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Infertile Couples Should Go Barefoot More Often
Wikipedia advises that the term “barefoot and pregnant” is most commonly associated with the controversial chauvinistic belief that women should not enter the workplace and should have many children during their reproductive years. Its usage may date back to as early as the 1910’s. An article published in 1958 states the phrase was first used by a “Dr. Hertzler” 40 years earlier. “Some forty years ago, Dr. Hertzler advanced a hypothesis which young women of today seem bent on proving correct. “The only way to keep a woman happy” he said, “is to keep her barefoot and pregnant.”” This phrase is most commonly associated with the provocative idea that women should not work outside the home, and should stay at home making lamingtons, and should have many children during their reproductive years.

In the “old days” when life was simpler many women enjoyed the privilege of staying home and raising a large family, especially boys, to help out around the home, business or farm. My mother was certainly one of them.  Those with a large family would generally prosper and become wealthy.  The fact was that back then going barefoot was not just for the gals but also for the guys.  I remember when I was at Primary School in the 60’s many school kids did not wear shoes to school.  And those that did wear shoes (mainly doctors’ kids and solicitors’ kids) couldn’t wait to take them off during recesses, and run around barefoot.  About that time, industrial chemists developed synthetic non-conductive plastics, which replaced conductive leather soles on shoes.  It has transpired that for a woman to be “barefoot and pregnant” today, is now an insult to woman and extremely offensive. In the “good old days” it was actually considered to be an honour.

Semantics aside, it is a fact that in many third world countries where women cannot afford to wear shoes, they are indeed very fertile, in spite of poor nutrition, bad water and having to eke out an existence performing very hard work every day.  Why is that?  I believe that the reason is that those women are literally barefoot all their lives, and subsequently being Earthed all of their lives.  They walk all day barefoot and sleep during the night on earthen floors, grounded or earthed all night.  EarthingTM or Grounding is known to increase your energy level, lower stress levels, normalize the body’s biological rhythms, thin blood and increase peripheral circulation, for example to the endometrium, balance gynaecological hormone levels and speed up healing.  All of these effects of EarthingTM have a positive outcome on fertility.

I believe that the negative connotation of the term “barefoot and pregnant” should be reconsidered and critically re-evaluated for all couples trying the fall pregnant naturally.  Infertility has become an epidemic of massive proportions.  Endocrine disruptors flourish in food, shampoo and furnishings etc. and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution abounds from mobile phones, routers, Wi-Fi’s, Bluetooth devices, PC’s, large televisions, dimmer switches, and remote controls etc.  These all must have some part to play in infertility.  Lower socioeconomic females living in the same town as infertile couples, seem to fall pregnant very easily, and yet they are exposed to the same Endocrine disruptors and EMF’s as infertiles.  Is it not true that these so called “Bogans” regularly get around their homes and yards barefoot, and are often seen out in public barefoot, and hence being identified as a Bogan?  Remember the last time you saw someone, male or female, down town barefoot.  I know I was previously guilty of defining them as “Bogan”. I now have a renewed respect for their intuitive grasp on EarthingTM.  Could this be the reason that lower socioeconomic females are so very fertile, just like barefoot African and Indian women with large families?

I believe something MAJOR is missing in the lives of infertile couples – both male and female.  Infertility is pretty much a 50:50 issue when it comes to which partner has poor fertility.  Evidence is accumulating from around the world that many infertile couples are finally conceiving naturally, when they start EarthingTM on a daily basis.  The good news ladies and lads is that you don’t have to throw away your shoes and go to work barefooted. Your Occupational Health and Safety Officer might not sympathise with your cause.  The preferred option is to sleep Earthed / Grounded for 8 hours each night.  That is a whopping one third of your lives.  There are several options for sleeping grounded, with the most comfortable and practical being Fitted Sheets to fit all bed sizes.  Alternatively, Half Sheets are designed to cover all bed sizes from single beds up to King Size beds.

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I believe that a dynamic way to treat Infertility is to spend every night (one third of your life) sleeping serenely on one of the High Quality Cotton Fitted EarthingTM Sheets.  For your convenience they come in FIVE sizes.  Costing less than 17 cents per day (over a 5 year period), YOU deserve to enjoy your life more and sleep soundly and possibly increase the likelihood of falling pregnant, so secure your natural relief NOW!


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