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EARTHING HEAVEN Healing Products for Grounding / Earthing are available from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, 4350, South East Queensland, Australia. We supply EARTHING HEAVEN Healing Products ONLY within Australia.


Sheila Curtiss, sixty-three, San Diego, sales: “I was born unhealthy. I’m amazed that I’m alive now. If it weren’t for Earthing, I’m not sure I would be.

“I used to have scary episodes of heart fibrillation. They stopped shortly after I started grounding myself and haven’t returned. The constant hot flashes I had been experiencing for some years stopped within the first month of grounding.

“But it was the effect on my rheumatoid arthritis that made the biggest and quickest impression on me. I had bad pain and swelling in both knees, particularly the left, and was kind of hobbling all the time. I would have flare-ups from time to time, and with each episode it seemed like they were getting worse. The one knee was so swollen I could barely get my leg into my pants. I’d have to lift my leg to get into the car. And all my other joints popped and cracked. Elbows. Wrists. Shoulders. When you hear your joints pop, you wonder what’s going on? Am I going to break something?

“I knew one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the area and consulted with him. He told me I should have knee surgery in the next six to eight weeks and until then be careful because my knee could lock up on me. I might fall and hurt myself. He wanted to do more testing, but I never had it done. I was reluctant to have a lot of testing because of negative experiences in the past.

“The following weekend I heard Clint Ober speak at a health conference. His idea sounded interesting to me and I decided to follow up immediately. I got grounded. And in three weeks, the pain and swelling were gone. Where did they go? All I know is that they were gone. Gradually, over time all my joints quit popping.

“I’ve been grounded since 2000, and it has made such a big impact on my health that I stay grounded all the time. People began calling me the barefoot lady. Right now, as I am speaking to you on the phone, I’m standing outside barefoot on my lawn. And when I’m by my computer I have a grounded footpad. When I sit to watch TV, I also have a footpad. And I sleep grounded. The only time I’m not grounded is walking from point A to point B, but maybe that will change when they start making grounded shoes.

“Now, years later, I’m doing really well for somebody my age. I hike, walk, and exercise, probably not as much as I should, but I’m able to do it without any problem. I can move freely. I have become addicted to Earthing. I love the Feeling and can tell the difference when I am not grounded.”]

Howell Runion, Ph.D., seventy-six, Stockton, California, former professor of neurophysiology: “I have rheumatoid arthritis involving my hands, shoulders, lumbar area, and lower extremities. There is nothing going to remove this disorder. It is progressive and degenerative. I’ve had the condition for eight or so years and it has been slowly progressing. I take a lot of medication to manage this and some other problems.

“A friend for whom I have a lot of respect told me about Earthing at night, and I tried it and noticed there was a tremendous difference. I thought at first it was just my imagination. I stopped using it. The condition got worse again. So I tried it again, and I felt better. Nevertheless, I still thought it might be my imagination. But it wasn’t my imagination. It did make a difference—a significant decrease in discomfort. It became clear to me that when I don’t sleep grounded, I don’t feel as good as when I do. I get up the next morning much more refreshed. If I don’t use it for several days, I can tell the difference. I feel worse.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is so bad that you wish you had something to blow your brains out, my pain level without sleeping grounded is often around 8. Sleeping grounded, the level may be about 5. This is not a cure. But it certainly helps, and the difference makes it worth doing. I believe there is a slowing of deterioration.

“For anyone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, I recommend this simple, effective procedure of sleeping on a grounded sheet as an aid to significant pain reduction. It works!”]


Steve Garner, fifty-two, West Valley City, Utah, auto technician: “Working on cars for a living is brutal on the hands and body. But that’s what I was doing for years until rheumatoid arthritis put me out of action.

“In 1993, I was diagnosed with RA after developing a lot of pain in my hands, ankles, and knees. For the next twelve years, I went to the rheumatology clinic at a university medical center every three months for treatment and evaluation. They put me on six different prescription drugs during that time. Each one had side effects that I couldn’t live with.

“One medication I received was called diclofenac. The side effects were terrible: headaches, dizziness and my guts feeling like they wanted out. I told the doctor that this was not the drug for me. She then prescribed methotrexate but warned me that it could also cause a lot of side effects. It sure did. After about a week, the pain had gone down quite a bit and the inflammation was a little better, but I felt like I had a constant cold with a runny nose, head congestion, and headaches. These were just some of the side effects.

“Meanwhile, my sleep was disturbed from the pain and my performance at work was suffering. The disease was taking the fun and purpose out of my life. I began taking massive amounts of ibuprofen. I started with 200 to 500 milligrams (mg). This was just barely taking down the pain and very little of the inflammation. I increased the daily doses to as much as 3,000 mg. I lived like this for five years.

“In 2005, I was forced to retire because of the constant pain and inflammation in my hands. It was impossible to continue my work.

“A couple of years before, I had been given a grounded bed pad as a gift, but I was too skeptical. I stashed it in the closet. It sounded too weird to me. After the pain forced me to stop working, I was willing to try anything. I found the bed pad in the closet and started sleeping grounded.

“I only wish I had done that before. I experienced a change after the very first night. I had the best night’s sleep in years! The inflammation and pain eased a lot within a few days, and after four weeks the pain was gone!

“Awhile later, I went back to see my doctor. She was impressed with the improvement in my overall heath. She told me that the improvement showed in my face. She said that I looked like a new person. She did x-rays on my hands and could not find any inflammation. She commented that the new medications must have been really working. When I told her that I had not been taking any of the medications but just sleeping grounded, she looked puzzled. I told her I was going to keep doing it. And I have.

“Today, four years later, I am still pain free and I have not had to take even so much as an aspirin. This thing has literally changed my life! I have felt so good that I was able to return to work. I am now back turning wrenches again.”

The information above was extracted from pages 132 – 135 of the 2010 edition of the book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever?

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