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The Half Sheet can be placed across the foot, centre or the head of the bed, depending on where your aches and pains are, or what your medical condition is. The Half Sheet must be placed over your bottom fitted sheet and tucked under and around the mattress. Or being a massive King Size it can even be laid lengthways on the mattress and tucked in at the top and bottom of the mattress, so your full body is bathed with the free electrons from the Earth.  Placing your bare feet or legs on the sheet easily grounds you during rest and sleep by connecting you to the natural energy frequencies of the earth. The King Size Half Sheet offers versatility of use whereby it can be placed on the bed to suit your specific needs at the time, thus offering Earthing/Grounding to either selected parts of the body only, or to your entire body.

The New King Size Earthing Half Sheet Pad is 100% Cotton, not a 50/50 Poly/Cotton blend like the older Queen Size that used to be supplied. According to the manufacturer, it is also more conductive than older versions. It is a 100% Cotton Half Sheet (36″ height x 122″ width) with interwoven conductive antimicrobial medical grade silver fibres.

The King Size Half Sheet is also 25% larger than the former Queen Bed Half Sheet! Therefore it is far better suited for FULL BODY Grounding/Earthing while sleeping or resting because of the extra ‘tuck’ available underneath the mattress!

The Half Sheet connects to the earth with a grounding cord. One end of the grounding cord snaps onto the conductive sheet connection point at one corner of the Half Sheet and the other end connects to the grounding point of a grounded mains electrical power point outlet, or to an optional outdoor grounding rod system.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Half Sheet
1. Place the Half Sheet over your bottom fitted sheet in the area most beneficial for your health problems.
2. Tuck the excess material at each end of the Half Sheet under the mattrass so the Half Sheet is tight across your bed.
3. Insert one end of the Earthing Straight Cord into the wall outlet Adapter Plug, or plug it into the Earthing Ground Rod which has been pushed into the moist Earth outside.
4. Find the connecting tab on the Half Sheet and snap the other end of the Earthing cord onto the tab.

Step 2: Testing Your Half Sheet With The Product Tester
The purpose of the Product Tester is to confirm that your Earthing Half Sheet is conductive.
1. Ensure that the cable is clipped onto your Half Sheet and the prong is plugged into your earthed wall socket.
2. Insert the prong end of the Product Tester into the second hole of the wall outlet Adapter Plug.
3. Place the Product Tester flat on the Half Sheet . The round metal plate must be in contact with the surface of the Half Sheet . Press the Product Tester firmly on the fabric to obtain a good contact. A green light means that the Half Sheet is bringing the Earth’s free electrons inside to where you sleep.
5. You don’t have to test your Half Sheet often, just occasionally after washing.
6. NOTE that the more you use the Product Tester, the sooner the batteries will expire. The tester contains two replaceable batteries. Just unscrew the four screws to replace the batteries.

In the unlikely case that no green light comes on, the Half Sheet may be defective or may have lost conductivity. However, sometimes people have difficulty testing their Half Sheet, so please read the following:

If the Product Tester green light doesn’t come on, place one hand anywhere on the Half Sheet while holding the Product Tester in the other hand and with one finger on the silver button on the back of the Product Tester. A green light confirms that the body is grounded when touching the Half Sheet. Make sure that both the Product Tester and the Half Sheet are plugged into the wall outlet Adapter Plug or the Ground Rod as described above. One reason for the green light not coming on can be that you aren’t pressing hard enough on the Product Tester. The surface fabric of the Half Sheet sometimes prevents the button from contacting the conductive silver fibers of the Half Sheet. The surface of the Half Sheet seems smooth, but if you were to look at it under a microscope you would see “hills and valleys”. Unlike the hard metal button on the Product Tester, the pliant surface of the skin on the fingers will mold around the cotton fibers and make good contact with the conductive silver fibers. Alternatively, you can moisten your fingertips while performing the test, to create a better contact with the conductive silver fibers.

Step 1: Washing the Half Sheet
The Half Sheet may be machine washed using a warm setting, approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 celsius). Do not use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener, or any detergent containing chlorine bleach or fabric softener, or chemicals that can ruin the conductivity of your Recovery Bag. When necessary, use hydrogen peroxide-based non-bleach to remove stains and/or to whiten.

Step 2: Drying the Half Sheet
You can hang the Half Sheet in the sun on a clothes line or you can tumble dry the Half Sheet using a medium setting, up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 Celsius). Do not dry clean the Half Sheet.

Do not apply lotions, creams, or oils to the skin before bedtime on parts of your body that will be in contact with the recovery bag. Such substances oxidize and can reduce the conductivity of the Half Sheet.

It is strongly recommended that individuals consult their Doctor for advice and a medication monitoring routine when they begin sleeping earthed, if they are taking any medication to:
•thin the blood,
•regulate blood sugar,
•control blood pressure, or
•regulate thyroid hormone levels.

For more medical information CLICK THIS LINK.

Although it is unlikely that you will be hit by lightning, it is recommended to follow standard lightning safety guidelines as directed by the National Weather Service and disconnect your Earthing devices during lightning and thunderstorms.