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“Earthification” of Our Life, Home and Workplace is Essential for Optimal Health

It is quite ridiculous that modern science and their inventions and creations completely oppose what was a natural, safe and healthy place to live. From light bulbs that keep us awake at night time to insulated shoes of every variety imaginable, mankind has lost touch with the simple natural pleasures of life, and unfortunately believes that he is better off. I am not against modern science, and have actually worked in Laboratories for decades.

In spite of knowing so little about our own planet that we call home, scientists believe that having a base-station on the moon to be able to explore our Galaxy further afield will enlighten us about the future of the Earth.

There is a rising number of discoveries of exoplanets including some that promise to be uniquely Earth-like (for example “Kepler 22b”). Modern Science would be better utilised by increasing its understanding of exactly how modern scientific developments impact our health, wellbeing and longevity. Are the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) of WiFi and BlueTooth devices, mammograms and mobile phones doing more harm than good?

Mankind has relentlessly pilfered Earth’s bounty, with no consequence for the impact that will be reaped on future generations dwelling on our home planet. Modern civilisations have abused the Earth to harvest her produce, and scientific revelations have gone a long way to allow industrialists to plunder the planet’s munificence. Yet, there is a bounty of thus unknown treasures that the Earth supplies.  These treasures include the active ingredients from the numerous life forms that are generally only known by the indigenous healers who live in that area, and use their knowledge for the good of their brothers. One of the most important treasures that the Earth has to offer every inhabitant of the globe is Earthing or Grounding.

Throughout this website and my other internet resources I aim to educate earnest individuals and supply resources to help them to optimise their Earthing potential in their vehicles, homes and workplaces.

Did you know that when you are showering, or standing barefoot INSIDE on tiled floors or slate floors, (so long as your house or workplace is plumbed with copper pipes, which carry the Earth’s infinite supply of Free Electrons along the conductive metal pipe in the ground to the conductive mineral-based surfaces inside your home), you are Earthed or Grounded. If you have undercover floor areas of concrete, you can also Earth yourself there, so long as you are barefooted and so long as the concrete is not isolated from direct contact with the Earth and so long as it is not coated, which would insulate it from the Earth.

Unless you fully take on-board Earthification, and are being Earthed DAILY for several hours EVERY day, you will be suffering the modern affliction of Electron Deficiency Syndrome (EDS), where Free Radicals abound and inflammation, stress, and pain appear. On this Website I discuss the science behind Earthing and describe the numerous Earthing Substitute Products (ESP’s) that will allow you to Earth easily and conveniently INSIDE in the comfort of your home or workplace.


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