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Fire (Biophotons) from the Sun Power the Triple Energizer (aka San-Jiao, Sanjiao, Triple Heater, Triple Burner, Triple Warmer, Triple Energizer, Three Heaters, Tri-Heater & Three Burning Spaces)


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How does Fire (Biophotons) from the Sun Energize and Power the Triple Energizer Organ, But NOT the San Jiao or Sanjiao Meridian (aka Triple Heater Meridian, Triple Burner Meridian, Triple Warmer Meridian, Three Heaters Meridian)? 

Based on ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there are twelve Main organs, where the liver is called the liver and the heart  is called the heart, for example. However, one of those 12 Main Organs of TCM has been surrounded in mystery, intrigue and misunderstanding for thousands of years. In keeping with that mystical theme, depending on which university you went to, that mystical TCM organ has numerous names, including San-Jiao, Sanjiao, Triple Heater, Triple Burner, Tri-Heater, Triple Warmer, Triple Energizer, Three Heaters and the Three Burning Spaces. While the Triple Energizer is definitely an ORGAN, even numerous TCM practitioners consider that the Triple Energizer that has “no form” is NOT an actual organ, but is instead a sequence of biological and biochemical functions that transpire throughout the body. I have spent years researching this misunderstood physical organ in detail, and have written a book which proves that the Triple Energizer (in spite of having “no form”) is an actual morphological organ complex.

In the book ‘The ‘Mystical’ TCM Triple Energizer’. Its Elusive Location and Morphology Defined’, I show that the Nan Jing teaches that  ‘the water-ways [of the entire body] originate from there [i.e. the Triple Burner], and that ‘the [biological and energic] influences [throughout the entire body] are transformed from water’. Brilliant scholar, Yeh Lin, notes that ‘All of that rests on the principle that when fire meets water, a transformation into influences takes place’. The book shows that the “Fire” that meets the “water” in the body is derived from the powerful Sun, in the form of biophotons. 

The following are excerpts from the book The ‘Mystical’ TCM Triple Energizer. Its Elusive Location and Morphology Defined. This innovative book is full of intriguing evidence that endorses that ancient authors of many traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) literary classics were completely aware of anatomical infrastructure that is only now being discovered by modern research. This easy-reading educational book is essential for anyone wanting to know more about how the sun affects human health and wellbeing. This educational manuscript can be securely procured by clicking the ‘BUY NOW’ button at the bottom of this page. 

1.5 Another Ancient View of the Triple Burner Based on the 31st Difficult Issue

In the commentaries on the 31st Difficult Issue on pages 353–355 of Unschuld’s (1) translation of the Nan Ching, another scholar, Yeh Lin, relates:

The [treatise] ‘Ling lan mi-tien lun’ of the Su-wen states: ‘The Triple Burner is the official responsible for the maintenance of the ditches. The water-ways originate from there.’ That is [what is] meant here. As to its location on the ‘street of influences,’ the ch’i-chieh, [holes] are located on both sides of the [center of the] hairline. They represent holes on the foot-yang-brilliance [conduits]. That is the root and the origin of the Triple Burner; it is the location of the influences. It is a fatty membrane emerging from the tie between the kidneys. The Triple Burner is associated with the residence of the minister-fire. The nature of fire is to ascend from below. Hence, the [treatise] ‘Ching-mai pieh-lun’ of the Su-wen states: ‘Drinks enter [the organism] through the stomach where their essential influences float off, moving upward to the spleen.’ That is a reference to the central [section of the Triple] Burner. ‘The influences of the spleen distribute the essence which ascends [further] and turns to the lung.’ That is a reference to the upper [section of the Triple] Burner. ‘From there they penetrate into and regulate the passageways of water, moving downward to the bladder.’ That is a reference to the lower [section of the Triple] Burner. But why are only drinks emphasized in this discussion of the influences of the upper, central, and lower [section of the Triple] Burner? [Anybody posing such a question] does not know that the influences are transformed from water. Through the inhalation of the heavenly yang, the water of the bladder follows the fire of the heart downward to the lower [section of the Triple] Burner. There it evaporates like steam and is transformed into influences moving up again, where they become the chin [liquids], the yeh [liquids], and the sweat. All of that rests on the principle that when fire meets water, a transformation into influences takes place. The meaning is that heavenly yang [i.e., the influences of the sun] enters earthly yin [i.e., the water in the soil]. The [latter], following the movement of the yang influences ascends and become clouds and rain. (Emphasis is mine) 

Summary of Chapter 18

I thought it was amazing that while the word sun appears nine times in Unschuld’s (1) translation of the Nan ching, six times it is in intimate association with the Triple Burner. To my knowledge, no other author has determined this connection. I believe that there are three ways in which the sun’s energy enters our body and empowers us. Firstly, the Stomach, in the central burner, is where the intrinsic nutrients and stored energy present in all the diverse foods that we consume are extracted. Further, I believe that large amounts of bulk water and biophotons are also extracted from the food and pass through the Stomach wall to be circulated throughout the entire body via the Triple Energizer. Secondly, there is the possibility that the Triple Burner system in humans is driven and energized by sunshine penetrating directly into our skin and activating melanin’s energy capture and utilization property to produce the Qi that flows through our channels. Thirdly, there is also the strong likelihood that sunlight affects us through our skin indirectly due to the absorption of ambient infrared radiation from all the objects that we encounter in our daily lives.

It is a fact that due to solar radiation of infrared rays, all objects on earth are heated—including walls, furniture, and dogs, for example— after having absorbed sunlight during the day and have intrinsic infrared radiation to emit because of their inherent ambient warmth. Many researchers believe that water and humans absorb this ambient infrared radiation. Even when we consume water that has ‘seen’ daylight, we are consuming some of the sun-derived immaterial influences. These immaterial influences that Yang described include many sun-derived factors that are essential for our health and wellbeing and include biophotons, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, which interact with 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) present in the skin to produce vitamin D3.

I propose that the essence of the sun in the form of biophotons enters our body directly through our skin and also in a large degree in the food and water we consume. I believe that the biophotons and bulk water in the consumed food are extracted by maceration in the Stomach in the Middle Heater and passed through the Stomach wall to be processed by the Spleen. When these two components (biophotons and bulk water) come into contact with the omnipresent hydrophilic membranes and connective tissue that pervade our being, they are converted into life-giving liquid crystalline EZ water that powers the pumps, adjusts the pH, and initiates the separation of pure and impure liquids associated with the so-called Triple-Energizer Fluid and Energy Production Cycle, also known as San Jiao.


I wish to sincerely thank Dr Paul U. Unschuld for the selfless and tireless work he has committed to make many ancient Chinese medical classics available in English for study and research. My book is based predominantly around his scholarly work ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’. I also wish to sincerely thank Professor Unschuld for permission to use citations of his translation in my book. His translation of ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’ can be purchased from the following link:

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             Sanjiao’s Mystique Demystified


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