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Earthing and Cardiac Arrhythmias

Cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra said “My research and conversations with experts has given me a growing understanding as to how electromagnetic events going on in the heavens or right here on the planet can have a response—positive or negative—on the heart, the brain, and the rest of the body. For sure, we terrestrials are not isolated from the rest of the universe and are subject to influences ranging from galactic and solar forces down to local, man-made electricity and electronics.

All beings are conglomerations of bioelectrical energy. In essence, our bodies function—for better or for worse—as a collection of dynamic electrical circuits.

One of the primary electrical entities in the body is the heart. Each beat is triggered by an electrical signal from within the heart muscle, activity that is recorded when you undergo an EKG in your doctor’s office. Each signal repeated nonstop during a lifetime, passes through cardiac circuitry, causing the heart to contract and push blood through the chambers and then our into your body.

Heart disease can disrupt this normal electrical and pumping operation. For instance, problems with the electrical system—known as arrhythmias—can make it difficult for the heart to pump blood efficiently. Because of the electrical nature of the heart, it was natural for a curious cardiologist like me to be attracted co energy and electrical concepts that might affect the cardiovascular system in some beneficial way.

In 2001, I was invited to speak at an electromedicine conference in San Diego. That’s where I met Clint Ober. He had just completed his second study—how grounding affected cortisol and stress—and he was interested in discussing his research with a cardiologist who had an interest in electromedicine. He looked me up at the conference. We talked awhile, and I was immediately intrigued by his concept. Afterward, we met in his RV and talked in more detail.” This meeting lead to Clint Ober and Dr Sinatra co-authoring the book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever?


(This information is extracted from the Book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever? from pages 167 – 169)

Arrhythmias—whether of the skipped heartbeat variety or atrial fibrillation or malignant ventricular irregularities—are frequently set off by emotional stress and turmoil, situations that generate heightened sympathetic activity. Worry and fear can trigger these cardiovascular events. There is definitely a heart-brain hotline. Imagine living with a heart that vibrates, quivers and races rapidly and erratically instead of beating in a steady, comfortable, and predictable rhythm. Atrial fibrillation is the medical name for this condition, the most common arrhythmia of the heart. Every year, 2 million or so people are diagnosed with “atrial fib” or “a-fib,” as it is called for short. Although it isn’t by itself life threatening, it can lead to heart failure or stroke. For sure, it can scare the heck out of most anybody who has it and drain his or her energy. People frequently think they are having a heart attack. A-fib means there is an electrical problem in the heart. In a normal heart rhythm, the upper chambers of the heart—the atria—contract in unison in response to an electrical signal generated by pockets of specialized cardiac cells called the sinus node. In patients with a-fib, however, the conduction is deranged and electrical signals are scattered throughout the atria. Instead of contracting, the atria beat quickly and irregularly. This results in the loss of normal, synchronous pulsation and raises the risk of blood pooling inside the chambers, where it can form clots. Coumadin is usually prescribed to prevent clot formation. Emergency interventions include electrical cardioversion to “break” the atria from fibrillating and allow the heart to resynchronize and re-establish control. This procedure involves a perfectly timed, low dose of electricity to give the conduction system a “jolt,” which enables it to reset itself.

Bob Malone, sixty-nine, Boulder, Colorado, financial adviser: “After experiencing chest pain, rapid heartbeat, and flutter, I was diagnosed with a-fib in 1996. It’s very scary. You don’t know when the next episode is going to come on and whether or not you will survive it. In my case, it was all brought on by stress in my life, particularly business stress. My work involves advice and decisions that affect people’s lives.

“Medication kept the symptoms under control most of the time. When the meds were unable to control the wildness in my heart, I would have to get the electroshock and jolt the heart back into a normal rhythm. I needed that kind of treatment about every nine months or so. The meds were horrible. They took my energy down to zero. It was sort of like not having a life. I’ve always been an active, creative guy and I love the outdoors, and now this stopped me in my tracks.

“I started sleeping grounded in 2000. I went from not getting sleep and waking up frequently at night to getting good, solid sleep pretty much all the time. I later added a grounded floor pad while I was reading or watching TV and during the last couple of years, I have even used one at the office where the stress level is pretty high. I wear leather shoes so I can get the Earth’s energy while I work.

“The number of incidents slowly started to stretch out. They went from days to weeks to months apart. Over time I was slowly able to wean myself off the medication. I had a flare-up in 2006, which I believe was related to the stress over the death of my brother. I had to take medication, but I haven’t taken any for the last eighteen months.

“In 2007, I went to Vail for some fresh air and took an hour-and-a-half hike up and down a mountain. My pulse was ranging between 115 to 130 beats per minute. In the process I got chest pain (angina), which happens whenever I exercise aggressively. Then it normally goes away at night when I sleep grounded. But I wasn’t grounded up in Vail, and the chest pain continued the following two days when I took two small hikes. I came back home the next day, a Sunday afternoon, with the pain still there. So I lay down on a grounded bed pad and napped for about a half hour. When I got up, the chest pain was gone completely. I even took a one-hour moderate bike ride afterward and no chest pain came back. So after having chest pain for three days straight I was greatly relieved.

“I haven’t had chest pain since that time or any sign of atrial fib since October of 2008, about the time that the financial markets went sour. Despite all the stress that followed I didn’t have another episode. Obviously I’m thrilled to have gone through the tough and anxious times without incident.”

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