for burns involves running cool water over the burn site for 20 minutes. Immediate first aid for burns and scalds is essential to reduce tissue damage. I believe that the best treatment for burns after burns first aid has been administered is Earthing the local area of the burn or scald. The tissue damage resulting from burns and scalds has been shown to be caused by Free Radicals. I believe that this additional Earthing treatment of burns and scalds after burns first aid has been applied will speed the healing process due to the Free Electrons from the Earthing process neutralizing the damaging Free Radicals.

I am an Acupuncturist (31 years) and a Biological Laboratory Technician (38 years), and have seen a lot of serious burns, especially from industrial microwaves, boiling water baths and autoclaves during work in many laboratories over the years.  I am aware that if cold water is applied immediately and for about 30 minutes that the damage from severe deep burns can be reduced.  I have also seen the benefits of applying copious amounts of fresh Aloe vera to burns.  What I have personally witnessed from these two procedures confirms the efficacy of both procedures in reducing the severity of the resulting burn.  However, from my personal experience blisters still form and last for many days to weeks and redness persists for many days as well.

I experienced a series of severe burns to my right hand along my forefinger, thumb and wrist, my face, my posterior right ear and the back of my head, in July 2012.  I had started to prepare the deep-fried entrée for my guests.  It was an Indian dish called pakoras. The virgin coconut oil had nearly melted and was clear and simmering, when I noticed patches of water at the bottom of the oil in the pot.  Being a scientist, I knew that at 100 degrees Celsius, water boils and turns to gas (steam).  I knew I had to find a lid fast to contain the eruption, and defensively put my hand out towards the pot to protect my face.

At that exact moment the water explosively turned to steam and sounded like a gun discharging.  My wife Linda told me later that I leapt into the air like a gazelle, and as I turned away from the site of the explosion, a second eruption threw boiling fat onto the back of my ear and the back of my head.  I believe that if I had not been wearing glasses, I would have been in serious trouble, as when I finally found my glasses after the ordeal, they were covered in solidified coconut fat.  In spite of being in shock, I told Linda to turn off the gas so the fat did not catch on fire.

My T-shirt and exposed skin were covered in boiling fat as were the walls and the kitchen floor.  What a danger zone!  I soaked my hand and arm in cold water in the stainless steel sink, while bathing my face, right ear and back of my head with a damp cloth.  I continually recharged the cloth with cold water.  I persisted for about 30 minutes while Linda mopped up the fat off the floor and then continued to deep fry the pakoras with safety goggles on (at my suggestion).  Linda then went outside and cut off a foot long frond of Aloe vera , and then I cut off 1 cm wide strips and squeezed the sap onto my multitudinous injuries.  I continued with that for about 10 minutes.

I had spent about 6 hours the previous weekend listening to a dozen Clint Ober videos on Earthing, and was very aware that my main complaint was acute inflammation.  Clint made continuous allusion to the power of Earthing to reduce inflammation.  I had purchased Universal Mats and Mouse Pads to experiment on my patients and already had them on my treatment tables.  I had also purchased a Half Sheet and had been sleeping Earthed for three nights at that time.  I intuitively knew that I had to get down to the Universal Mat.  I abandoned my dinner guests and proceeded to my Clinic dripping with water and with chunks of Aloe vera sticking to my injuries.

By this time I had blisters on my right forefinger, thumb and wrist.  I wrapped the Universal Mat around my hand and wrist so all the burned areas were making intimate contact.  I felt a very strong tingling sensation at the worst affected burn sites, and kept rolling back the Mat to confirm that I was not doing more harm than good.  I used the conductive rubber Mouse Pad to make an ear sandwich so the ear was being Earthed front and back.  Linda came down to see how I was going about 20 minutes later.

She was aghast at how the redness was nearly gone.  I was stunned that the blisters had essentially retracted and were also nearly gone.  I grabbed the Mouse Pad and Cord and Adapter Plug and went back to my guests upstairs.  I plugged in the Mouse Pad and then sat at the table looking like a leper with Aloe warts.  Between mouthfuls, I kept rotating where I placed the Mouse Pad, treating my burn sites one after the other.  My 3 guests were all astounded at how the blisters were gone and how the redness was massively reduced.  Fortunately, I was able to sleep grounded all night in the Half Sheet.  I honestly believed that I would need grafts on my ear as it was so blistered at the posterior side.  I thought that I would have to cancel patients for a few days as I was burnt on my forefinger and thumb exactly on the areas where I insert acupuncture needles while treating patients.

I slept like a baby all night, thanks to the Half Sheet, and when I awoke, to my amazement, there was no redness and the blisters were non-existent.  I don’t think any of my patients believed me when I showed them where the burns had occurred only the night before.  I know for a fact that if I was told the account by someone else, I would not believe them.  The four witnesses that observed the whole event were as stunned as I was.

I believe that every First Aid Kit should contain a Small Earthing Pad like the Mouse Pad for treating individuals injured by serious burns. Interestingly, I later tested the kitchen sink and confirmed that it was actually Earthed.  I wonder if a lot of the benefit derived from treating burns with running water is actually from the free electrons flowing from Earth along the copper pipes to the burn site being bathed by the conductive running water.  With most new homes in Australia being plumbed with plastic poly-pipe, I wonder if in the future First Aid Trainers will comment that the formerly successful procedure is no longer as beneficial as it used to be, and nobody knows why.

Louis Gordon – Acupuncturist, Toowoomba, Queensland.

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After First Aid has been applied, and appropriate medical treatment has been obtained, a powerful way to benefit all burns and scalds is to spend as much time as possible being Earthed. The optimal treatment is sleeping serenely on one of the High Quality Cotton Fitted Earthing Sheets.  For your convenience they come in FIVE sizes.  Costing less than 17 cents per day (over a 5 year period), YOU deserve to heal faster and sleep soundly and be free from the distress of the pain and discomfort of burns and scalds, so secure your natural relief NOW!


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