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Making Your Earthing Sheet Last Longer – From the Earthing Institute

We frequently receive inquiries from people fretting about the longevity and condition of their Earthing sheets. They may have had the sheet for a year or two and are concerned that it may be losing conductivity and no longer carrying the Earth’s healing energy through the silver fibers embedded in the fabric. Some people say that they haven’t washed their sheet at all, or only seldom, out of fear of ruining the conductivity.

We can’t give you a precise lifespan for your sheet. Every situation is different. What we can say is that that no sheet lasts forever. When a sheet does lose its conductivity, it needs to be replaced. We have heard from folks describing the “sudden death” of sheets and from others saying their sheet gradually lost conductivity over time. By comparison, we have some Earthing sheets in use for over five years and they are still going strong. However, there is no guarantee that any particular sheet will last as long.

So what can you do to protect your sheet? Here are some “anti-aging” tips to enhance its longevity:

● Wash your sheet routinely – a minimum of twice a month. If you don’t wash the sheet regularly, sweat, wastes, and a variety of organic compounds excreted through your skin can build up and create a film on the sheet that can impair conductivity. Such substances could oxidize the silver fibers as well.

● Wash your sheet in warm water. Set wash cycle to ‘gentle.’ Use a liquid laundry detergent at about half the recommended amount on the label.  Do not pour detergent directly on the sheet. Let the detergent dissolve in water first, or put the detergent in the designated machine dispenser, and then place your sheet in machine. Tumble dry on ‘low’ or ‘no heat’ setting. Remove sheet from dryer promptly. Fold to minimize wrinkles.

● NEVER USE BLEACH! Bleach instantly destroys the conductivity of the silver fibers, and is typically what has happened when somebody reports “sudden sheet death.”

● We have tested many commercial detergents, even soaked sheets in them for a week, and they do not harm conductivity, with the following exceptions.  Bleach is an absolute no-no, but please also DO NOT USE detergent containing fabric softener or oxidizing agents (such as Oxi-Clean).  Don’t use whitening detergents.  We also caution against using so-called all-natural detergents because many contain oils (lavender oil, for instance).

● Don’t use any fabric softener or any drying sheets. Over time they might contribute to loss of conductivity because of their chemical content.

● Do not dry clean your sheet.

● Some people like to iron their sheets. If you do it, set the iron to low heat.

● Avoid applying creams, lotions, and essential oils within an hour before bedtime to any areas of your skin that will be in contact with the sheet. The oils contained in these products become absorbed into the fabric of the sheets and can reduce or damage conductivity.

Comment from Earthing Oz– In our experience if a sheet has come into a contact with a corrosive substance, such as bleach, the whole sheet will be “dead” and it is impossible to revive it. On the other hand if the silver thread has ozidised from contact with sweat or oily skin, it will generally only lose conductivity where the person has been lying on it. We have found that it is often possible to revive oxidized sheets with the following recipe.

If a sheet that was conductive becomes completely dead and can not be revived it inevitably means it has been mistreated (corroded) and this is not a manufacturing fault and not covered by warranty. Earthing Sheets do not mysteriously become non-conductive. There is always a cause when they do. We recommend that you test the conductivity of your Earthing Sheets from time to time with a Product Tester. We also recommend you use Abode Sensitive laundry powder or liquid. Abode Sensitive laundry powder and liquid contain no essential oils, toxic chemicals and most importantly no corrosives like bleach. You can find Abode products in many health food shops.


Summary of How to Wash Your EarthingTM Sheets and Half Sheets


  • Do wash your sheet a minimum of twice every month.
  • Do wash you sheet in a washing machine.
  • Do wash your sheet with warm water.
  • Do dry your sheet on the line or in a dryer on low heat.
  • Do use a liquid laundry detergent, such as Earth Choice – available at all leading supermarkets.


  • Don’t wash with bleach.
  • Don’t use whitening or oxi-detergents.
  • Don’t use any homemade or “natural” washing liquids containing essential oils or eucalyptus oils.
  • Don’t use wool wash.
  • Don’t use fabric softeners or dryer sheet softeners.
  • Don’t apply lotions or body oils one hour before bedtime.

If you have been washing your sheet in cold water it may be beneficial to give it a wash in hot water to strip body sweat or natural oils from the silver fibers that may have built up.  Washing regularly in warm water helps maintain the conductivity of the sheet, and does not harm the sheet.

Bleach, body lotions, fabric softeners and oils can tarnish the silver thread rendering it non-conductive.

It is OK to iron your sheet on low heat if needed.

How to Possibly Extend the Life of EarthingTM Sheets and EarthingTM Recovery Bags

Following is an account of how Anand Wells revived his EarthingTM Recovery Bag after it had lost its conductivity.

How I revived my dead Recovery Bag

After three and a half years my much loved EarthingTM Recovery Bag had become pretty much non-conductive and I was planning to throw it out. I wondered if there was some way I could revive it? After all it has close to 900 meters of silver thread running through it and if the thread is not broken perhaps it could be repaired? First I thought that my body oil could have accumulated on the fabric from years of use so I did a very hot wash in a cup of vinegar to see if I could strip the oil from it. Afterwards when I tested my body voltage the hot water and vinegar had made virtually no difference – a minute improvement but the Recovery bag still remained mostly non-conductive.

I then went on the internet and looked up how to clean silver naturally. One recipe suggested putting silverware in a pot lined with aluminium foil and adding a solution of bicarb soda, and salt in scalding water. This sets up a chemical reaction that removes tarnish from silver without any scrubbing. My Recovery Bag was virtually dead so I had nothing to lose. Before the experiment I tested my body voltage with a digital multimeter: It was 1.77V unearthed and only dropped to 1.70V when I touched my old Recovery Bag. I found the largest pot in our house, lined it with aluminium foil, heated water to scalding and added 3 TBS Bicarb and 1.5 TBS salt, gave it a stir and submerged my Recovery Bag for 15 minutes. When I removed the Recovery Bag the aluminium foil was covered in a dark tarnish like substance.

After washing and drying the Recovery Bag I took it back to the same location to test it. This time unearthed my body voltage was 1.45V. I then touched my Recovery bag and my body voltage dropped to 0.29V! A vast improvement! It appears that my Recovery Bag had become tarnished, thus greatly reducing its conductivity. I then tested an almost new Recovery Bag and it dropped my body voltage from 1.45V to 0.2V. So there was only a 0.09V difference between the old and new Recovery Bags.

In my past experience EarthingTM sheets will last anywhere from 2 years to 5 years depending on a number of factors including skin type (oily or dry) and quality of the water used to wash them and generally how the sheet is cared for. I believe my latest discovery could potentially extend the life of an EarthingTM Sheet beyond 5 years.

Anand concluded “I don’t suggest that you try to repeat my experiment as I want to run it by the manufacturers to get their feedback first before recommending it. Then again, if you have an old dead EarthingTM Sheet, you may be able to bring it back to life.”

It is strongly recommended that individuals consult their Doctor for advice and a medication monitoring routine when they begin sleeping earthed, if they are taking any medication to:
•thin the blood,
•regulate blood sugar,
•control blood pressure, or
•regulate thyroid hormone levels.

For more medical information CLICK THIS LINK.

Although it is unlikely that you will be hit by lightning, it is recommended to follow standard lightning safety guidelines as directed by the National Weather Service and disconnect your EarthingTM devices during lightning and thunderstorms.

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