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Earthing attracts a good deal of attention and curiosity among healthy living and lifestyle bloggers.  One blogger was motivated recently to write about Earthing after her mother reported a huge reduction in dad’s nocturnal snoring level.

“Really?” the blogger-daughter answered.  “Are you sure? Why is that?”

At that point, the blogger’s mother said it was due to sleeping grounded and as proof to support what was happening in her bed she proceeded to cite several references to reduced snoring in the Earthing book (pp. 132, 151, 158).

Here at the Earthing Institute, we frequently receive notes from folks saying that their spouses or partners are no longer snoring or are snoring less, and that sleep apnea is improved.  One dentist told us that patients “using the Earthing sheets report a lot of gratitude from partners…and everyone’s snoring is much improved or eliminated.”

This is a big deal – another one of Earthing’s multiple benefits.  According to a National Sleep Foundation survey in 2008, nearly 50 percent of 75,000 adults surveyed reported snoring, about 37 percent of them on a regular basis. It’s a common problem among all ages and both genders, and can cause disruptions in sleep leading to daytime dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. A serious form of snoring, called sleep apnea, involves cessation of breathing and requires medical attention. Snoring and apnea often involve inflammation of nasal and sinus passages, which is one reason why Earthing helps.  Earthing reduces inflammation throughout the body.

The blog writer didn’t have a snoring problem, but said she has experienced an improved quality of sleep after she started sleeping grounded.  This was a big deal, she wrote, because she’s “a mother who has had a steady 8+ years of regularly interrupted sleep (I’ve been pregnant or nursing this whole time).  She was now “waking up refreshed with far less sleep than would normally have been required to experience the same level of alertness.”  Earthing also helped her husband’s back pain, she added.

Responses to her blog included the following comments:

●  “We’ve been sleeping earthed/grounded for about a year, and it has helped my hubby and me tremendously. He has chronic sinus issues and snores a lot. Between changing our diets to be primal/paleo and sleeping grounded, he doesn’t snore much anymore. Yay! My own quality of sleep has improved tremendously too.”

● “My wife used to snore a lot. We started sleeping grounded about 6 months ago and already after a few weeks her snoring dramatically reduced. And should she snore it does not bother me anymore, as I have never slept so well. My sleep is the deepest ever. And another thing. I’m 67 years of age and getting up during the night to go to the bathroom was a normal routine.  Not any more.”

Posted on Monday, July 2, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Reference: – http://www.earthinginstitute.net/index.php/blog

Martin Zucker, co-author of the Earthing book stated “Many people sleep less and feel more rested in the morning. Has to do, we believe, with deeper, more restful sleep…a result of contact with the Earth’s energy. Less snoring, or even snoring eliminated altogether…we hear that frequently as well. We suspect it may have to do with reduced inflammation in the nose and throat. Earthing reduces inflammation in the body. There is a lot of the nitty-gritty we still don’t know about Earthing effects in the body, however the research to date indicates there are many changes in the physiology when you connect to the Earth…changes that manifest as better sleep, less pain, more energy, improved circulation.”
Reference: http://www.foodrenegade.com/earthing-on-dr-oz/#comment-1276485

Katherine Van Hatten’s is a massage therapist and acupressurist from Brentwood, California. Her Case History is reported in the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? In the book she states (at page 132) “In my profession, there’s a tremendous amount of burn out because the work is very physical. You use a lot of energy. I’ve been at this for twenty-four years, and even if I go home tired now, I got to bed, sleep on the bed pad and get up and I’m ready to go. And my husband has experienced the same thing. He stopped snoring the first night he was on the pad. We have been able to sleep fabulously.”

Armida Champagne is a Real Estate Agent from San Diego. In the Earthing Book on page 151 she states “I was also amazed at the effect of sleeping grounded on my significant other. He had a slight sleep apnea problem diagnosed by his doctor. He used to wake up during the night, gasping for breath. Sometimes he could go back to sleep right away. Other times not. He also used to snore so loud that I couldn’t go to sleep. I would have to go to bed first and then he would come in later. The grounding changed all that as well. In a couple of months, his snoring tapered off and then stopped. The apnea took longer but it also eased up and then went away. He hasn’t had that problem for more than four years.

For the last five years of her life, my mother slept grounded. She died in 2005 at the age of ninety-six. She was a horrible snorer until she slept grounded. Her snoring stopped as well, and I believe the grounding gave her some comfort and ease in those last years of her life.”

My mother-in-law Fay Bacchi previously lived at Bribie Island in Queensland, Australia, and used to be a very loud snorer most of her adult life and was audible from two bedrooms away. When she developed congestive heart failure at 82 years of age she moved into our home in Toowoomba, Queensland. I was concerned that she would keep us awake at night as our bedroom is only one bedroom away. When she first arrived to live with us, I ensured that there was a Universal Earthing Mat under her legs on the recliner chair where she rested during the day. Then about a week later an Earthing Half Sheet was purchased so she was grounded for about 16 hours a day. Amazingly, within the first week of her moving in with Linda and me, she has not snored at all. Previously Fay would be ready for bed by 8:30 PM. Now she is still up with us to 9:30 PM and often later, and often protests about going to bed so early!
Louis Gordon, Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

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