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How does the ‘Mysterious’ TCM Triple Energizer Meridian / Organ (aka San-Jiao, Sanjiao, Triple Heater, Triple Burner, Triple Warmer, Triple Energiser, Three Heaters) Meridian / Organ Affect Earthing or Grounding?

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The Mysterious and Mystical TCM Triple Energizer Meridian (aka Sanjiao, San Jiao, Triple Warmer, Triple Heater, Triple Burner, Triple Energiser) Meridian Complements Earthing or Grounding via its Conductivity. Many Acupoints on the Sanjiao Channel (Sanjiao 5, Sanjiao 6, Sanjiao 3 and Sanjiao 17) are very Energetically Influential Sanjiao Meridian Acupoints. 

How Earthing or Grounding Complements the Triple Energizer

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are 12 Main organs. Western Medicine accepts 11 of those organs, for example the stomach and the liver. However, one of these 12 Main Organs of TCM is not accepted by Western Medicine, and has been surrounded in mystery for thousands of years, even among TCM practitioners. In keeping with that enigmatic theme, depending on where you were educated, it has numerous synonyms, including san-jiao, sanjiao, triple heater, triple burner, tri-heater, triple warmer, triple energizer, three heaters and the three burning spaces. While the Triple Energizer is definitely an ORGAN, many TCM practitioners believe that it is actually NOT an organ as such, but rather a series of complex biological and biochemical functions that occur throughout the entire body. I have spent 4 long years researching this misunderstood organ in detail, and have written a book which proves that the Triple Energizer is an actual organ complex, which I call the Triple-Energizer Metasystem. 

The following is a summary of Chapter 46 of the book The ‘Mystical’ TCM Triple Energizer. Its Elusive Location and Morphology DefinedThis original book is full of fascinating information that confirms that the ancient authors of many traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) classics were fully aware of scientific information that is only now being discovered by modern science. This easy-reading enlightening book is perfect for anyone wanting to know more about Earthing aka Grounding, and how the free electrons of the earth enter our body through the acupuncture point called Kidney 1, which was called “Gushing Spring” by the ancient Chinese. This enlightening book can be securely purchased by clicking the ‘BUY NOW’ button at the bottom of this page.

Biophysicist James Oschman stated, ‘We believe the healthy connective tissue matrix of a grounded person will have abundant electrons to neutralize those leaking free radicals and thereby prevent “collateral damage” to healthy tissues.’ Here, Oschman believes that the healthy connective-tissue matrix should automatically have abundant electrons and thus prevent damage to healthy tissues. In TCM, maintaining biological and biochemical order throughout the body is a function of the Triple-Energizer Metasystem, which I believe is intimately connected with the PVS/Connective-Tissue Metasystem, or connective-tissue matrix, as Oschman calls it. In the final section above, Oschman again emphasizes, ‘The connective tissue in the body that is free of inflammatory pockets will be more conductive to electrons (inflammatory barricades are poorly conductive) and therefore will be better able to neutralize free radicals quickly wherever they form from whatever cause.’ This epitomizes the protective function of Wei Qi associated with the San Jiao. Remember that the San Jiao is omnipresent, ubiquitous throughout the body, that it is nothing but membranes, and that membranes cover like a bag every cell, structure, and organ within the body. Notice too that Oschman shows that when the connective tissue matrix is grounded, inflammation is negated.

I have grounding pads on my treatment tables so that every patient is grounded during the entire treatment. I trust that doing so undoubtedly benefits and soothes the connective-tissue matrix (as Oschman calls it) or the San Jiao or the Triple-Energizer Metasystem (as I call it). Thus, I believe that being grounded as much as possible during every day is one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways of harmonizing the Triple Burner and subsequently all the other organs because the San Jiao nourishes every cell, structure, and organ with the numerous fluids and especially with Yuan Qi. That the many organs of the body can benefit from grounding can be seen from the reference above (210), where cardiologist Dr Sinatra reported, ‘Patients who experience anxiety, emotional stress, panic, fear, and/or symptoms of autonomic dystonia, including headaches, cardiac palpitations, and dizziness, grounding could be a very realistic therapy.’ Remarkably, Sinatra reports, ‘These patients may see positive effects most likely within 20 to 30 minutes and in almost all cases in 40 minutes.’ Further to that, Sinatra states, ‘Negative emotions such as panic, depression, anxiety, and hostility have all demonstrated reduced HRV (heart rate variability).’ This is thanks to grounding.

My TCM training suggests strongly that in these subjects, the Heart, Liver, and Gallbladder Fire that is Rising is being ‘descended’ and sedated. I regularly ground patients with similar conditions through Kidney 1 either with a needle or with a sticky, conductive earthing patch. Note that Kidney 1 is the only acupoint on the bottom of the foot and is the major acupoint that connects us to the earth—but only when we are barefoot. And what are the properties of Kidney 1? It is used for ‘grounding an individual’. Fancy that! It helps to calm the mind and relax our patients. The acupoint is used to treat dizziness, palpitations, nausea, headaches and migraines, tinnitus, insomnia, poor vision, nosebleeds, hypertension, chronic sore throat, dry mouth, hot flushes, night sweats, etc. In all these conditions, Kidney 1 ‘descends excess from above’. This is why the Chinese name of Kidney 1 (Yongquan) has the most appropriate name which in English means ‘Gushing Spring’. When our bare feet touch the surface of the earth, a gushing spring of multitudinous free electrons are pushed upward from the earth and gush into our body through the ‘hole’ called Kidney 1. These beneficial free electrons then sedate and neutralize the offending free radicals that caused the pathological disorder in the first place.


(210) – Chevalier, G., S. T. Sinatra, ‘Emotional Stress, Heart Rate Variability, Grounding, and Improved Autonomic Tone: Clinical Applications’, Integrative Medicine, 10/3 (2011), 16–21.


I wish to sincerely thank Dr Paul U. Unschuld for the selfless and tireless work he has committed to make many ancient Chinese medical classics available in English for study and research. My book is based predominantly around his scholarly work ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’. I also wish to sincerely thank Professor Unschuld for permission to use citations of his translation in my book. His translation of ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’ can be purchased from the following link:

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