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Liquid Crystalline Water (aka Structured Water, Exclusion Zone Water, EZ Water, Ordered Water) and Sunshine Drive San Jiao and Boost Peripheral Circulatory System. Melanin Helps.


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  How does Liquid Crystalline Water (aka Structured Water, Exclusion Zone Water, EZ Water, Ordered Water) and Sunshine Drive San Jiao and Boost Peripheral Circulatory System? How does Melanin Help?

Exclusion Zone Water (EZ Water or EZ) was discovered by Professor Gerald Pollack

Exclusion Zone Water (EZ Water or EZ) was discovered by Professor Gerald Pollack

On Monday, June 1st 2015, Professor Gerald Pollack (1) posted the fascinating article titled Can Humans Harvest The Sun’s Energy Directly Like Plants? In the article Pollack raises some very interesting research findings that are being progressed by numerous enlightened scientific researchers, who dare to think outside-the-box of academia’s mediocrity and entrenched paradigms. Substantial new evidence suggests that human beings may utilize light and water for their energy needs akin to photosynthesis in plants, and it is likely happening right now in each cell of your body.

I have written a book dedicated to vindicate the uniqueness of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) San Jiao Organ.  Please note that throughout this article San Jiao, Triple Energizer, Triple Burner and Triple Heater are all synonymous terms. The book titled The ‘Mystical’ TCM Triple Energizer. Its Elusive Location and Morphology Defined (2) is an innovative book full of thought-provoking information that shows that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) physicians were fully cognizant of astounding facts regarding the human body thousands of years ago. Much of that knowledge is only now being discovered and confirmed by scientific and medical research. Amazingly, recent biological research by Professor Pollack (3) confirms that three common “ingredients” that are ever-present throughout the entire body combine to produce the energy required to fuel the incredible machinery of “life”. This highly energized biological “battery” is called Crystalline Water (aka Exclusion Zone Water, EZ Water, EZ, Ordered Water, Structured Water, Liquid Crystalline Water, Living Water). The three “ingredients” required to generate this biological “battery” are 1 – normal water, 2 – hydrophilic membranes and surfaces within cells, including protein surfaces and nucleic acid surfaces and 3 – sun-derived biophotons.

When these three “ingredients” collaborate within the vascular system, they support and potentiate the heart’s circulatory function. This remarkable new information regarding the function of EZ performing a role that is incorrectly attributed exclusively to the heart is analogous to current scientific findings that propose that the light interface with crystalline water present in the eyeball plays a large role in visual perception. This ground-breaking research will assist future research in the field of Ophthalmology to a very large degree. I discuss this topic in the article titled Crystalline Water (aka Exclusion Zone Water, EZ Water, EZ, Ordered Water, Structured Water, Liquid Crystalline Water, Living Water) + Light Interface in Eyeball Impacts Ophthalmology. That article is available here.

Are Humans Able to Harvest the Sun’s Energy Directly?

Regards the question about whether humans are able to harvest the sun’s energy directly, Pollack reported that a recently published paper by Herrera et al. (4) argues that the answer is yes. Pollack states:

The authors pinpoint melanin as the central player in the drama of photosynthesis, arguing that melanin, a black substance prominent in certain tissues, absorbs all visible wavelengths. Those concentrated photons could then drive the photosynthetic process in the same way as photons do in green plants and many single celled organisms.

The authors focus on the eye, which absorbs abundant light. They address a mystery of ocular function that remains unsolved: the retina stands as one of the most avid of the body’s consumers of energy; yet nearby capillaries are remarkably sparse, and therefore seemingly unable to meet those energy needs. Herrera et al. argue that the missing link could be melanin, which exists in unexpectedly high concentration in the eye. If melanin were a light antenna, collecting numerous photons, then that concentrated energy could drive metabolic processes just as they do in green plants. Melanin could resolve the energy problem.

Light-Absorbing Melanin Exists Throughout the Human Body Including in the Eye

It is important to note that melanin exists not only in the eye, but it is also found in many tissues. In a comprehensive review, Barr et al., (5) discuss many significant aspects about melanin that strongly support the authors’ hypothesis. Pollack states:

First, melanin is an ancient protein, which may have been present at the inception of life. Second, its distribution is ubiquitous not only within, but also among, living organisms. Third, melanin in brain tissue increases with ascent up the phylogenetic ladder, reaching a peak concentration in man; it is invariably found in the brain’s strategic, highly functional loci. And, melanin responds to light, with semi-conductive properties. Hence, the provocative idea that melanin may be centrally involved in transduction of light energy into chemical energy gains traction from this evidence.

Our own work lends strong support to the idea that humans exploit light energy. Although we have not studied melanin, we have studied in considerable detail another light-absorbing substance that exists in higher concentration in the human body: water. Given water’s simplicity and pervasiveness through nature, many presume that water must be completely understood, but in fact little has been known about how water molecules organize themselves, and especially how they respond to light — until recently.

I thought it was remarkable that Pollack stated “melanin may be centrally involved in transduction of light energy into chemical energy gains traction from this evidence”. This information most probably is associated with the mechanism relating to how crystalline water  in combination with the light interface in the human eyeball impacts vision, which I present in another article, which can be found here.

The Triple Heater Governs the Movements of External Impacts to Become ‘Myself’

With reference to the properties and functions of the Triple Heater, on page 49 of the book Heart Master Triple Heater, Rochat de la Vallée (6) explains that when the Neijing Jingyi teaches that the Triple Heater is the passageway for the entrance and exit of liquids and cereals, it means that even during the process of digestion, the Triple Heater possesses the characteristics of reception, transformation, diffusion, and elimination. She eloquently notes that beyond the processes of swallowing and excreting, the omnipresent processing mechanism intrinsic to the Triple Heater pertains to transforming external things that are not ‘myself’ becoming internalized and actually being absorbed by the body and becoming a part of ‘myself’. Similarly, the Triple Heater eliminates everything that cannot be assimilated into ‘myself’. This is a very important aspect of the Triple Heater. It means that the Triple Heater is the medium that causes external elements and influences (drinks, grains, air, odors, sounds, perceptions, and even timekeeping) to enter our body and mind and take up permanent residence within our very being.

Ancient TCM Practitioners Believed that the Sun Powered the Triple Burner

This is shown in explicit detail in the commentaries on the 66th Difficult Issue on pages 567–568 of Unschuld’s (7) translation of the Nan Ching, where Yang states, ‘The two kidneys are distinguished by their storing the essence of the sun and of the moon . . . Hence the text states “origin” is an honourable designation for the Triple Burner” because the Triple Burner’s influences are accumulated in the kidneys’.

It is very interesting to note that while the word sun appears nine times in Unschuld’s (7) translation of the Nan Ching, six of those times the sun is mentioned in connection to the Triple Energizer in the same text. I believe that is because the Sun imbues food and water that we consume with absorbed biophotons, which help to drive the Triple Energizer’s energy production system.

Pollack’s comprehensive research has confirmed that the fourth phase of water known as “crystalline water” or “EZ”, is generated next to water-loving (hydrophilic) surfaces, projecting out from those hydrophilic surfaces by up to millions of molecular layers, and this EZ exists almost everywhere throughout nature, including our bodies. Layer upon layer of this naturally occurring crystalline water is produced as electromagnetic energy in the form of light is absorbed into the biological system. The more light that’s absorbed, the more extensive is the fourth phase of water. Pollack notes, ‘The existence of a fourth phase may seem unexpected. However, it should not be entirely so. A century ago, the physical chemist Sir William Hardy argued for the existence of a fourth phase; and many authors over the years have found evidence for some kind of “ordered” or “structured” phase of water’. Pollack continued, ‘The fresh experimental evidence cited in the book and many papers not only confirms the existence of such an ordered, liquid-crystalline phase, but also details its properties. It is more viscous, dense and alkaline than H2O and has more oxygen since its formula is H3O2.  As a result, it has a negative charge. And like a battery, it can hold energy and deliver that energy as needed’.

Does Water Transduce Light Energy to Build a Battery?

Pollack explains that the energy required for building the layered crystalline water comes ultimately from the sun. He advised, ‘Radiant energy converts ordinary bulk water into ordered water, building this structured zone.’ He noted that while all wavelengths ranging from UV through the visible spectrum to infrared can build this ordered water, near-infrared energy is the most capable. Water readily absorbs infrared energy freely from the environment, and utilizes that energy to convert normal (bulk) water into liquid crystalline water (fourth phase water). He stated ‘we also call [EZ] “exclusion zone” or “EZ” water because it profoundly excludes solutes. Hence, buildup of EZ water occurs naturally and spontaneously from environmental energy. Additional energy input creates additional EZ buildup’. He further stated:

Of particular significance is the fourth phase’s charge: commonly negative. Absorbed radiant energy splits water molecules; the negative moiety constitutes the building block of the EZ, while the positive moiety binds with water molecules to form free hydronium ions, which may diffuse throughout the water. Adding additional light creates more charge separation.

Pollack noted ‘This process resembles the first step of photosynthesis. In that step, energy from the sun splits water molecules. Hydrophilic chromophores catalyze the splitting. The process considered here is similar, but more generic: any hydrophilic surface may catalyze the splitting. Some surfaces work more effectively than others. Melanin might be one of those’.

The positive and negative charges separate and thus resemble a battery. That resultant battery can deliver energy in a manner similar to the way that separated charges in plants deliver energy for biological processes. Plants, of course, are comprise d mostly of water, and Pollack states ‘it is therefore no surprise that water itself could exhibit similar energy conversion’. Explaining the process whereby radiant energy causes water in hydrophilic tubes to flow, Professor Pollack states:

The stored electrical energy in water can drive various kinds of work, including flow. An example is the axial flow through tubes. Immersing tubes made of hydrophilic materials into water produces flow through those tubes, similar to blood flow through blood vessels. The driving energy comes from the radiant energy absorbed and stored in the water. Nothing more. Flow may persist undiminished for many hours, even days. Additional incident light brings faster flow. This is not a perpetual motion machine: incident radiant energy drives the flow — in much the same way that it drives vascular flow in plants and powers water from the roots to nourish trees taller than the length of a football field.

I remember sitting in class at university and the biology lecturer telling the class that the pressure to drive water to the top of tall trees was immense, but the pumping mechanism to do so had not been determined. Here Pollack’s theory makes perfect sense.

Implications of Light Energy in Producing Cellular Energy

Professor Pollack explained, ‘This energy conversion framework is rich with implication for many systems involving water. All that’s needed is water, radiant energy, and a hydrophilic surface’. He points out that the “hydrophilic surface” can be as large as a slab of hydrophilic polymer material or as small as a single dissolved hydrophilic molecule. Whatever the case, the liquid crystalline phase predictably builds — consequently, normal water’s presence must therefore play some role in the system’s performance.

Pollack explains, ‘By volume, two thirds of your cells’ content is water. However the water molecule is so small that making up that two-thirds volume involves numerous water molecules. If you count molecules, 99% of the molecules in your body are water molecules. Modern cell biology considers that huge fraction of molecules as mere background carriers of the “important” molecules of life such as proteins and nucleic acids. It asserts that 99% of your molecules don’t do very much’.

It is inconceivable to believe that such supposedly clever biologists can be as irresponsible and foolish as to believe that the biological impact of 99% of a biological system can be simply inert “fluff” that resides in the biological organism as an inert medium. That is like believing that fuel in the petrol tank of a car does not have any impact on powering the vehicle.

Pollack explains, ‘EZ water envelops every macromolecule in the cell’. He relates that those macromolecules are so tightly packed that there is little room left over for anything except liquid-crystalline EZ water, and stresses that most of the water in a cell is EZ water, and he believes that the highly ordered liquid-crystalline EZ water plays a central role in everything that the cell does.

Pollack advises that radiant energy has a profound role in powering numerous cellular functions, including, for example, red blood cells flowing through your capillaries. He states:

That blood eventually encounters high resistance: capillaries are often narrower than the red blood cells that must pass through them; in order to make their way through, red cells need to bend and contort. Resistance is high. You’d anticipate the need for lots of driving pressure; yet, the pressure gradient across the capillary bed is modest. The paradox resolves if radiant energy helps propel flow through capillaries in the same way that it propels flow through hydrophilic tubes.

Pollack summarizes the biological process by stating, ‘Radiant energy may constitute an unsuspected source of vascular drive, supplementing cardiac pressure’.

Pollack notes that we most likely feel invigorated after a sauna because the penetrating infrared energy enhances capillary flow throughout the body, and optimal oxygenation due to plentiful capillary flow is critical for optimal tissue functioning. Individuals generally feel energized and invigorated when they walk out into sunlight. While we may perceive that the exhilarated “feeling” is psychological, Pollack believes there is a powerful physiological element to the experience also. He believes ‘the evidence above implies that sunlight may build your body’s EZs. Fully built EZs around each protein seems necessary for protein folding and hence for optimal cellular functioning’.

Why Pollack’s EZ Water Biological “Battery” is the Same as the TCM San Jiao Organ Metasystem

In TCM the San Jiao Organ Metasystem is considered to be the master and controller of all the water throughout the entire body in all of its numerous forms. The San Jiao is also believed to be the producer of all the energy forms (Qi) required to make the entire body function correctly. Molecule for molecule, the body is composed of 99% water molecules, all of which are in extremely close proximity to radiant energy and hydrophilic (water-loving) “membrane” structures. The ancient Chinese sages said the San Jiao “is nothing but membranes”. Regarding a body-wide energy conversion system, Pollack has convincingly proven and states, ‘All that’s needed is water, radiant energy, and a hydrophilic surface.’ I believe that without even being aware that the San Jiao Organ Metasystem exists and was intimately described thousands of years ago, Pollack describes the exact mechanism of the San Jiao Organ Metasystem.


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I wish to sincerely thank Dr Paul U. Unschuld for the selfless and tireless work he has committed to make many ancient Chinese medical classics available in English for study and research. My book is based predominantly around his scholarly work ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’. I also wish to sincerely thank Professor Unschuld for permission to use citations of his translation in my book. His translation of ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’ can be purchased from the following link:

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