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[506 KB .PDF – Boosting Immunity; Treating Asthma Naturally; Acupuncture for Arthritis Pain.
[10.2 MB .PDF – Treating Type 2 Diabetes Correctly; TEST for Digestive System Performance; Optimising the Health of your Eyes; Prostate Health; 11 Ways That AcuGraph 4 Analysis Will Benefit You.]
[711 KB .PDF – Tulsi Tea; Chinese Herbal Formula to Aid Fight Against Cancer; Major Cost Effectiveness of Complimentary Medicine; Avoiding These 7 Foods; Herbal Relief for Painful Joints; Do You Have PCOS and NOT Know It?; Successful Quit Smoking Book Promotion via The Chronicle.]
[696 KB .PDF – Vitamin B12 Deficiency; Microwave ovens ruin food value; Microwave ovens and plastics do not mix; What should your baby’s first solid food be?; Acute eczema; Bathing in bleach aids eczema; Mowing the grass reduces stress; Cold showers are a natural antidepressant; Count your moles and count your blessings; How doctors reduce their incidence of cancer; Yummy super food.]
[600 KB .PDF – Dangerous dust in the workplace; Do you have painful, blocked or infected sinuses?; Why food addictions can be as strong as drug addictions; “Every Other Day Diet” (EODD) book for healthy weight loss;  Eat less with a big fork!; What acupuncture points are used for weight loss?;  Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formula for weight management.]
[617 KB .PDF – The newest indoor threat to your pet’s well being & you; This popular moisturizer applied to mice for 17 weeks produced 69% more tumors; Take 4.5 grams of this each day to prevent or fight asthma;  Acupuncture is very effective for headaches; Coming Soon – Wellness Webinars!]
[699 KB .PDF – Treating high cholesterol levels; So what can you do to normalize your cholesterol?; Bergamot for treating high cholesterol levels; Bergamot also benefits blood glucose levels; How Blueberries, Coconut oil, TCM herbs, soluble fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, plant sterols or stanols, nuts and seeds and red yeast rice all reduce cholesterol levels.]
[738 KB .PDF – Using acupuncture to turn babies in breech position;Treating cancer naturally; Top 12 cancer prevention strategies; 96 percent of chronic sinusitis sufferers are misdiagnosed; How can you remove mould from your sinuses naturally?]
[678 KB .PDF – Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome naturally; Breast cancer drug costs $8,000 per month and is more harmful than beneficial; 10 year old boy with ADHD suicides due to drug cocktail including Ritalin; Treating Depression naturally.]
[656 KB .PDF – Some runners DIE running marathons; Coconut Oil healthy for cholesterol and your Thyroid; TEN ways to stop snoring; Learn about the DIY “TURN AROUND KIT” for breech babies and the DIY “DOWN & OUT KIT” for Inducing Labour; Trial scientifically confirms acupuncture minimises nicotine cravings for smokers trying to QUIT SMOKING.]
[Warning!! – are you taking the diabetes drug Avandia?; Only 6% of drug advertising material is supported by evidence; Treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) in Chinese medicine; Avoid artificial sweeteners; Cancer treatments: Chemo or natural?; The silent enemy at home harming your health daily.]
[The horrible “immune system mistake” that millions will make during this year; Warning – the very food your pet is addicted to may contain this deadly preservative; How women may be contributing to men’s rising cancer rates; Flu vaccines prevent the flu in only 1.5% of adults; Why are vaccinated kids getting the measles?; Doctor reverses MS in 9 months by eating these foods; The innocent cooking mistake that could cause cancer; Big Pharma: biggest defrauder of USA federal government.]
[Here are 10 ways acupuncture can help anyone going through cancer treatments; From depressed to homicidal: the “miracles” of modern pharmacy; How to address the root cause of your depression; Vitamin B12 is absolutely essential for optimal good health in so many ways; Availability of previous ANTRAC wellness newsletters; The invisible epidemic at home causing headaches, fatigue and depression; Please like my FaceBook fan pages.]
[Acupuncture really can reduce stress levels, scientists claim after alternative therapy experiment; Major trouble ahead – if you don’t fix this deadly deficiency; Worse than DDT: when you eat this, it ends up lingering in your gut; The “new” way to relieve your pet’s pain – Chiropractic adjustments; As bad as cocaine and amphetamines – will Australian authorities now force this drug on your child?; Non-drug options are highly effective at treating ADHD; Quit smoking webinar replay due to popular request.]
[How Acupuncture improves both IVF success rates and successful pregnancy rates; The psychosis-inducing beverage ingredient you’ve probably never heard of; Musical prostates; Is your yoga mat causing you harm?; Eating this can “tear holes” in your gut. How to control eczema.]
[Acupuncture produces powerful anti-inflammatory effects to help osteoarthritis; 213 women who took this suffered permanent disability; What you should know about gut health and autism; Is nerve damage the rule, not the exception with cholesterol meds?; Can this mineral improve hearing loss?;  Breast cancer and heart attacks: a deadly side effect of calcium supplements?;  New study: prunes prevent osteoporosis.]
[Acupuncture may boost in-vitro fertilization (IVF) success; $29 billion reasons to lie about cholesterol; Dutch get it right and recognize saturated fat is not a problem; Why sugar makes you tired; The hangover tree; How to gently cleanse your pet’s body of toxins; Eat more celery and capsicum to prevent colon cancer; Scratch that itch.]
[Migraine sufferers greatly helped by acupuncture; The major cause of breast cancer almost everyone ignores; Cancer alert: beware of these 5 home appliances; This “forbidden indulgence” could actually spare you a heart attack; 97% of terminal cancer patients previously had this dental procedure;  These foods have ‘invisible thorns’ which can rip apart your insides; Gardasil linked to blood clots, miscarriages and deaths.]
[Get your change of season maintenance tune-up for winter;  Introducing the ANTRAC referral thankyou program (ART program); Acupuncture proven to be beneficial for whiplash; Natural pain & inflammation solutions for all types of pain; Your greatest weapon against breast cancer (not mammograms); What can you do to help prevent breast cancer?; No one needs dental amalgam to remain available.]
[Acupuncture decreases the pain of labour during childbirth; The “safe” garden product that can destroy your DNA; Annual pap screening doesn’t find more cancer than three-year screening; Doctors prove this test can give healthy people cancer; How to keep calcium from depositing in your arteries; Quote of the month; Is this approved sweetener causing brain damage?]
[Acupuncture produces powerful anti-inflammatory effects to help osteoarthritis; You could save a life – learn Sarver Heart Center’s CPR technique in 6 minutes; Don’t be defeeted by disease, inflammation and pain;  Welcome to the most powerful healing resource that nature supplies; The cancer industry is fraught with corruption; Could a vitamin actually help psychosis?…yes!; The heart disease scam that generates billions every year… And may cost you your life.]
[How acupuncture helps with headaches?; What health benefits does Earthing have for you?; Ancient herb proven to be a potential cure for Alzheimer’s; Falling for this myth could give you cancer; The hidden cause of psychiatric disorders including OCD, that almost no one considers.]
[Caution: wearing shoes can sabotage your health;  Change of Season Tune-up;  Big surprise – whooping cough spreads mainly through vaccinated populations;  Is the fiberglass in your attic or walls causing cancer?;  Mammography not appropriate for breast cancer screening;  The root cause of anxiety and depression that few suspect;  Living fermented foods are vital for your digestive and immune systems, and your mood;  This popular drug creates over 60,000 new diabetics each year.]
[Why daily Earthing alone is just not enough; Could cinnamon be used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS)?; The polio vaccine’s cancer link; Tell your doctor: “If you don’t show me this, you are breaking the law”; Women bike riders beware!]
[Using the Earth to reduce stress; Nearly 1 in 2 Americans are now victims of this heartless drug marketing ploy; Hardens your arteries – odds are 6 in 10 you’re consuming this poison ingredient daily; Modern medical “care” is a leading cause of death; 99% of breast cancer tissue contained this everyday chemical (not aluminum); Hospitals are not a safe place to be!; Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease.]
[Acupuncture helps presidential – hopeful Mitt Romney’s wife overcome MS. Are shoes the most health-damaging invention ever?;  Celery appears to be useful to treat breast cancer; Aspirin’s mostly unrecognized connection to serious medical problems; How Earthing can beneficially affect your blood; The spice that is better than drugs for rheumatoid arthritis.]
[When was the last time your bare feet actually touched green grass or the seashore? What mums should know about infant formula. Could your annual doctor’s visit cause more harm than good? How your gut flora massively influences your health. Diet, and doctor- and drug-avoidance can help you be healthier and live longer. Pet vaccines may be harmful. If you love your daughter, avoid toxic Gardasil. Check out these entertaining YouTube Earthing videos.]
[Change of season tune-up; You can be healed by the Earth’s energy for ten cents per day; Merck accused of lying about vaccine effectiveness; Big-Pharma more interested in wealth than health; Nature supplies cancer-fighting medicines superior to highly toxic chemotherapy drugs; Why information on drug trials may be fatally flawed; Two new Earthing videos.]
[Happy New Year; Acupuncture prevents heart attacks? – new research; Earthing a.k.a. Grounding comes with many health benefits; US health officials admit this needless procedure could give women deadly blood clots; 30 truly unique and clever names for your new dog or cat; 40 women with breast cancer had this “cosmetic ingredient” in their breast cancer tissues; Vitamin D3 might slash breast cancer risk by 77 percent.]
[Acupuncture may ease dry mouth after cancer; Sleeping serenely on an earthing “beauty product”; Mounting evidence shows many vaccines are ineffective and contribute to rise of outbreaks caused by mutated viruses; Mammograms have ‘limited or no effect’ on breast cancer deaths; This sleeping mistake can double your risk of a heart attack; The microscopic zoo within us; The soap you should never use — but 75% of households do.]
[Acupuncture relieves lung disease symptoms in study; What is EarthingTM? What can EarthingTM do for you? Make mincemeat of cancer cells with the curcumin in turmeric; Change of season tune-up; Ladies please check out my latest YouTube video. Guys can too of course!]
[Modern research in the treatment of dementia with TCM; Will EarthingTM work for me?; The pharmaceutical industry top 10 marketing settlements; Good news – less exercise is more; The 6 types of pills Big Pharma wants you hooked on for life; A triple antioxidant approach may work wonders for hepatitis C]
[What is an EarthingTM sleep system?; Why exercise should be part of standard cancer care; New York Times and Wall Street Journal warn that hospitals are killing us; How brain dysfunction can cause psychiatric disorders; Cherries may help reduce risk of gout attacks; When it comes to weight loss, less can be more; Waking at night time is normal. Stressing about that wakefulness is the problem; Are people with pets happier and healthier?]
[Acupuncture may benefit Parkinson’s patients; Hospital errors kill well over 180,000 Americans annually – why are super-safe supplements and natural health under attack?; Fish oil may correct traumatic brain injury; How tumors exploit gut flora to fuel growth, and the surprising finding that chemotherapy boosts resistant cancer; Good news: dark chocolate is good for your heart; Could blue light replace antibiotics?; This is yukky, but, it might be healthy to eat boogers.]
[Chinese medicine boosts hearing recovery after sudden deafness; 90 percent of melanoma surgeries are unnecessary, study finds; Exercise helps your immune system protect against future cancers; Menopausal women in Spain choose natural remedies over drugs; Use of Chinese Medicine and subsequent surgery in women with uterine fibroids; Why taking antibiotics during pregnancy is a bad idea; Safe natural deodorant; Scalp acupuncture beneficial in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.]
[Acupuncture specifically affects brain area involved in itch response; Acupuncture as good as drugs for insomnia; Acupuncture provides additional help with plantar fasciitis; Acupuncture benefits MS patients; Herbal formula increases pregnancy rates in IVF; Herbs & supplements safe! Hospitals are as dangerous as going to war; Needling yanglingquan GB-34 inhibits brain’s motor system…and activates areas associated with Parkinson’s Disease.]
[Acupuncture as good as NSAIDS for chronic neck and low back pain from disc problems; Acupuncture for acute back pain; Cholesterol plays key role in cell signalling; Flu vaccine may cause the sleep disorder narcolepsy; Why erectile dysfunction can signal heart disease; Natural ways to treat pain and inflammation; Acupuncture benefits MS patients; Protect your heart, brain and bones with cheese.]
[One of the greatest advancements in treating severe neurological disorders; What conditions can Chinese Scalp Acupuncture (CSA) treat?; Chinese Scalp Acupuncture for the treatment of tinnitus – a case history; Chinese Scalp Acupuncture for the treatment of paralysis from stroke – a case history; Chinese Scalp Acupuncture for the treatment of Motor Neurone Disease – a case history; Chinese Scalp Acupuncture (CSA) for the treatment of quadriplegia – a case history; I’ve been trained by the master.]
[Acupuncture soothes dry eyes; Acupuncture with deqi can improve muscle recovery in Bell’s Palsy; Good teeth leads to good memory; Avoid prescription drugs and live longer; The onslaught of the “EMFs”; Prescribed drugs now shown to be killing patients; Women beware: most feminine hygiene products contain toxic ingredients; Does a pepper a day keep Parkinson’s Disease away?]
[Coprophagia: does your dog have this nasty habit? What to do…; Migraines—what causes them, and how you can best address them; Why you should avoid afternoon surgery; Vaccine propaganda heats up—the latest scandals you need to be aware of; The health benefits of mushroom consumption; Acupuncture treatments can improve tinnitus; Acupuncture provides additional benefit for IBS; Walnuts improve sperm health.]
[Blood flow changes due to acupuncture do follow traditional point indications; A groundbreaking solution for ADHD and depression – as close as your backyard?; Antibiotics during pregnancy linked to asthma in kids; Are you being poisoned by radon gas in your home?; Canine blood disorder could be triggered by too many vaccines; Why laser toys can be bad news for your pet.]
[Acupuncture reduces malignant bone cancer tumor growth and lung metastasis; Brilliant EarthingTM / grounding documentary will be taken down 26/10/2013; Do not be mislead! High cholesterol levels may be protective and healthy; Science now shows that chocolate may be good for you; Possible early indicator of Alzheimer’s Disease; General anesthesia could increase risk of dementia in elderly by 35 percent; Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease; Acupuncture helps sick turtles back to good health; Case History – acupuncture treatment of severe tremor.]
[Heart specialist calls for major repositioning on saturated fat, as it definitely is not the cause of heart disease; Studies showing saturated fat is not associated with increased heart disease risk; You have been lied to about cholesterol and saturated fats; Nattokinase and cardiovascular health; Technical aspects of nattokinase.]
[Women – 3 Golden Opportunities to improve your gynaecological health using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles; What is jing (essence)?; Preservation of jing essence; Healthful practices during menstruation; Healthful prohibitions during menstruation; Notes regarding life style changes prior to menopause; Purchase EarthingTM grounding products for your loved ones; 14 secret chemicals found, on average, in fragrance products.]
[The forgotten organ – your gut microbiota; How biological farming can improve your food supply; What is cinnamon good for?; Magnesium for better health; Bone broth – one of your most healing diet staples; Study calls into question effectiveness of Hepatitis B vaccine for newborns; Science review confirms that Splenda is toxic; Intermittent fasting is a powerful tool for weight loss; Cell phone use linked to lower grades, anxiety, and much worse…]
[9 things everyone should know about farmed fish; Acupuncture can ease side effects of cancer drugs; New study validates EFT’s effectiveness; Hospital room lighting may worsen your mood and pain; Attention asthmatics; Diet and exercise may impact your kidney stone risk; What are the health benefits of carrots?; Fermenting foods—one of the easiest and most creative aspects of making food from scratch.]
[Probiotics and your child’s health; 17 children die after receiving hepatitis B vaccine; ADHD experts re-evaluate zeal for drugs; 10 minutes that could save your childs life; Epidemic of infantile rickets may have put thousands of innocent parents in jail for child abuse; Ear tubes may not have long-term benefits for kids with ear infection; Ear infections are the most common reason for antibiotic use in children; Can ear infections be prevented?; Natural options for ear infection treatment; The new #1 reason dogs visit vets, and how to treat it at home.]
[Kimchi – the food that detoxes pesticides may prevent Parkinson’s Disease; 11 commonly used pesticides linked to Parkinson’s, even at low levels; The links between your diet and hormone levels in menopause; Emotions manifest in your body; How avocado can help with weight management; Largest, longest study on mammograms again finds no benefit; How to prevent a hangover; Why conventional medicine won’t allow cancer to be cured; Vitamin D deficiency linked to depression, pain, inflammatory bowel disease, and breast cancer; How does food impact your mood?; Glaxo will finally stop paying doctors to promote drugs; MSG may harm fertility; Some laxatives prove deadly.]
[Sharp rise in gout seen; Appropriate exercise may be essential for treatment of back pain; Yet another study finds arthroscopic knee surgery no better than sham surgery; Gadolinium-based contrast agents also linked to life-threatening skin thickening; Doctors prescribe exercise as “best preventive drug”; Pregnant nurse fired for refusing flu shot; A psychiatrist’s perspective on using drugs; How probiotics may aid your weight management; Age-related weight gain is due to brown-fat failure; Sleep problems? – How the cycles of light and darkness affect your health and wellbeing.]
[Headaches may be caused by common nutritional deficiencies; Finger length a ‘pointer’ to osteoarthritis; Vitamin E may offer benefits for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease; Benefits of beetroots; Why pregnant women should not drink coffee; What are the health benefits of oregano?; Your circadian rhythm may control certain genes; Disrupted sleep speeds up cancer; Fish oil cited in dramatic healing after severe brain trauma; How the CDC transformed 21 raw milk illnesses into 20,000; Research claims an apple a day is comparable to daily statin use; Aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety.]
[Infertility problems? Thermal paper receipts may be the source of endocrine disruptors; Up to 78% of all medical procedures are of no benefit and many actually cause harm; Abolishing mammography screening programs? A view from the Swiss Medical Board; Chemotherapy myth shattered: toxic cancer drugs cause more cancer than they prevent; One-third of the conclusions of all research in top medical journals will be proved wrong; Fingers provide information on predisposition to Osteoarthritis; New scientific evidence reveals shocking extent of  electro-pollution damage; Common foods found to have ‘powerful’ anti-inflammatory properties; One in 25 patients end up with hospital-acquired infections, CDC warns; A natural alternative for sexual erectile dysfunction (ED).]
[Why and how to say no to an unnecessary root canal procedure; Beware: the worst treatment options for back pain are also the most commonly prescribed; Chiropractic care may relieve pain better than drugs; What’s new and beneficial about onions?; New studies show optimizing vitamin D levels may double chances of surviving breast cancer, lower LDL cholesterol, and helps prevent autism; ‘Alarming’ trend among Australian diabetics sees limbs needlessly amputated; Regular earthing is essential to help diabetics’ blood sugar; Low libido? 11 drugs that affect your sex drive; Acupuncture eases pain of emergency department waits; Psychoneuroimmunology – how inflammation affects your mental health.]
[First ever study reveals amounts of food dyes in brand name foods; Butter is back—processed foods are identified as real culprits in heart disease; Flu drugs ineffective: UK waste of half a billion pounds; Knowing how to play the ‘hospital game’ could save your life; Intermittent movement benefits your health. Here’s how to get more of it into your work day; BBC panorama: “Who’s paying your doctor?”; D-mannose for UTI prevention validated in a clinical trial; Sulfate, sleep and sunlight: the disruptive and destructive effects of heavy metals and glyphosate; Low magnesium may play key role in insulin resistance and diabetes.]
[Research shows midwifery’s “vital potential” to save lives; Benefits of Earthing daily; New research suggests benefits of mammography may be overstated while risks are underestimated; Study finds Tamiflu and Relenza not as effective as believed; Brussels sprouts: a superfood with cancer-fighting potential; Long-term use of proton pump inhibitors and other antacids can cause vitamin B12 deficiency; Male scientists’ threat to integrity of research; Secrets that can help you live longer; How your microbiome controls your health; Fluoride concerns finally taken seriously; Improving your sleep may be key for preventing and treating metabolic disorders.]
[The amazing healing properties of fermented foods; New study: 80% of early-stage breast cancers do not progress to more concerning forms; Almost 20% of fully vaccinated children with persistent cough “have whooping cough”; Potent strategies to address men’s sexual health; Strategies to prevent hypertension;
Develop your pelvic floor; How alternate-day fasting can help you achieve your weight loss goals; Dentist offices tied to increasing songbird losses; Breakfast—not the most important meal after all…; Health properties of vinegar; 15 healthiest foods to stock in your kitchen year-round.]
[Hospitals are not a safe place to be due to medical errors; Dental composites for kids: even worse than mercury amalgam?; Junk food: just as bad as cigarettes, and marketing tactics also rival those of big tobacco; Senseless: an in-depth look at the state of bicycling helmet technology; Reasons to switch to grass-fed beef and dairy; Actos cancer risks hidden from diabetics; Cabbage: natural medicine for cancer, diabetes and more; To protect your heart, beware of excessive endurance cardio; What is non-dairy creamer made of?; Foods to avoid if you have acne; Be careful: your garden hose might be contaminating your food; Back to Eden—how simple, natural methods can take the work out of gardening, and boost your harvest.]
[Being honest can improve your health; Full fat dairy may reduce your risk of diabetes and other health problems; Why so many mixed messages on mammogram benefits?; Big Pharma cheats and lies about the safety and efficacy of trivalent measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine; Should parents be allowed to decide about vaccines?; Agricultural pesticides linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma; Why we laugh; What is bok choy good for?; Spring has sprung!]
[New film “Second opinion” exposes the truth about a 40-year long cover-up of laetrile cancer treatment; Sloan Kettering’s board included drug and petrochemical industry big-wigs; Turmeric compound boosts regeneration of brain stem cells, and more; Study warns that losing your sense of smell may mean you may not live longer; 3 foods we were told not to consume, that are fantastic for our health: 1. Coconut oil, 2. High fat foods, 3. Salt.]
[Pandemic flu vaccine made people sicker; HPV vaccine Gardasil linked to nervous system disorder and autoimmunity; Selenium deficiency could potentially play an important role in Ebola lethality; Animals and insects that can detect cancer and disease; Broccoli-sprout beverage helps detoxify environmental pollutants; Under our skin – a shocking film exposes the hidden reality of Lyme disease; “Tomato pill” hope for stopping heart disease.]
[The amazing mind; What are cherries good for?; Thyroid cancer epidemic caused by misinformation, not cancer; Compelling case story: Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis due to mercury poisoning from dental amalgams; Data transparency and the randomised, controlled trial; Outspoken vaccine advocate states measles vaccine can’t prevent measles outbreaks; Sweating out sadness: how exercise can help the grieving process; Alzheimer’s Disease—yes, it’s preventable!; 9 health benefits of cucumbers; New Year’s resolution.]
[New Years’ resolution; Why aren’t shoes preventing running injuries?; Physicians fail to report up to 99 percent of all serious adverse reactions to vaccines and medications; Fraud in Science? Hundreds of computer-generated studies have been published in respected scientific journals; The top powerhouse fruits and vegetables; Prescription painkillers tagged as gateway drug to heroin; What’s the real cause of Heart Attacks?; Birth is not a medical problem to be managed.]
[Evolving bacteria outsmarts vaccines; Parents do have a vaccine alternative – By Cilla Whatcott ; The forgotten history of vaccinations you need to be aware of; 6 things you didn’t know about watermelon; Supporting evidence for aspartame-Alzheimer’s link; Dietary fiber helps curb appetite, and promotes heart health.]
[Vietnam holiday is over; Immunotherapy, natural allopathic medicine and cancer; Breast cancer stem cells thrive after conventional chemotherapy and radiation ‘therapies’; Guidelines on fat and cholesterol should never have been made; High dose niacin for psychosis]
[Some ‘dirty’ things that might be good for you; Statistical deception creates the ‘appearance’ that statins are safe and effective; Emulsifiers might promote inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) – Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis; Study confirms that avoiding gluten is good for more than just coeliacs; Non-vaccinated children are being unfairly blamed; Dissolving illusions about the measles vaccine; Sugar industry has subverted public health policy for decades, study finds; How to eliminate junk food cravings for good.]
[Can this reveal the quality of your eyesight?; Autism symptoms related to aluminum, acetaminophen, and glyphosate exposure; Coconut oil is a superfood; Revelations from the women’s health initiative; Massive study finds home births safe for low-risk pregnancies; Why you should put avocado on your burgers; 1 in 5 elderly patients injured by medical “care”.]
[Health Canada to relabel toxic “roundup” weedkiller as class 2a carcinogen; Women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies daily; “Medical care” is the third leading cause of death in USA; CT scans expose you to massive radiation; Mammogram screenings are riddled with false positives; Prostate cancer screenings are essentially meaningless; Cesarean sections: low risk for docs, high risk for mums; US regulators may soon test for highly toxic glyphosate residues in food; Gardasil’s effectiveness seriously questioned.]
[Anti-Cancer Benefits of Avocado; Cabbage Beats Chemo for Cervical Cancer; Vitamin K2: The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health; Antibiotics During Infancy May Lead to Permanent Alterations in Metabolism; Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to High Serotonin Levels, Throwing Treatment With SSRI’s into Serious Question; Lignans: The Gentle Way to Prevent Breast Cancer; FDA Finally Bans Trans Fats; Head Of Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Now Head Of Merck Vaccines. Huh!; Doctors Also Share Blame…; Viagra Frisky Might be Melanoma Risky.]
[Mammograms again found to have no impact on mortality; GMO soy accumulates toxic formaldehyde and disrupts plant metabolism; Monsanto has known for nearly 35 years that GMOs & Round-upTM promote cancer; High heels, high risk; New science destroys the saturated fat myth; How diseases can be linked to your month of birth; The life forms that live on the surface of your eyes; Inspiring account of how to put Rheumatoid Arthritis into remission.]
[Family update; Get your change of season maintenance tune-up for spring time; Cochrane reports that flu shots only 1% effective; Children who get flu vaccine are three times more likely to be hospitalized; What the Human Genome Project revealed about human health…; Probiotics destroy toxic chemicals in our gut for us; Processed meats might worsen male fertility; Serrapeptase: an enzyme that treats inflammation, arthritis scar tissue and more.]
[Family update; One in twelve men are color vision deficient: take the test; Reanalysis confirms long held suspicions — Paxil is unsafe and ineffective for teens; Pink-washing away preventable causes of breast cancer; Dupont: masters of deception; Hidden science reveals major Tamiflu scam; Sham surgery trial proves knee surgeries are a $4 billion medical hoax; More than 50 percent of pain-relief from one migraine drug is due to placebo effect; Nobel prize in medicine for parasite-fighting therapies; Pesticides put global food production at grave risk, international task force warns.]
[Family update; Stevia kills Lyme Disease pathogen better than antibiotics (preclinical study); Exceptional botanical kills 98% of cancer cells in under 24 hours; A good medical doctor on a mission to save lives; How improper sterilization of endoscopes could put your health at risk.]
[Family update; Why vegetable oils would be expected to increase disease and saturated fat is healthy; How saturated fat may offer protection against heart disease; Study links full-fat dairy to lower risk of diabetes; Eat real foods to lose weight.]
[Winter update; Mumps being spread by and among vaccinated people; American College of Pediatricians sounds alarm about HPV vaccine (Gardasil); How aluminum in vaccines damages your health; In GAPS babies, vaccination can be ‘the last straw’; How much do you really know about the flu vaccine?]
[Acupuncture: why it works; Scientists reveal how acupuncture reduces inflammation and pain; Acupuncture influences your body on multiple levels; Acupuncture for pain relieve from knee osteoarthritis; Acupuncture for relief of high blood pressure; Acupuncture even works for fibromyalgia pain and pain in children; Acupuncture for depression, cancer patients and more; Are certain types of acupuncture better than others?; Finding science in acupuncture; The scientific proof dilemma.]
[Hot off the press; Do you desire optimal health and wellness?; History and mystery of Sanjiao; What is the mysterious organ?; A simple analogy of the Triple Energizer; Knowledge is empowering; The ancients regarded the Sanjiao as the biggest organ inside the body; The influences of the grains in the stomach generates the Triple Burner; There is nothing that the Triple Heater does not envelop or surround; Biophysicist James Oschman shows that Earthing / Grounding supplies protective electrons that reduce inflammation in the body; The Triple Energizer–Couli network extends to the ultimate exterior extremity; Softcover book available to locals for $40.]
[What is cupping, and what can it do for you?; Cupping is all the rage! An understandable explanation; Selenium supplementation found to decrease risk of death from cancer by 50 percent; Thanks to those who have purchased my book.]
[Acupuncture Shown to Boost Fertility Better than Medication; Acupuncture for Pain Competes with Morphine in Shock New Study; Johnson & Johnson Hid Talcum Powder Link to Ovarian Cancer for 40 Years; How Biased Research Drives Your Health Care; Book Success.]
[Efforts Underway to Bring 3BP into Cancer Treatment Centers; Promising Research Offers New Hope in Understanding and Treating Autism; Fraud and Deception Lead to the Vilification of Healthy Saturated Fat; What’s Better than Carb Loading?; Supposedly ‘Inert’ Ingredient (POEA) 2,000 Times More Toxic Than Glyphosate.]
[Antibiotics proven to increase bowel cancer rates; Why colon cancer scare is fake news; Cheese does not increase risk of heart attack or strokes, find researchers; Eat real food for optimal health; Truth about the safety of cholesterol and saturated fat known since 1957 but concealed; Chronic fatigue and Parkinson’s now linked to gut bacteria; Why beans must be very carefully cooked.]
[Heartburn drugs linked to kidney damage in 50 percent of patients with no warning signs; Colloidal silver: another ancient antibiotic alternative; Probiotics proven to aid weight loss and body fat reduction; Mental health may depend on the health of your gut flora; Using water as medicine.]


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