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Ming Men (‘Gate of Life’), Yuan Qi and the Origin and Inauguration of the Sanjiao aka Triple Energizer. What is Ming Men (‘Gate of Life’ or ‘Gate of Vitality’)?


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  Ming Men aka ‘Gate of Life’, Yuan Qi and the Origin and Inauguration of the Sanjiao aka Triple Energizer. What is Ming Men (‘Gate of Life’ or ‘Gate of Vitality’)?

What is Ming Men (‘Gate of Life’ or ‘Gate of Vitality’)? The terminology recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) (3) presented in WHO International Standard Terminologies on Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific Region describes three meanings for ‘gate of life’ (ming men) as (1) the place where qi transformation of the human body originates, serving as the root of life; (2) right kidney; (3) acupuncture point (GV4). The Chinese respect and esteem for the Ming-men is captured in the numerous ways to describe it. Ming Men has been rendered the Gate of Power, Gate of Vitality, Proclamation Gate, Gate of Destiny, and Gate of Life. There is no doubt that the healing ability and energy potential associated with the Mingmen abound. 

In TCM, it is stated that Yuan Qi ‘is the basic origin of the Triple Burner’. The Triple Burner then distributes Yuan Qi to the 12 conduits and all the organs throughout the body. A major component of the Connective-Tissue Metasystem is ground substance. It is present at conception and subsequent embryological development. Fascia is involved at our embryological beginning, at our very origin of life, and connective tissue maintains the property of embryologic plasticity throughout our entire life. So these facts indicate that the origin of the omnipresent Sanjiao organ system (Triple-Energizer Metasystem) is linked to the origin of the Connective-Tissue Metasystem. I do not believe that is a coincidence. 

This easy-reading informative book is essential for anyone wanting to know all about the Ming Men and the origin, function and location of the literal, yet formless, Sanjiao Organ (aka San Jiao, Triple Warmer, Triple Heater, Triple Energizer). This enlightening book can be securely purchased by clicking the ‘BUY NOW’ button at the bottom of this page.

38.1 Embryologic Plasticity of Connective Tissue Is Maintained throughout Life

In the article entitled ‘Bioelectric Responsiveness of Fascia: A Model for Understanding the Effects of Manipulation’, the author, Judith A. O’Connell (111), stated:

Connective tissue is a major derivative of the mesodermal germ cell layer in the embryo. As the name implies, it connects with mesodermal, endodermal, and ectodermal derivatives as the differentiation of organs and systems occurs. This special property of connective tissue allows it to act as an intermediary both embryologically and in the fully developed individual. There are four groups of connective tissue: connective tissue proper, cartilage, bone, and blood. Together they form the support structure for homeostasis that allows for normal function in the body. A special property that connective tissue maintains throughout life is embryologic plasticity. (Emphasis is mine)

O’Connell explains that ‘connective tissue is a major derivative of the mesodermal germ cell layer in the embryo’ and that it allows and supports all the required ‘differentiation of organs and systems’ for successful embryogenesis to occur. The ‘embryologic plasticity’ required for successful embryonic growth and development continues with us throughout our lifetime.

38.2 Fascia Is Ever Present from Our Embryological Beginnings to the Last breath We Take

In total agreement with what O’Connell stated above, on the web article entitled ‘Fascia & Tensegrity’, Myers (110) explains that the numerous elements of fascia constitute the biological infrastructure that engenders our very form. He rightly notes that humans are composed of 70 trillion individual cells harmoniously joined by a 3-D network of fascia composed of fibrous, gluey, and wet proteins that ensure that every single cell is maintained in the correct position. He stresses that this remarkable biomechanical regulatory feat of the fascial system is ‘highly complex and under-studied’, and he states, ‘Understanding fascia is essential to the dance between stability and movement—crucial in high performance, central in recovery from injury and disability, and ever-present in our daily life from our embryological beginnings to the last breath we take’ (emphasis is mine).

38.3 The Fascial System Starts about Two Weeks into Embryological Development

Regarding the origin of the embryological development of the fascial system, in the 2014 article entitled ‘Fascia & Tensegrity’, Myers (110) states:

Our single fascial system starts about 2 weeks into development as a fibrous gel that pervades and surrounds all the cells in the developing embryo. It is progressively folded by gastrulation and the rest of the motions of development into the complex layers of fascia we see in the adult. In fact there is no discontinuity in the layers of fascia, so ‘layers’ is a useful but deceptive concept (like ‘muscles’). . . . Genetics determine only what proteins are able to be manufactured; the local environment of how you use your body determines how they are arrayed from day to day. (Emphasis is mine)

Note that O’Connell and Myers place fascia at our embryological beginning, at our very origin of life. It is now known that the Primo Vascular System (PVS) is the very first system to develop after fertilization occurs. While the PVS is composed of connective tissue and is probably a specialized subset of the connective-tissue system, the fascial system proper ‘starts about 2 weeks into development as a fibrous gel that pervades and surrounds all the cells in the developing embryo’. Note that the fascial system, or what I call the Connective-Tissue Metasystem, ‘pervades and surrounds all the cells in the developing embryo’ just as the Triple-Energizer Metasystem ‘pervades and surrounds all the’ organs and systems in the adult body.

38.4 Fascia Functions by Secreting and Excreting fluids—Vital and Destructive

In the first citation above, Still advises that the fascia control fluids in the body and that if the fascia fails, then we shrink, swell, or die. This indeed sounds exactly like a description of the Triple Energizer. In the second citation above, Still describes fascia as a ‘network of nerves, cells and tubes, running to and from it’ such that ‘no atom of flesh fails to get nerve and fluid supply therefrom’. Once again, these properties of fascia (communication via the associated nerve connections and control over fluids) are identical to those of the Triple Energizer. Note that Still also stated that the fascia is a network of tubes. I believe that it is most likely that these ‘tubes’ also include the Primo Vascular System network of microtubules, a microsystem that was not known about in Still’s time.

38.5 The Triple Heater Is the Fu of the Fire in the Middle of the Water

This description of the Triple Burner, that ‘there is nothing that it does not envelop or surround’, describes the exact nature of fascia in that fascia surrounds every single cell and tissue in the body at the microscopic and macroscopic level. That the Triple Burner is ‘also the fu of the fire in the middle of the water’, I suggest, pertains to the fact that bulk water in touch with the omnipresent hydrophilic collagen of connective tissue generates the energized living liquid crystalline EZ water that generates the fire or energy-yielding battery that is EZ water. I believe it is this spark-of-life energy coming from the EZ water that accompanies the origin of life and sustains the subsequent life form. I discuss this topic in great detail elsewhere in this book.

38.14 The ‘Gate of Life’ Is the Root of the Triple Burn

So the basic building block of connective tissue, ground substance, is produced by the same primordial fibroblasts which are ‘among the earliest cells to develop in the embryo’. So here is a major component of the Connective-Tissue Metasystem (i.e. ground substance) present at conception and subsequent embryological development. Thus, the primordial fibroblasts generate the 3-D matrix in which all the organs and systems are suspended, surrounded by the Connective-Tissue Metasystem. I propose that the Connective-Tissue Metasystem, in amalgamation with the PVS, is one and the same as the Triple- Energizer Metasystem. Thus, simply stated, at conception, when the gate of life is opened, the primordial fibroblasts generate the Connective-Tissue Metasystem, which I believe is closely associated with the Triple Burner. Thus, it can be stated that the gate of life is the root of the Triple Burner.

38.15 The Triple Heater Has a Very Close Relationship with Ming Men

Thus, ‘the triple heater is rooted at the deepest level of being’ because the Triple Heater was formed at the beginning of life. In the presence of all-pervading, hydrophilic connective tissue, bulk water is converted into the fiery energy–supplying battery that is life-sustaining liquid crystalline EZ water, which flows within and throughout the Connective-Tissue Metasystem. This phenomenon accounts for ‘the mixing of water and fire, allowing the development of all life’.


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(111) O’Connell, J. A., ‘Bioelectric Responsiveness of Fascia: A Model for Understanding the Effects of Manipulation’, Techniques in Orthopaedics, 18/1 (2003), 67–73.


I wish to sincerely thank Dr Paul U. Unschuld for the selfless and tireless work he has committed to make many ancient Chinese medical classics available in English for study and research. My book is based predominantly around his scholarly work ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’. I also wish to sincerely thank Professor Unschuld for permission to use citations of his translation in my book. His translation of ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’ can be purchased from the following link:

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