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EARTHING HEAVEN Healing Products for Grounding / Earthing are available from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, 4350, South East Queensland, Australia. We supply EARTHING HEAVEN Healing Products only within Australia.

This video shows how Earthing and using Earthing Substitute Products dramatically speeds up the healing of ulcers. This Earthing YouTube Video was produced by EARTHING HEAVEN. You too can use Earthing naturally OUTSIDE, or Earthing Substitute Products INSIDE, in the comfort of your own home or work place.

I have been an acupuncturist for over 30 years, and practice at ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic, in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. I am also a Biological Laboratory Technician and have worked in Laboratories for over 30 years. When I was about 20 years old I was involved in a serious motor bike accident where I sustained compound fractures to my left leg. Due to the serious damage I required several skin grafts on the front of my left tibia or shin bone. The skin layer over the bone is very thin and the circulation to the area is very poor, and the area is numb.

Over the years since then, I have had numerous injuries to the skin grafts which resulted in the formation of ulcers.  Several dings that caused ulcers to form resulted from dropping the belt buckle while threading the belt on my trousers.  Dogs and cats have caused scratches that turned to ulcers. Chopping wood for the fireplace has also been a problem when a block of wood has shot back onto my skin graft resulting in ulceration on the grafts.  Probably the major cause has been from sticks and stones flung up from lawn mowers causing wounds that have taken a long time to heal.

I certainly can vouch for the saying that “sticks and stones can break my bones”. Formerly, the most ulcers I ever had at any one time was 3. Thanks to my age and maturity, and a lick of common sense I now automatically put on a shin guard if I am going to perform any activity with even the slightest risk of injury to my skin graft.

I recently had a holiday in Bali in Indonesia, and was not expecting what happened to me, which resulted in a new record nine (9) significant skin ulcers forming at the one time. One ulcer was the largest ulcer that I have ever had.  It was about 15 mm wide.  See the photo in the video. It was quite traumatic and I was very concerned that being in a third-world country that was humid all the time that the leg ulcers would become infected. To find out what caused the nasty nine leg ulcers you will have to watch the video. In the past, even when I was younger, the leg ulcers would take up to 10 to 12 weeks to completely heal due to the poor circulation and the very thin flesh over the bone.

However, I was absolutely amazed at how quickly all of the ulcers healed. All I can put it down to is DAILY “Earthing” or “Grounding” which I now believe is vital and absolutely essential for fast healing, good health and well-being. Earthing simply involves allowing the naturally-occurring healing Free Electrons derived from the Earth to flow through your bare feet via the acupuncture point Kidney 1 (Gushing Spring) into your body to neutralize damaging Free Radicals which are responsible for chronic low-grade inflammation, which has been shown to be the cause of nearly ALL diseases.

For more information on the theory of Earthing and Earthing Products see my video at http://youtu.be/rRNzFkPq8iU

If you live in an area or country where the electrical power points are not earthed and have no earth pin and you want to see how to connect to the earth easily see my video on this channel at  http://youtu.be/TaYf1k3Zpdw

I now believe that daily Earthing would also help all sorts of leg ulcers including diabetic leg ulcers and all sorts of chronic wounds to heal more quickly with very little effort.

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Case Study #6 – 84-year-old female 

The case studies presented were performed out of an out-patient clinical treatment center in Redwood City, California. The subjects were randomly selected out of the treatment database as they presented for care. Each subject consented to inclusion in the study. Pain levels were assessed and followed using the standardized four point visual analogue pain scale. Thermal imaging of each subject was undertaken utilizing standardized pre-examination preparation protocols and strict image acquisition according to published guidelines. Some of the subjects were supplied with an earthing sleep system consisting of bedding containing conductive fibers, which was placed on top of the subject’s mattress and thereafter connected to the earth via a conductive ground cord and an earthed ground rod. Other subjects were given clinical earthing treatments, which entailed the use of conductive electrode adhesive patches that were attached to the skin at specific points and thereafter coupled to the earth via a conductive ground wire that was connected to an earthed ground rod. All of the subjects were followed over time and their results recorded and summarized.

Use of high-resolution medical infrared imaging as an objective assessment of both inflammatory and neurophysiologic conditions demonstrated significant immediate changes in both acute and chronic inflammation related conditions.

ETT is showing incredible promise as one of the most significant advances in the treatment of both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Note: Throughout this document, the term Electron Transfer Technology (ETT), is used as another term for “ earthing” – coupling the human body with the earth.

The forensic photos below show dramatic accelerated healing of an 8 month old open wound after only 2 weeks exposure to Electron Transfer Technology.

The case presented below was taken from a randomized clinical controlled study. The subject was initially exposed to clinical Electron Transfer Technology (ETT) on 10-29-04 and followed up with daily 30 minute clinical ETT treatments over a 2 week period. Progress was monitored with forensic photography and standardized clinical outcome assessment questionnaires (quadruple visual analogue pain scales).

The patient in this study presented on 10-29-04 as an 84-year-old female with an 8 month old unhealed open wound on the left ankle with pain in the same region. The subject’s condition began as a result of a poorly fitted boot. A few hours after wearing the boot, a blister formed on the lateral aspect of the left ankle in the region of the inferior lateral malleolus. The blister formed into an open wound that resisted healing. The patient had been undergoing various types of treatment at a specialized wound center with no results. Vascular imaging of the patient’s lower extremities revealed significant compromise to the arterial circulation of the left lower leg. The patient presented to our center with a mild limp and in pain.

On 10-29-04, after 30 minutes of exposure to clinical ETT, the patient reported a noticeable decrease in pain. After 1 week of daily clinical ETT, the patient noted an 80% reduction in pain. The patient also showed no evidence of a limp at this time. The patient reported that she was completely pain fee by the end of week 2.

Her forensic photographs show a dramatic change with a significant amount of healing after the first week of exposure to clinical ETT. By the end of the second week, the wound was healed over and the color of the leg showed a significant improvement in circulation.

Photo of chronic leg ulcer before Earthing or Grounding helped it heal.

The forensic photographs shown above were taken as a baseline on 10-29-04. Note the size and depth of the open wound and how it has extended to include the surrounding tissue. The pale-gray color of the entire lower leg is evidence to the patient’s vascular imaging that shows poor arterial circulation.

Photos of chronic leg ulcer healing after grounding or earthing.

The top row of photographs was taken as a baseline on 10-29-04. Note the unhealed open wound and pale-gray color of the skin. The second row of photographs was taken after 1 week of daily exposure to clinical ETT. Note the significant level of healing and improvement in circulation (skin color) after only 1 week. The bottom row of photographs was taken on 11-10-04 after 2 weeks of daily clinical ETT. Note that the wound has healed over and that the patient’s circulation has dramatically improved.

Reference: Medical Thermography. CASE STUDIES. Clinical Earthing Application in 20 Case Studies. Dr. William Amalu, President International Academy of Clinical Thermography.


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