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Earthing and Skin Diseases and Skin Conditions

Here are the personal observations of Earthing on skin diseases and skin conditions by Clint Ober, one of the co-authors of the book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever? This information is extracted from page 113 of the Earthing book.

“Eczema and psoriasis improve. So does dry skin. And dry, itchy eyes. Food and pollen allergies improve and sometimes even clear up. Faulty immune systems seem to work better. By connecting with the Earth, it’s as if you press a button on the immune system—like on a computer— that switches disabled to enabled. I know this from firsthand experience. Years ago when my kids were growing up, they would bring every virus and bug home from school, and I would inevitably catch what they got. In the twelve years since I became grounded, I’ve had a few colds but that’s about it. I used to suffer from pollen allergies, with a particular sensitivity to juniper. When the junipers blossomed, I would have difficulty breathing for weeks. Certain foods would cause red blotches on my throat. If I ate strawberries, I would break out with something like hives. Oranges gave me canker sores. There were long stretches of time when I was living off drugstore allergy remedies just to be somewhat comfortable. One doctor told me to stop eating wheat and grains with gluten. I don’t have any of that anymore. I eat everything. I don’t have any problem with juniper or pollens.”

The following account is by Cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra, one of the co-authors of the book Earthing. The most important health discovery ever? It is extracted from page 53 of the book.


“After meeting Clint, I had obtained one of his prototype mattress pads and started sleeping grounded. The difference was profound. My wife and I were both able to fall asleep faster. I still use that same pad to this day. I wrote about sleeping grounded in my health newsletter in 2002, and a number of my subscribers obtained a bed pad for themselves. Some took the time to give me feedback afterward and said it had made a difference in their lives.

In time, as I became involved in some of Clint’s research projects and heard the feedback from people whose heart functions had improved, the exciting potential of Earthing as a tool against heart disease started to crystallize.

I travel a good deal, giving lectures and attending medical conferences, and sleeping in hotels has always been problematic. Later on, when Clint designed some portable models, we were able to sleep grounded on the road just as we did at home. Now I never leave home without my pad, and I’m always looking for opportunities to walk barefoot.

For years, I used to suffer with flare-ups of psoriasis, a common inflammatory condition of the skin. It would appear on my lower legs and elbows. I had always noticed that whenever I would go bonefishing off the Florida coast—a favorite recreational pursuit of mine—the psoriasis would virtually disappear for weeks afterward. I attributed that to the healing influence of being out in the sun, the vitamin D, the minerals in the salt water, and time off from the daily stresses of a busy cardiology practice. In bonefishing, you spend hours casting for fish with a fly rod while walking on white sand flats knee-deep in crystal clear water. After meeting Clint, I realized that there was another reason for the improvement of the psoriasis. I was grounded, barefoot in salt water that is highly conductive. As I was fishing, I was simultaneously giving myself treatment. Now that I ground myself at night, the psoriasis is virtually gone.

What is the likely mechanism of Earthing healing skin disorders?

On page 85 of the Earthing book the following is discussed.

In an attempt to clock the speed of Earthing, so to speak, a study was organized by Dr. Chevalier to measure different physiological values before, during, and after a Forty-minute grounding session. Twenty-eight healthy men and women, ages eighteen to eighty were used in the experiment. They were grounded with electrode patches applied to the soles of their feet and the palms of their hands. For comparison, measurements were also taken during a similar length session of sham grounding. Actual grounding produced the following results.

An immediate reduction (within a few seconds) of skin conductance, indicating rapid activation of the calming-mode parasympathetic nervous system. Skin conductance is a widely accepted measure of nervous system function. This result strengthens our understanding about stress reduction and improved sleep from grounding.

So, scientific research proves that within seconds of Earthing, the parasympathetic nervous system associated with skin is soothed. Where Earthing is continued for some time, problematic skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis can be resolved.

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