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We promise you the earth, and then we deliverEarthing Heaven Products. We promise the Earth, and then we deliver.


ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic has been around for 10 years and has been located at 216 Ramsay Street in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia for six years.  The Senior Acupuncturist Mr Louis Gordon has been a practicing acupuncturist for over 3 decades.

The Australian Business Number (ABN) of ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic is 24 360 539 308.  Louis and his wife Linda are dedicated to helping individuals gain optimal health and wellness utilising the numerous principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including acupuncture, moxabustion, cupping, gua-sha etcetera along with modern techniques including AcuGraph Meridian Alalysis, use of lasers and Earthing Grounding Products to speed up the healing process.

The Australian Business Number (ABN) of EARTHING HEAVEN is 24 360 539 308. Louis wrote his thesis over 30 years ago, and it was entitled “How Geocosmic Forces in the Biosphere Affects Man”.  Louis uses Clint Ober Earthing Grounding Products in the Clinic so that every single patient recieves the very best healing forces of the Earth, that is the Free Electrons that flow into the body to neutralise Free Radicals that cause inflammation, which is responcible for nearly all diseases and medical conditions.

ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic is an authorised Reseller of Clint Ober’s Earthing Grounding Products, and makes the Earthing Products available through this website and directly from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, Australia.  Clients wishing to purchase Earthing Grounding Products direct from the Clinic should ring in advance to advise staff of their requirements so that they can be attended to promptly when they arrive at the Clinic.