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Case Study #13 – 52-year-old female 

The case studies presented were performed out of an out-patient clinical treatment center in Redwood City, California. The subjects were randomly selected out of the treatment database as they presented for care. Each subject consented to inclusion in the study. Pain levels were assessed and followed using the standardized four point visual analogue pain scale. Thermal imaging of each subject was undertaken utilizing standardized pre-examination preparation protocols and strict image acquisition according to published guidelines. Some of the subjects were supplied with an earthing sleep system consisting of bedding containing conductive fibers, which was placed on top of the subject’s mattress and thereafter connected to the earth via a conductive ground cord and an earthed ground rod. Other subjects were given clinical earthing treatments, which entailed the use of conductive electrode adhesive patches that were attached to the skin at specific points and thereafter coupled to the earth via a conductive ground wire that was connected to an earthed ground rod. All of the subjects were followed over time and their results recorded and summarized.

Use of high-resolution medical infrared imaging as an objective assessment of both inflammatory and neurophysiologic conditions demonstrated significant immediate changes in both acute and chronic inflammation related conditions.

ETT is showing incredible promise as one of the most significant advances in the treatment of both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Note: Throughout this document, the term Electron Transfer Technology (ETT), is used as another term for “ earthing” – coupling the human body with the earth.

The thermographic images below show a dramatic improvement in circulation after only 2 weeks sleeping on the Electron Transfer Technology sleep system.

The case presented below was taken from a randomized clinical controlled study. The subject was provided with an Electron Transfer Technology sleep system (ETT) on 12-6-04 and observed for changes over a 4 week period. Progress was monitored with High-Resolution Medical Infrared Imaging and standardized clinical outcome assessment questionnaires (quadruple visual analogue pain scales and sleep).

The patient in this study presented on 12-6-04 as a 52-year-old female with long history of cold feet. She noted that as long as she could remember she had very cold feet. The problem was most notable in the past 20 years. In winter, the patient had to wear thick woolen socks to bed. She also reported that on most days in summer she still had to wear a light pair of socks while she slept. At times in the winter her feet would get so cold they hurt. Her doctor noted that he could find nothing wrong.

On 12-20-04, after 2 weeks of sleeping on the ETT system, the patient reported that she was “shocked” by the changes in her feet. She said that they felt “hot” to her. She noted that she had to feel her feet with her hands on occasion to prove to herself that they felt this good.

The patient reported that she noticed an improvement by the end of the first week, but that by the end of the second week her feet were significantly better. By the 4th week the patient noted that she no longer needed any socks in bed. This was especially significant because it was winter. The patient reported that for the first time in all her memory her feet felt normal.

Thermal Image on how Earthing or Grounding benefits Cold Feet.

The images above show a timeline of the feet from baseline on the far left (prior to ETT use) to 2 weeks post sleep system use on the far right. You will note by the arrows in the baseline images that the toes and distal feet are so cold that they are the same temperature as the room (thermal amputation). The center and far right images show a dramatic return of normal circulation after using the ETT sleep system for 2 weeks.

Reference: Medical Thermography. CASE STUDIES. Clinical Earthing Application in 20 Case Studies. Dr. William Amalu, President International Academy of Clinical Thermography.


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