Earthing (Grounding) Plush Pad from EARTHING HEAVEN in Toowoomba

The EarthingTM Plush Pad is extremely versatile and has many practical uses. The EarthingTM Plush Pad is made from the same high quality cotton material as its big brother, the EarthingTM Throw. This miniature size conductive pad can be used almost anywhere, and it doubles as a pet pad. The Plush Pad is a 76 cm x 51 cm natural cotton conductive pad which is extremely versatile – sit on it while watching TV or at your computer, or while doing homework. You can place the Plush Pad behind your back while sitting, or drape the Plush Pad over your lap. The Plush Pad is way more comfortable to lie on while in bed than the Universal Mat. Because the EarthingTM Plush Pad is so soft and flexible it can be used on top of your pillow while you sleep as well.

(Please note that if you do intend placing your face on the EarthingTM Plush Pad make sure that all oils and creams have had time to be absorbed into your skin, or the oils will eventually coat the silver wire and reduce its conductivity.) Another EarthingTM Product, the EarthingTM Pillow Case was designed specifically for this purpose.

The EarthingTM Plush Pad is also great for your family pets! You can place the Plush Pad directly on the floor or on top of the pets existing bedding, just so long as they make direct contact with the Plush Pad. This does not include gold-fish!! Smile

[Please see the veterinary article at the bottom of this page.]

Experience the healing and luxuriate while you rest, work or sleep. Rest assured that you will passively reap infinite healing energy benefits, while in contact with the Plush Pad. While in contact with the Plush Pad you will be connected to the Earth’s healing energy in the form of donated free electrons. The endless supply of healing free electrons that you have access to when grounded through your EarthingTM Plush Pad can heal and rejuvenate your body. The soft conductive silver fibres woven throughout the natural cotton EarthingTM Plush Pad will conduct the Earth’s healing energy into your body.


EarthingTM Plush Pads are manufactured from the same high quality natural 100% cotton used to make EarthingTM Fitted Sheets and EarthingTM Flat Sheets. The EarthingTM Plush Pad is a cotton conductive pad measuring approximately 76 cm x 51 cm (30″ by 20″) and is like a mini version of the Throw/Blanket.   One side is conductive and the other is not.  Please exercise caution and realise that sharp objects like watches and rings may catch the soft conductive silver thread of this fabric.

The EarthingTM Plush Pad Kit Includes:

  • 1 x EarthingTM Plush Pad
  • 1 x 6 meter (20 foot) straight cord
  • 1 x Australian Adapter Plug

There is no need to worry about bed bugs due to the naturally inherent antimicrobial nature of the silver yarn used to manufacture EarthingTM Plush Pads. The EarthingTM Plush Pads is the ideal indulgence, so that you can optimise your health and your well-being. So go ahead and indulge yourself.


The Plush Pad connects to the earth with a high quality premium grade grounding Straight Cord for your safety.
1. One end of the grounding straight Cord snaps onto the conductive Plush Pad connection point at one corner of the Plush Pad.
2. The other bung end is inserted into the Adaptor Plug which is inserted into the grounded mains electrical power point socket.
3. Alternatively, the other bung end is inserted into the grounding rod system, which is pushed into moist ground outside.
NOTE: Place the Straight Cord in such a manner so that it does not cause tripping accidents.

Testing Your Plush Pad With The Product Tester (Not Supplied unless ordered separately)
The purpose of the Product Tester is to confirm that your EarthingTM Plush Pad is conductive.
1. Ensure that the Straight Cord is clipped onto your Plush Pad and the prong is plugged into your earthed wall socket.
2. Insert the prong end of the Product Tester into the second hole of the wall outlet Adapter Plug.
3. Place the Product Tester flat on the Plush Pad. The round metal plate must be in intimate contact with the surface of the Plush Pad. Press the Product Tester firmly on the fabric to obtain a good contact. A green light means that the Plush Pad is bringing the Earth’s free electrons inside to your body.
5. You don’t have to test your Plush Pad often, just occasionally after washing.
6. NOTE that the more you use the Product Tester, the sooner the batteries will expire. The tester contains two replaceable batteries. Just unscrew the four screws to replace the batteries.


When testing your Plush Pad to ensure connectivity to the Earth, in the unlikely event that no green light comes on, the Plush Pad may be defective or may have lost conductivity. However, sometimes people have difficulty testing their Plush Pad correctly, so please read the following:

If the green light of the Product Tester doesn’t come on, place one hand anywhere on the Plush Pad while holding the tester in the other hand and with one finger on the silver button on back of tester. A green light would show that the body is grounded when touching the Plush Pad. Make sure that both the Product Tester and the Plush Pad are plugged in to the ground, as described above. One reason for the light not coming on can be that you aren’t pressing hard enough on the tester. The fluffy surface fabric of the Plush Pad sometimes prevents the button from contacting the conductive silver fibers of the Plush Pad. The surface seems smooth, but if you were to look at it under a microscope you would see “hills and valleys”. The pliant surface of the skin, unlike the hard metal button, will bend around fibers and make good contact with the conductive silver fibers. Alternatively, you can also put some moisture on your finger tips to create a better contact.


The EarthingTM Plush Pad may be machine washed at a warm temperature (up to 40°C / 105°F). The Plush Pad may be sun-dried on a clothes line, or tumble dried using a medium setting (up to 65°C / 150°F). Do not use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener, or any detergent containing bleach or fabric softener, as this can impair the conductivity of your Plush Pad. If necessary, a 3% hydrogen peroxide based whitener (available from a pharmacy) can be used to remove stains, or to whiten your Plush Pad. If you wish to iron your Plush Pad it can be ironed on synthetic setting.

Avoid applying lotions, creams, or oils to the skin before bedtime on parts of your body that will be in contact with the EarthingTM Plush Pad. Such substances oxidise and can impair conductivity of the silver fibres.

For MORE information of caring for your EarthingTM Cotton Products please CLICK the following link.



It is strongly recommended that individuals consult their Doctor for advice and a medication monitoring routine when they begin EarthingTM themselves regularly, if they are taking any medication to:
•thin the blood,
•regulate blood sugar,
•control blood pressure, or
•regulate thyroid hormone levels.

For more medical information CLICK THIS LINK.


Although it is unlikely that you will be hit by lightning, it is recommended to follow standard lightning safety guidelines as directed by the National Weather Service and disconnect your EarthingTM devices during lightning and thunderstorms.

Pets Need the Earth, too

Posted on  by 

Stephen R. Blake, DVM

As a holistic veterinarian with nearly 40 years in practice, I have made it my goal to learn the natural ways animals keep themselves healthy by observation and study. The Earthing principle has been apparent to me since I was a child, growing up around animals. They like to dig in the ground, especially when they are stressed in any way.

A very common example of an animal trying to ground himself is when they dig down into the carpeting or flooring of your home, when they are stressed or ill. They are trying to get to the concrete slab or get closer to the earth. If you let them outside they will do the same in the Earth. Many times when a cat or dog is ill, you will find them outside under a bush where they have dug a hole to rest in. My feeling is they are tapping into the energy field of the Earth and benefiting from the infinite source of negative electrons and other intrinsic healing properties of the Earth.

I have had cases where owners were reluctant to take their cats out into the yard because of fear of them running away and/or getting fleas. I would try and convince them to either use a harness and/or create a pen where the pet could walk on the Earth. When the owners did so, I usually found that animals improved both physically and behavior-wise

One cat named Charlie lived in a multi-cat family that was not allowed outside. Charlie was urinating in the home. I convinced the owner to start taking him outside for an hour a day.  Immediately the cat stopped his urinating behavior inside. His overall energy improved as well.

I recall another cat named Minny.  She had been an indoor cat for over a decade. She was irritable and did not like to be touched by anyone. Once her owners started taking her outside and letting her roam in the yard, her entire attitude changed. She was more social and affectionate.

I have treated many animals who have spent their entire lives in high-rise building without any contact with the Earth. I have advised their owners to ground their animals in some way. Preferably, take their animals outside as much as possible and let them have contact with the Earth’s surface.  Indoors, you can provide a grounding surface for an animal with a copper wire attached to a metallic water pipe or an Earthing product.  I suggest placing it in their bed so they get maximum contact time with the Earth throughout the day and night.

You would be surprised how just a simple thing like contact with the Earth can make a difference.

(Stephen Blake practices veterinary medicine in San Diego.  He uses acupuncture and homeopathy among many other methods.)

REFERENCE: http://earthinginstitute.net/pets-and-the-earth/


Price: $99.00


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