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Earthing and Multiple Medications – An Earthing Institute Advisory

In the Earthing book, as well as in previous Earthing reports here, we have written about the need for caution when someone on medication considers starting Earthing.  We have specifically singled out the categories for blood thinning, hypertension, thyroid and blood sugar. You can read our previous articles by clicking on these links:

Please review them if you, a friend, or family member, has just started Earthing or are interested in starting, and are under a doctor’s care, or if you are considering recommending Earthing to somebody being treated by a doctor. There is another aspect to this issue we would like to bring to your attention: when somebody takes multiple medications, as is often the case with elderly individuals or those with serious health complications.

In these situations, we strongly recommend not starting Earthing until a discussion takes place about Earthing’s multiple physiological effects and potential effect on medication dosage with the doctor or health professional involved. Earthing promotes a variety of improvements in the function of the body. Such improvements, to be sure, are welcome, but one byproduct could be that a specific medication dosage may no longer be applicable simply because the body is working better. An overdose situation could develop. Symptoms of overdose could appear. For somebody taking a single medication, or perhaps two, such symptoms may be apparent, and easily remedied by consulting with one’s doctor and reducing the dosage.

When multiple medications are involved, the situation is more complex. Multiple interactions could occur as different medications affect each other. There might be some roughness as part of an initial healing effect as well. For this reason, someone taking multiple medications should NOT start Earthing until he or she has talked about it with their health professional.  Earthing is relatively new. Most doctors have not heard about it or don’t know just how significantly it can influence the physiology. Until there is more research and Earthing becomes more mainstream, this issue is a challenge. Doctors have the best interests of their patients at heart, so our advice is to always follow your doctor’s advice.  He or she may say no, because of unfamiliarity with Earthing, or be open to it provided there is close monitoring of medications and reporting of any unusual reactions.

Earthing is simple and natural.  But even a half-hour or so of exposure – outdoors or indoors – can start generating benefits for some people.  So one cautious approach, and one which a doctor may be more inclined to support, is to start very slowly, with maybe 20 or 30 minutes Earthing exposure, and then very slowly increase. In other words, don’t jump in and sleep grounded the very first time. This way the body can gradually acclimate to the Earth’s energy.  In any case, please be prudent and speak to your doctor or health professional first.

Reference: http://www.earthinginstitute.net/index.php/site/blog/earthing_and_multiple_medications/

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But if you take multiple medications, do remember to work up your time on the Earthing Products slowly, with initially 20 to 30 minutes a day.


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