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The following is extracted from pages 170 to 173 of the book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever? It was written by cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra.

“Doctors don’t know the precise cause of high blood pressure, but they do know that it affects a huge segment of the human race and is increasing at an alarming rate. A 2007 report from health organizations around the world predicted a 60 percent rise, to an estimated 1.56 billion people by 2025. Currently, one billion people globally and about 72 million Americans have high blood pressure. The report envisioned a cardiovascular disease epidemic as a result. High blood pressure, while it is often symptomless, is serious business because it places you at increased risk for blindness, kidney damage, an enlarged heart, heart attack, and stroke.

High blood pressure is one of the biggest and most insidious heart risk factors around. Unless you get it under control, it is a sure ticket to heart disease. I’ve treated this common condition countless times in my practice and even wrote a book about it: Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks (Ballantine, 2003).

I’ve often treated patients who came to me from other doctors unable to bring their blood pressure numbers down with conventional treatment. My experience has been that standard drug and diet therapies frequently fall far short of their intended goals, permitting incompletely controlled blood pressure to silently continue chipping away bits and pieces of the arterial system.

For a large percentage of patients with high blood pressure, I have used four major tools in a nondrug approach and they work both for prevention and therapy: diet, supplements, mind/body techniques, and exercise. Mild high blood pressure as a matter of fact, is one of the easiest medical conditions to control without drugs or medical treatment. Management of emotional stress, optimal nutrition and supplements, weight management, exercise, elimination of smoking and caffeine, and moderate restriction of alcohol, as well as other lifestyle modifications can prevent, delay the onset, reduce the severity, treat and control the condition in many cases. Individuals with symptomatic kidney disease, a result of high blood pressure, need to take medication.

When I was in medical school more than thirty years ago, we didn’t have a cause for high blood pressure. Now we regard the biggest cause as oxidative stress, meaning you have inflammation and free radicals eroding the sensitive endothelial cell linings of blood vessels. The second, and perhaps equally as big, is sympathetic overdrive that, among other things, causes the blood vessels to constrict.

As far as Earthing is concerned, we haven’t done a study yet to document the effects on blood pressure, but our observations so far are very promising. Earthing snuffs out harmful free-radical activity and inflammation. It pacifies sympathetic overdrive. We think Earthing may represent the easiest possible way to lower your blood pressure. You do it in your sleep without a pill or anything else.”

The following two stories show the possibilities.

Case History 1

Dean W. Levin, fifty-four, Redondo Beach, California, marketing strategist: “Around 2000, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, his decline has accelerated in the last couple of years. And in 2008 he began being assisted through a hospice program.

“Doctors use a 0 to 30 scale to describe the level of cognition in patients. My dad was at a 20 or 21 level seven years ago. Now, at age eighty-eight, his level is around 10. He requires 24/7 care, including hand-feeding. He is pretty much immobile. He has to be lifted from the bed to the wheel chair. He’s had no exercise in at least a year, and there are only very limited moments of awareness / consciousness. He has very, very limited moments of being in the present.

“The hospice doctors visit him monthly and monitor his health and overall condition. For the past several years, they have prescribed only two medications for him—one for the Alzheimer’s and the other to regulate his blood pressure. He had been taking hypertension medication for years as well.

“At the end of 2008, I put a grounded sheet in my father’s bed and he has slept grounded ever since. Six months or so later, the doctors observed that his blood pressure had returned to normal. They didn’t understand how this could happen with someone who had no mobility. My father couldn’t walk or talk. Consequently, they took him off his blood pressure medicine.

“Another unusual thing also occurred. He hasn’t developed a single bedsore despite the fact he’s sleeping perhaps 85 percent of the time. That’s rather uncommon for someone so thoroughly bedridden. Bedsores develop when you don’t move, and of course there’s limited circulation. He didn’t have bedsores before, but earlier on in the disease he was moving or being moved around. Since there is a radical decline in functionality toward the final stages of the disease, the doctors are surprised that there are no bedsores.”

Case History 2

Jim Schmedding, sixty-three, Solana Beach, California, real estate broker:

“I started sleeping grounded in the beginning of 2008, a time when I was coping with many health issues, high blood pressure being one of them. My pressure was up to 160/90, and there were times when the systolic pressure (top number) was hitting 185 and 190. The doctors had me on a bunch of medications to pull down the blood pressure to a level they could deal with.

I was also taking Coumadin for an irregular heartbeat I had developed over the years. I could feel it racing at times and other times pausing for maybe five or more seconds. That obviously creates quite a lot of concern. You tend to get lightheaded or pass out when that happens. I’ve had moments where I had to pull off the road. To help prevent this situation, my doctors gave me a pacemaker.

“After the first month of grounding, my requirement for Coumadin changed significantly, to the point where the medication was cut in half. The doctors have kept me at that level as a stroke prevention strategy.

“Even with the pacemaker I would still have heart rhythm incidents about once a week. After I started Earthing, the incidents dropped off to maybe once a quarter. I think my whole cardiovascular system has been affected by it. I’m more relaxed. There’s not as much tension in the system.

“My blood pressure also improved after grounding. It went down to about 140/80 or so. Then I went on a diet and started losing a lot of weight. Much of my problem with blood pressure is related to weight. I have always been big. I played professional football when I was younger. After my playing days, I added a lot of fat. I went from a playing weight of about 265 all the way up to 340 at the peak. Over the years I tried to lose weight many times but always had difficulty. I was dealing with stress in my life and the weight just kind of kept creeping up, no matter what I tried to do. My new diet emphasizes fruit and vegetables, with a little bit of protein, and that has helped me steadily get my weight down. It’s now around 245. My blood pressure is 120/70. I’ve been able to reduce the blood pressure medication quite a bit. Ever since I became grounded, I’m much more relaxed and calmer than I have ever been. That’s made a lot of difference, including I believe helping me to lose weight. My body reacts differently.

“I’ve had anemia over the years. My hemoglobin counts have always been kind of stressed. After grounding, the red blood cell count is still low, but the doctors are surprised at the size of them. My red blood cells are about twice the size of what normal guys have. The doctors found that quite unique and said it allows me to process oxygen better and deliver nutrients as if I had a higher hemoglobin count. The blood cells are seemingly functioning better.

“These doctors have been treating me for thirty years, and they were never really optimistic about my chances. Now I’ve become the new book for them. There’s no protocol for me. They don’t know how to explain any of this. The changes in my blood really threw them off. I told them the only thing that’s changed in my life is sleeping grounded. I gave them some information on it. Their response was: ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, because it’s working very well.”

“One other health issue I have been dealing with is lymphoma. I’ve had it for thirty years. Before I started grounding myself I underwent chemotherapy and then soon afterward I received a bone marrow transplant. I spent a lot of time recovering and sleeping on grounded sheets after the procedure. My blood tests looked very good. The doctors were really surprised that I responded as well as I did.”

Note: Earthing has no effect on a pacemaker other than that which would occur naturally when standing barefoot on the Earth.

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