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Do YOU want TIPS to QUIT SMOKING? I have over 3 decades of experience helping smokers on the roadway to freedom from addiction to nicotine.  I help them attain maximum wellness and health using acupuncture and suggesting lifestyle changes. I specialise in helping individuals STOP SMOKING CIGARETTES with my No-More-Cravings QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM, which I have developed over the last 3 decades. I have written an eBook entitled No-More-Cravings QUIT SMOKING PROGRAM – Quitting smoking need not be as traumatic as is commonly assumed. It is a downloadable product in PDF format and consists of 81 pages of well-written easy-to-read text. It consists of 30 Chapters divided into bite-size sections that are practical and very “doable”. It addresses one of the main mental blocks for smokers that put-off quitting until “tomorrow”, that is “the fear of failure to quit“. My name is Louis Gordon and I am a qualified CMBA-approved Toowoomba acupuncturist. I practice acupuncture from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba, 4350, Queensland, Australia. With over three decades of acupuncture experience I can assist YOU in all aspects associated with nicotine cravings and free you from addiction. Do YOU honestly desire to successfully QUIT SMOKING?

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MISSION STATEMENT: “I aim to get my patients as WELL as possible, as quickly as possible, and then to keep them WELL”.

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No More Cravings Quit Smoking Logo. Freedom from nicotine addiction. Best way to quit smoking. Easy way to quit smoking. Help me quit smoking. Quit smoking. NO Nicotine cravings.

EMPLOYERS: Do YOU Know the TRUE Cost of Employing Staff Who Smoke?



For an Australian smoker the cost of smoking 20 cigarettes per day is $4,500 per year just for the cigarettes.  Taking into account all other variables (health costs, higher insurance premiums (life & health), dry cleaning etc), the true cost of smoking is five times that amount to the smoker alone.


Workplace analysis for staff (based on nominal $80,000 per annum) shows that



  • Smokers are 50% more likely to be hospitalized than non-smokers.
  • Smokers have 15% higher disability rates compared to non-smokers.
  • If your employees that smoke take four 10-minute smoking-breaks each work-day, they work one whole month less per year than workers who don’t take smoking breaks.  The cost to the employer is $6,666.
  • Smokers are absent from work 50% more often than non-smokers.  Absenteeism for smokers is 2.2 more days per year than non-smokers.  This cost to the employer is $1,355 at $616 a day.



  • Lost Production Time is 75% higher for staff smoking ≥ one pack of cigarettes per day.
  • Recruitment and retraining costs due to loss of employees to smoking-related death & disability.
  • Worker’s compensation payments and occupational health awards.
  • Disability retirements and Litigation costs.
  • Illness and discomfort among non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke.
  • Recent studies show that turnover rates, accidents, injuries and disciplinary problems among smokers are higher than with non-smokers.
  • Lack of concentration on their job due to constantly checking to see if it’s time for their smoking break and evaluating whether it is okay to go somewhere to have a few puffs.


Most smokers desperately want to stop smoking but are fearful of the failure to quit smoking, or of the expected trauma of losing their emotional crutch. It makes excellent business sense to help smokers lead a longer healthier happier life and at the same time provide the company with substantial savings.

By subsidising staff to participate in the No More Cravings Quit Smoking Program you will be increasing your bottom line by more than $8,800 per year, every year.  That is 11% of their wage / salary.

Call Louis NOW on (07) 4636 6100 for more information about the easy way to quit smoking, or to make bookings.


Louis Gordon – (Senior Acupuncturist)


7 Steps for the Easy Way to Quit Smoking

and Save $50,000 In 10 Years


No More Cravings Quit Smoking Logo. Nicotine addiction. Best way to quit smoking. Easy way to quit smoking. Help me quit smoking. Quit smoking. NO Nicotine cravings.


On 13 January 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) selected The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) as the theme of the next World No Tobacco Day, which will take place on Tuesday, 31 May 2011.  Its message is that there are 3 ways to save lives – fire extinguishers, lifebuoys and the FCTC. 

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) is the world’s foremost tobacco control instrument. The first treaty ever negotiated under the auspices of WHO, it represents a signal achievement in the advancement of public health with regard to tobacco use, which is the leading preventable cause of death. Smoking kills more people in Australia than the total number killed by alcohol, drugs, murder, suicide, road crashes, rail crashes, air crashes, poisoning, drowning, fires, falls, lightning, electrocution, snakes, spiders and sharks combined.  World No Tobacco Day is an ideal time to look at new ways to kick the habit that approximately 5.3 million Australians share.

As with any other treaty, the WHO FCTC confers legal obligations on its Parties – that is, on the countries that have formally acceded to it.  Among these obligations are those to: Offer people help to end their addiction to tobacco.  Mr. Louis Gordon aims to do just that.

Mr. Gordon is a local Toowoomba Quit Smoking expert with over 3 decades of practical experience. He operates from his Ramsay Street ANTRAC clinic and has seen an increased demand for his innovative Quit Smoking program since new government rules and taxes increased cigarette prices by 25 percent.  He has written a comprehensive book to help smokers to quit smoking more easily than they ever thought possible.  Smokers that currently smoke 20 cigarettes per day will save the small fortune of $45,000 over 10 years, and will regain their health and their dignity into the bargain.

Mr. Gordon estimates that his treatment is more than 80 percent successful, while the success rate for going “cold turkey” is only 5 percent.  According to studies Zyban’s success rate is 6-10% which when put another way is a failure rate of 90-94%.   

For over 3 decades Mr. Gordon has spent hundreds of hours researching nicotine addiction and the behavioural addiction and ritualisation that smokers develop over time, and how to quit smoking. He concentrated on determining why former smokers often relapse and on identifying the “triggers” that cause relapse.  He has determined 13 different triggers, and based on those triggers written a comprehensive book that supplies a Management Plan that covers all of those triggers.  The book discusses the easy way to quit smoking, and how smokers can kick the habit in 7 easy steps –The 7 Steps to Quit Smoking Without Cravings.  Every one of the suggestions, recommendations and methods discussed in this e-book are practical, practicable, safe and effective and are proven to work when applied. Yes you certainly can quit smoking now.


The 7 Steps To Freedom From Nicotine Addiction 

STEP 1 – Recognise and acknowledge openly that you sincerely want to quit smoking now for yourself. Based on his findings, the “fear of failure to quit” issue is the THIRD most important reason that smokers continue to smoke.  The book demystifies the “fear of failure to quit” and shows how smokers can gain the upper hand.  Smokers would love to quit without the nicotine-withdrawal symptoms …. insomnia, feeling tired and zapped, the inability to concentrate, headaches, the cough and sore throat, constipation, sour stomach  and gas, dry mouth and the tightness in the chest, not to mention the shaking, sweating or feeling very cold.

You recognise that you sincerely want to quit smoking now.  But what do you do now? Where can you get the help to quit smoking by yourself?  Who has the knowledge and wisdom to support you and advise you about the best way to quit smoking?  If you are a smoker that is firmly convinced that you want to quit smoking now ….  Congratulations!  Welcome to Step 2.


STEP 2 – Purchase the Book “No More Cravings Quit Smoking Program – The 7 Steps to Quit Smoking Now Without Cravings”.

To have someone do all the quit smoking research required for you to quit successfully would normally cost you around $48,000 (That’s what it cost Mr. Gordon!). The book discusses everything that you need to know about the easy way to quit smoking now.  There are numerous insightful facts that will help you get the upper-hand over your nicotine-addiction.  Using the knowledge will grant you the freedom that you truly deserve to quit smoking nowQuitting smoking will effectively allow you to bank $50,000 over the next ten years if you currently smoke 20 cigarettes per day, according to Australian figures as of early 2013.


STEP 3 – Set a dedicated “Quit Date”.

Go ahead and mark it on your calendar.  This is a very important step because you are confirming that you are truly ready to take control of your life and be free from the horrid debilitating and disempowering enslavement to nicotine addiction.  You must not enter this step, that is Step 3 blindly and uninformed.  Overcoming a nicotine addiction is not without a reasonable degree of stress unless you are prepared.  If you accurately know what you may go through, it will not come as a surprise, and you will be well prepared for the symptoms you may feel, as your body rids itself of the accumulated toxins and addictive nicotine.  Allow enough time to purchase the 4 craving-suppressant supplements and take them religiously every day so that your mastery over your nicotine addiction is assured.  It is generally accepted that after 10 consecutive days of having no nicotine entering your system, you are no longer physiologically addicted to nicotine.  Ten days of mild discomfort is not that bad really when you consider that the reward will be freedom and an inner peace knowing that you found the easy way to quit smoking and regained control of your life.


STEP 4 – Take the questionnaire to determine your personal smoking “triggers”.

Complete the 39 questions in the included questionnaire and follow the simple instructions on the “How to Score” page to determine your personal “triggers” that provoke your smoking episodes.  Knowing these triggers will make quitting smoking more easy for you than you thought possible, because you can concentrate on your personal enemy that you were most likely unaware of.  You will have the power now to efficiently remodel your smoking trigger behavior.  Soon, after a little effort, you will be in charge of your destiny.  How would that feel?  Note that some smokers state that they have “cravings” for years.  This is simply not true.  They actually have situation-related yearnings (behavioral addiction) and not true nicotine cravings.  They were not made aware of their personal triggers that initiated their cravings for a cigarette.  To truly quit smoking without future cravings it is absolutely critical to determine your triggers associated with your smoking behavior.  This is a very personal behavioral pattern and no two smokers are the same.  Smokers take a long time to develop their personal smoking patterns and rituals related to the numerous events that occur on a daily basis, and these are subsequently deeply entrenched learned behaviors.  To quit without cravings due to these “ghosts” appearing due to cultivated patterns and entrenched association with smoking, new wholesome associations with daily events must be reconstructed.  If you skip determining your triggers, you are planning to fail, or at least you are making your quit process much harder than it need be.  Rightly, it has been stated “if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail”.  Remember and take to heart that “quitting need not be as traumatic as is commonly assumed”.  Do yourself a big favour and from the questionnaire determine what your major “triggers” are and then proceed with Step 5.


STEP 5 – Based on your “triggers” review the relevant Management Plan (MP) Chapters.

This step is a “no-brainer”.  Once you have determined your major “triggers” from Step 4 any score higher than 9 is worthy of attention and must be addressed.  From the “How to Score” Table you are directed to the appropriate Chapter that discusses that “trigger” in detail.  Review the Management Plan chapters that pertain to your major “triggers”.  Most smokers score high on 3 to 5 triggers. Don’t be surprised if you score high on up to 7 different triggers.  It happens occasionally. Concentrate only on the Chapters dedicated to your triggers, and make a list of the changes you need to make so that you optimise the time it takes you to quit smoking and be finally free from enslavement tonicotine cravings.  Remember, this whole process is for you, so don’t take short cuts or you will be sabotaging yourself, and why would you want to do that?


STEP 6 – Purchase the 4 inexpensive craving-suppressant supplements.

Purchase sufficient of the 4 craving-suppressant supplements from the supermarket so that you have enough supplies for 60 days.  They reduce nicotine cravings in four different biochemical ways. You should be able to quit smokingeasily within 30 days, but these supplements will keep you free from cravings to ensure that relapse does not occur.  It takes only ten days for the physiological addiction to nicotine to have completely abated.  That is really a short time isn’t it?  To be successful at this easy way to quit smoking, you MUST keep taking the supplements as directed for a full 60 days to eliminate cravings and ensure your success in quitting smoking cigarettes.


STEP 7 – Read the e-book and apply the suggestions to remodel your behavioral patterns.

Some gems of wisdom discussed in the book include the following:

  • Smokers smoke to feel “normal”.  The book discusses how smokers can feel “normal” again without nicotine.  It is your turn next, so get used to it.
  • Mr. Gordon is the only researcher that knows about 7 secret supplements that reduce 4 different aspects of your nicotine-cravings to make quitting easy.  Four of these supplements are inexpensive, readily available and very powerful.
  • Smoking cigarettes as a crutch for tension reduction is the number ONE reason that smokers smoke.  Did you know that?  The book discusses 25 tips and tricks for overcoming stress and tension that often trigger nicotine craving episodes that make you want to have a cigarette.
  • Without having to lie down on a couch at the Psychologists office for session after session, the book discusses simply the psychology of smoking behavior – “First we form habits, then they form us”.  The perverted “reward” system involved in smoking that smokers are generally unaware of is also discussed.
  • There are gender differences in why men and women smoke and the differences involved when men and womenquit smoking.  Researchers have found that there are two weeks of the month when women should NOT attempt to quit smoking. The book discusses that.
  • Oops!  What if you do slip up and have a few cigarettes?  The book outlines just what to do and how to handle the situation should you have a relapse and take up smoking cigarettes again (temporarily), so that you realise that you are NOT a failure.  You are having a “toddler” experience.


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For Individuals Local to Toowoomba in SE Queensland, Australia that would

like Acupuncture to help them Quit Smoking.

If you find that you are still struggling with nicotine cravings in spite of completing the above steps then consider having a course of acupuncture treatment to augment your quit-smoking program with the Master himself.   The small cost of the acupuncture treatment will pay you back massive dividends in the years to come.

If you smoke 20 cigarettes per day you will save over $5,000 in one year of not smoking, so spending some of those funds on acupuncture would be a very sound investment financially, but more importantly, for your future health and well being.  The NMC Quit Smoking Program including four acupuncture treatments normally costs $830, BUT for the book release it has been reduced to only $666, and includes 5 nicotine-craving reduction supplements worth over $100 + a hard copy of the book + an Earthing Pad which greatly reduces stress.



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Adopt the Quitter Mentality Now


Get to know what triggers automate your smoking behavior

Humans are creatures of habit and we feel disoriented when out of our “comfort zone”.  That “comfort zone” depends on circumstances.  For example Thai snake charmers feel at home with cobras darting at their body parts.  Often what we are really addicted to is actually the rituals and routines associated with many of our daily activities.  For example the first smoke of the day is with that delectable cup of coffee while reading the newspaper, or just after a meal with your feet up, or with the beer as the reward of a hard day’s work at the pub with the blokes.  The major component of ensuring your success is having in your mind the strong conviction that you want to quit.  Once you have jumped this mindset hurdle, analyse yourself and try to get a handle on what triggers your desire to have a cigarette and fill the void that you are feeling before you light up.  Keeping a Quit Diary is a powerful tool at helping you come to know what triggers the otherwise automatic procedure of having a cigarette.  Once you understand your smoking triggers you will be more able to find appropriate personal substitutes, which will allow you to be victorious in your endeavor to quit.


Know what makes you tick

Generally smoking is an automatic procedure.  Often smokers have lit up without remembering they have one smoldering in the ash tray.  Analyze yourself each time you have a cigarette.  What benefits do you derive? Does it make you feel like you have arrived, like you’re big and mature now or do you feel cool and part of the gang?  Mood wise does it make you feel relaxed, less stressed or does it ease your depression?  Does it give you an energy boost and waken you up ready for the next task or the next phase of whatever job you have at hand?  Do you feel it is now “my time” after the kids have gone to bed and you can let your hair done and enjoy your daily accomplishments?  Keep your quit diary and record your feelings before and after a cigarette.  If you do not go through this self-analysis you will be ignorant about the mechanisms associated with your personal reasons for smoking, and you will be less able to manage the necessary lifestyle-changes required to cope with future stresses and traumas, and prosper once you have successfully quit.


Beware of pseudo-cravings

Cravings are not only a physiological response to the withdrawal of nicotine from the system.  That craving is sedated in only two to three weeks, and often less.  Pseudo-Cravings (PC’s) that persist beyond that period are often more “yearnings” from the long-term self-induced indoctrination of rituals and profound habits associated with perceived links or “triggers” to numerous daily events and situations where one activity went hand-in-hand with a cigarette close by.  For example, getting into the car, talking on the phone, or having a cup of coffee may “trigger” the smoking response, due to the former life-long association with that event or situation.  Something seems to be missing.  It is like watching television and not having the remote-control near-by.  There is a sense of powerlessness and stress.


Diversified smoking “triggers”

There are numerous situations that act as triggers to fire the smoker to wanting to have a cigarette.  They are diverse and individual for each smoker.  They include the reward associated with pleasant situations and events including socializing with friends, driving the vehicle, winding down after a meal, drinking coffee and alcohol, talking on the phone and after sex, of course.  At other times the perceived stress-relief associated with smoking is triggered by unpleasant events including having work pressures and deadlines to meet, feeling depressed, frustrated, stressed or bored, or needing to wake up.


Visualization is a powerful tool

Do you remember how much fun you had when you were a child and played “make believe”?  You could conjure up horses and castles and all kinds of wonderful things.  Some renowned cancer clinics use visualization techniques to empower the immune system to overpower cancer.  Your mental powers are an awesome force that should be drawn on to the maximum to help in your resolve to quit.  An interesting quirk is that our mind cannot differentiate truth from fiction when visions in your mind are evaluated, and generated beliefs and visualizations are considered as factual.

The process of affirmations and visualizations is not difficult at all, but it does require commitment and daily participation on the part of the individual for it to be beneficial and bring positive gainful results.  The first step is to determine what you personal goal is.  Think of the negative aspect right now that you want to address, and then determine the positive side of that issue.  Formulate a clear concise statement that sums up what you wish to attain for example “I feel calm and relaxed and I am smoke free”. It is important to concentrate your visualization efforts on pleasant positive emotions and feelings that empower you and make you feel comfortable and complete, where your Shen is invigorated and enthusiastic, and you feel content with you present phase of life, with regards to your relationships, family, job and most importantly how you feel about you.  It is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visualization sessions, so lie in bed and get nice and warm or sit in a comfortable chair, free from interferences of televisions, kids or radios.  After some practice you will feel more at home with the relaxation and visualization process, and will believe more fully in the near future success of your aspirations and desires.

Research confirms that while many smokers do actually quit after the first attempt, most quitters take many attempts before they succeed.  Often up to 10 attempts using different techniques are required.  As each smoker is different, it is “horses for courses” before you successfully attain your goal.  Don’t feel down on yourself if you have tried to quit previously and have not succeeded yet.  Tomorrow is a new day.  So long as you really do want to quit, it will happen.  Just don’t quit wishing to quit smoking.


You wouldn’t knock a toddler, would you?

Consider toddlers.  They are precious little mites that must be getting fed up with sore knees from only getting around by crawling.  Then it instinctively enters their mind that they have to stand up on their own two feet.  It just happens naturally.  So they try to stand and take a step and they ALWAYS fall initially, probably hundreds of times before they get their balance, and can take one step after the other, right to your DVD collection.  I have yet to hear anybody say to the toddler as they fall to the floor “You loser.  Get up and do it right”.  No of course not, we rejoice that they are endeavoring to master yet another goal in their short life.  If you think this analogy through you will see exactly where you fit in.  Just like the toddler you are trying to walk afresh without the need for the support of the nicotine framework.  So if you should fall once or twice or more than thrice, that really is acceptable.  Your aim is still to walk high and tall by yourself, free from addiction.  So do not be too hard or unforgiving of yourself.  Think of yourself as a nicotine-toddler who will soon be standing up strong and tall without any support from nicotine.  Take solace in the fact that there are as many former smokers alive today as there are smokers.  That is a lot of success stories, so take heart.  You will soon be one of them.


Due to the flux of Yin and Yang nothing stays the same

Apart from the first few years of smoking, no smokers feel proud that they are smokers and addicted to nicotine.  Most smokers feel embarrassed and ashamed of their antisocial habit, and their inability to take control of their life and their health.  It is a TCM belief that shame and guilt are very negative emotions that drain the body of precious energy (Qi) and weaken and fracture the Shen and engender “stuckness” within the meridian pathways of the body.  Many smokers feel that they are trapped in their situation and that they can’t break free from their enslavement to nicotine.  Nothing stays the same as yin and yang are under constant flux.  Smokers deceive themselves by believing that they can’t change. Smokers that want to quit have to accept that the past has come and gone and that can’t be changed.  However the future is full of grand potential and subject to massive changes by the very nature of the universe.  By accepting that they have an a problem with a nasty deceptive addiction cultured over the past, and realizing that they want to modify their future and correct matters, they regain control of their destiny.  By taking responsibility for their actions and habits and rituals associated with smoking, they can objectively analyze their situation, and empower themselves to modify their future behavioral patterns, and move in the direction of quitting with determination and conviction.  Review your former attempts to quit and determine what you could have done differently. Consider what worked for you and what did not work. Don’t make the same mistakes of judgment.  After you have quit smoking don’t ever be tempted to take even one single little puff.  Liaise with your health care provider (for example, acupuncturist, doctor, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, psychologist, or smoking counselor) for suggestions on how you can succeed.  Consider counseling with your health-care provider.   Research confirms that the more counseling that you have, the greater your chances are of quitting. Counseling one-on-one, as a group or even by telephone are all beneficial. Call your local health department for advice on local programs.  During cravings try to distract yourself from the urges to smoke.


The secret to long term success is positive thinking and commitment

Believing that you will soon be a quitter may seem an impossibility.  But those negative thoughts are based on your present belief systems and habits and rituals.  You have to challenge yourself and see outside the box that your life currently revolves around.  Committed people have their lives changed every day.  Visualize yourself as being a non smoker and start thinking accordingly.  Commit to it and it will occur. Using your list from before make up a few positive affirmations that are empowering and specific to you and your circumstances.  For example write “I am committed to no longer smoke and I am liberated” or “I have taken control of my life and choose not to smoke”.  Make the commitment statements from a standpoint of a future time, so that you can get yourself and your mindset ready for a soon-to-be future timeframe.  If you maintain this committed mindset, each time that you smoke in future will feel less fulfilling and will be counter to what you truly want.  Make sure that each time you use the bathroom mirror, open the fridge or reach for a cigarette, look at the commitment affirmation and reflect on it.  Believe the statements and allow them to take root in your heart so that your Shen is invigorated and empowered and it will only be a matter of time before this belief has become the new reality and you will be a contented quitter.  Art Turock said “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.  Other noteworthy quotes and pearls of wisdom about commitment include the following:

…… Vince Lombardi stated “Once a man has made a commitment to a way of life, he puts the greatest strength in the world behind him. It’s something we call heart power. Once a man has made his commitment, nothing will stop him short of success”.

…… Yoda admonished “a Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind”.

…… Jim Rohn stated “it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions”.

…… Anthony Robbins said “stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach”.

…… Lester R Bittel advised “good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true”.

…… Charles Kettering said “high achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation”.


It is essential to set firm goals so you know where you are going

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” – Anon. Goals are dreams with deadlines – Anon.  We find no real satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve.  In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.


Noteworthy quotes and pearls of wisdom about goals

…… Sydney Smith stated “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals”.

…… Denis Watley said “the reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them”.

…… Og Mandino stated “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams”.

…… Ty Howard reported “I’ve learned that we cannot forget or throw away our past. But we must not allow our past to control us either. We must learn and grow from our past failures, disappointments, pains and experiences. Reset our goals and priorities… and move forward. Start today, by untying the knots that limit you”.


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Quitting Smoking Cigarettes Need NOT be as

Traumatic as is Commonly Assumed

Quit Smoking easily without cravings. You would not kick a toddler.

Just like the toddler you are trying to walk afresh without the need for the support of the nicotine framework.  So if you should fall once or twice or more than thrice, that really is acceptable.  Your aim is still to walk high and tall by yourself, free from addiction.  So do not be too hard or unforgiving of yourself.  Think of yourself as a nicotine-toddler who will soon be standing up strong and tall without any support from nicotine.

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Accupuncture, Acupunture or Accupunture common misspelling

Note that “Acupuncture” is often misspelt as accupuncture, acupunture or accupunture, that is with either too many c’s or not enough c’s. I would love to be able to clear up this very common spelling mistake, and set the record straight. Ac·u·punc·ture – pronounced ak-yoo-puhngk-cher; Origin: 1675–85; < Latin acū with a needle (ablative of acus  needle) or acu- (as combining form of acus ) + puncture.


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