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Toowoomba Acupuncturist Discusses IVF Research Findings

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Acupuncture Research Shows Acupuncture Boosts IVF Success in Rats

New research measures the biochemical mechanisms by which acupuncture increases IVF (in vitro fertilization) success rates. The study notes that acupuncture improves both IVF success rates and successful pregnancy rates in rats.

In this randomized controlled study on laboratory rats, acupuncture was measured against a progestin group and a control group. The researchers concluded that, “Acupuncture could improve the poor receptive state of (the) endometrium due to mifepristone by promoting Th2 cytokines secretion and inhibiting Th1 cytokines to improve blastocyst implantation.” A blastocyst is the embryonic structure of approximately 70-100 cells that forms 5 days after fertilization in humans.

Cytokines are proteins secreted by cells and are cell-signaling molecules used extensively in intercellular communication. Successful pregnancies are proportional to higher levels of Th2 cytokines. Higher levels of Th2 cytokines (IL-6 and IL-10) are present in healthy pregnancies whereas women with chronic miscarriages have higher serum levels of Th1 cytokines.

The results show that acupuncture raises serum Th2 cytokines and lowers Th1 cytokines- exactly what is needed to prevent a miscarriage and to enhance IVF success rates.

REFERENCE: Juan Gui, Fan Xiong, Jing Li, and Guangying Huang, “Effects of Acupuncture on Th1, Th2 Cytokines in Rats of Implantation Failure,” Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol. 2012, Article ID 893023, 10 pages, 2012.

Acupuncture May Boost In-Vitro Fertilization Success in Women

Researchers looked at birth rates and found that 35 percent of the women who received acupuncture had a baby compared with 25 percent of women in the control groups, which is a 40% increase in success. Researchers are unsure as to why acupuncture may help a woman conceive with IVF, but they note that there is some evidence that suggests needle stimulation may improve blood flow to the uterus.

Scientists are still researching if acupuncture treatments might cause the uterine wall to be more receptive to the embryo. Acupuncture is generally safe with few side effects including bruising at the needle site.



Chinese researchers have found that adding Er Zhi Tian Gui granules (ETG, Two Ultimates Tian Gui Granules) to the treatment regime of women undergoing IVF can reduce the dosage of gonadotropin (Gn) required for ovarian stimulation and shorten treatment duration, as well as alleviating clinical symptoms and improving clinical pregnancy rates. Sixty-six (66) infertile patients diagnosed with the TCM pattern of Kidney yin deficiency who were to undergo IVF embryo transfer (IVF-ET) were randomly assigned to either a treatment group or a control group.

Both groups received Gn therapy: the treatment group received ETG for three menstrual cycles before IVF-ET, while the control group received placebo granules. Scores for Kidney yin deficiency syndrome were assessed for each patient at baseline. Statistically significant differences were found between treatment and control groups in syndrome score changes before and after treatment. The dosage required and duration of Gn treatment were also significantly lower in the treatment group than those in the control group.

Rates of high-quality oocytes and embryos, as well as clinical pregnancy rates, were all higher in the treatment group than in the control group. In addition, levels of endometrial expression of the DNA methylating enzyme DNMT1 were found to be much higher in the treatment group than that in the control group after treatment. The authors postulate that upregulation of the expression of this protein may lead to enhanced endometrial receptivity and may explain the improvement in clinical pregnancy rates.

REFERENCE: Effects of Chinese Medicines for Tonifying the Kidney on DNMT1 Protein Expression in Endometrium of Infertile Women During Implantation Period. J Altern Complement Med. 2012 Oct 17.

Accupuncture, Acupunture or Accupunture common misspelling

Note that “Acupuncture” is often misspelt as accupuncture, acupunture or accupunture, that is with either too many c’s or not enough c’s. I would love to be able to clear up this very common spelling mistake, and set the record straight.

Ac·u·punc·ture – pronounced ak-yoo-puhngk-cher; Origin: 1675–85; < Latin acū with a needle (ablative of acus  needle) or acu- (as combining form of acus ) + puncture.


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