EARTHING HEAVEN Products Auto Seat Pad for Earthing in cars and vehicles.

Auto Seat Pad – (1) + Cord + Alligator Clip 
Price: $32.00
Auto Seat Pads – (2) + 2 Cords + 2 Alligator Clips
Price: $58.00


The Carbonised Rubber Auto Seat Pad, hereafter called the Auto Seat Pad is a very practical portable Earthing system, that can be used in many applications.  It is a very inexpensive system that allows you to discharge built up static electricity charge while either operating or being a passenger in vehicles or craft.

When you are in motion in any vehicle or craft (for example car, truck, bus, train, tractor, aeroplane, ship or boat, etcetera) your body is assaulted by vibration and the constant friction of your clothes rubbing against each other and also your outer clothes being jostled up and down against the back of the seat as your vehicle or craft is in motion.  Subsequently, a large amount of static electricity builds up in your body.  This phenomenon is called “triboelectrification”.

In addition, the driver and passenger in the front seat are exposed to voltage and EMFs coming directly from the electrical circuitry under the dashboard.  Scientific study confirms that these micro-electric charges create stresses on the human body.  The effects of these extraneous electrical charges on the nervous system results in sleepiness while driving, leg and back pain, pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, tension, headaches, irritability and road rage.  This is why some people feel so tired and worn out, especially after long journeys.  The Earthing Connection Auto Seat Pad neutralizes these charges, allowing you to drive with reduced pain and discomfort, and greater focus, energy, and clarity.

The Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) in new Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are disturbingly high.  Some Hybrid and Electric Vehicle owners installed metal vehicle grounding straps to reduce EMF build-up.  Some noticed that the metal grounding straps curled up into a ball when they started the engine. As a result, the grounding strap became totally useless because it no longer had any contact with the ground, and could not discharge any EMR from the car at all. Only when the engine was turned off did the grounding strap uncurl itself and make contact with the ground again.

What was even more disturbing is that in most new vehicles today, Bluetooth Wireless Communication is automatically built into the structure/framework of the car. This allows for a person’s mobile phone to communicate with the car wirelessly, allowing for simple ‘hands free’ communication while driving by utilising the car’s audio system. This may appear to be a bonus to most people, especially busy business people that need access to continuous communication.

Unfortuneately, dangerously high levels of Microwave radiation are constantly emitted and contained within the vehicle during this ‘communication’.  The high levels of Microwave radiation  is often greater than some Telecommunication workers are allowed to work in, under Occupational Health and Safety Rules.   Add to this the high levels of wireless (microwave) radiation from phone masts, mobile phones, Satellite navigation systems etcetera, and we begin to realise that the body is literally being drenched in EMFs that it simply cannot discharge and effectively deal with.

The Auto Seat Pad measures 25 cm x 24 cm. It is manufactured from natural rubber, impregnated with conductive carbon. The Auto Seat Pad comes complete with a 58 cm Coiled Connection Cord that easily stretches out to 1.82 m.  The Coiled Cord has an alligator clip attached at the other end, to allow the Auto Seat Pad to make intimate connection with the frame of the vehicle. The Auto Seat Pad is fairly soft and flexible.

Please note that you can buy the Auto Seat Pads individually or in pairs.

You don’t need to be barefoot on the auto seat pad, but if you are able to be, that is certainly the best option.  You really require the Auto Seat Pad to come into contact with only a thin layer of clothing though, as the sweat from your body will permeate your clothing, and act as a conductor through the fabric of your pants, skirt, dress, or shirt.  There are several options for the placement of the Auto Seat Pad while you are travelling. You can put your bare feet on it, sit on it, put it on your lap, or put it behind your back.  The Auto Seat Pad is ideal for managing travel sickness too, especially for young children.

The Auto Seat Pad is a small conductive carbonized rubber mat that sits on your car seat underneath your buttocks. It connects to the car chases with an Alligator Clip and then the Ground Lead snaps onto the Auto Seat Pad. It is best to thread the Alligator Clip end through the gap between the car seat and the back-rest of the car seat, and then attach the Alligator Clip to any bare metal that is available.  If all the surfaces are painted or treated, scratch off a small piece of paint or coating so that the Alligator Clip is clamped onto bare metal.

The Grounding Auto Seat Pad has an alligator clip that attaches to the metal frame of the vehicle, for example the metal frame beneath your seat. Seats in cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes ships and boats are bolted to the floor, and thus connect directly to the metal frame of the vehicle.  Connecting yourself to the metal frame of the vehicle, allows the accumulated static electrical charge, voltage and EMFs to be drained from your body into the metal frame of the vehicle.

With the possible exception of travelling in a train, you cannot truly be grounded in a vehicle because the rubber tires of cars, trucks, buses and tractors prevent direct contact with the earth.  Obviously, there is no chance of being grounded in an aeroplane while in flight. Most boats and ships with power points are “earthed” to the water body in which they are travelling.  In all of these scenarios you can prevent the static electricity building up in your body, by discharging the static electricity into the metal frame of the vehicle or craft in which you are travelling. This eases the stress on your nervous system during transit.

Cleaning the Auto Seat Pad
Use a spray bottle of general purpose household cleanser to clean the surface of the Auto Seat Pad as required, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth or tissues.
Otherwise use a moist cloth to clean the surface.

Do not use any oils (for example Eucalyptus oil) on the Auto Seat Pad, as it may damage the surface.


  • More alertness.
  • Less pain and stiffness.
  • Reduction of fatigue.
  • Fewer aches and pains.
  • Less tension in shoulders, neck and back.
  • Less road rage.
  • Fewer headaches.
  • Reduced leg and back pain.
  • Overall feeling of being more relaxed.
  • Improved night vision.