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The Hydroelectric Triple Energizer (aka San-Jiao, Sanjiao, Triple Heater, Triple Burner, Triple Warmer, Triple Energiser, Three Heaters and Three Burning Spaces) and Brilliant Scientific Researchers who Agree with Professor Gerald Pollack’s Hydroelectric Exclusion Zone (EZ) Water Theory

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How does Professor Gerald Pollack’s Hydroelectric Exclusion Zone (EZ) Water Theory Explain the Hydroelectric Triple Energizer (aka San Jiao, Sanjiao, Triple Heater, Triple Burner, Triple Warmer, Triple Energiser, Three Heaters, Three Burning Spaces) Qihua Condition? 

Dr Pollack Discovered EZ Water aka Hexagonal Water, Liquid Crystalline Water. The TCM San Jiao Produces EZ

Dr Pollack Discovered EZ Water aka Hexagonal Water, Liquid Crystalline Water. The TCM San Jiao Produces EZ

Twelve Main Organs are believed to exist in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Eleven of these are accepted by western medicine. However, one of those 12 Main TCM Organs has been shrouded in mystery, intrigue and misunderstanding for thousands of years. In keeping with that mysterious and mystical theme, depending on which university you went to, that mystical TCM organ has multitudinous names, including San-Jiao, Sanjiao, Triple Heater, Triple Burner, Tri-Heater, Triple Warmer, Triple Energizer, Three Heaters and the Three Burning Spaces.

While the Triple Energizer is definitely an ORGAN, many TCM practitioners consider that because the Triple Energizer was said to have “no form” that it is NOT an actual organ, but is rather a sequence of biological and biochemical functions that occur throughout the entire body producing numerous biological liquids and fluids along with numerous forms of energy (Qi). This indeed sounds exactly like a hydroelectric generating station within the body. I have spent years researching the location and morphology of this misunderstood physical organ in detail, and have written a book which proves that the Triple Energizer (in spite of having “no form”) is an actual morphological organ complex, as is the endocrine system and the lymphatic system, which also both have “no form”.

In the book ‘The ‘Mystical’ TCM Triple Energizer’. Its Elusive Location and Morphology Defined’, I show that the Nan Jing teaches that ‘the water-ways [of the entire body] originate from there [i.e. the Triple Burner], and that ‘the [biological and energic] influences [throughout the entire body] are transformed from water’. Brilliant scholar, Yeh Lin, notes that ‘All of that rests on the principle that when fire meets water, a transformation into influences takes place’. How does this “transformation into influences take place”? I believe that recent research into the nature of water by numerous prestigious scientists elucidates the mechanism by which energy is produced in the body, how cellular ion pumps  and enzymatic reactions occur. Enzymes are the ‘archetypal quantum molecular energy machine’ as they are naturally able to reduce the time for chemical reactions to occur in organisms by a factor of 1010 to 1023. It is now believed that these numerous biological and biochemical processes occur directly because of the nature of water which is omnipresent throughout our body, making up 99% of our body on a molecule per molecule basis. It is believed that this water which has been “transformed into influences” in intimate association alongside the Connective-Tissue Metasystem constitutes the Acupuncture Meridian System of the body. The following are excerpts from the book ‘The ‘Mystical’ TCM Triple Energizer. Its Elusive Location and Morphology Defined’. They confirm that the Sanjiao is actually the omnipresent hydroelectric station that is ubiquitous throughout the body, producing numerous liquids and fluids (sweat, blood, tears, urine, saliva, semen, gastric juices, fingerprint oil etc) and numerous forms of energy (qi) that engender ‘life’. 

This easy-reading educational book is essential for anyone wanting to know more about how bulk water is converted within the ubiquitous hydrophilic Connective-Tissue Metasystem within the body into life-sustaining EZ water that is so essential for optimal human health and wellbeing. This educational manuscript can be securely purchased by clicking the ‘BUY NOW’ button at the bottom of this page.


20.2 How Is EZ Water Formed in Nature?

The article (60) amazingly reports that the major ingredient required to create EZ water is light, i.e. electromagnetic energy, which can include visible light, ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths, or infrared wavelengths, which surround us at all times. Infrared light is the most powerful form, especially at wavelengths of approximately 3 μm, which is all around you. The EZ water can assemble on any hydrophilic (waterloving) surface whenever infrared energy is present. Layer upon layer of EZ water forms. Millions of individual molecular layers can form on a surface. This is how EZ water presents in nature. For example, ice does not form directly from ordinary H2O. Pollack proposes that regular water transforms into EZ water and then transforms into ice. And when ice melts, it transforms from ice into EZ water and then into regular water. So EZ water is an intermediate state between the three known different phases of the water molecule, H2O. ‘Glacial melt is a perfect way to get EZ water. And a lot of people have known that this water is really good for your health,’ Dr Pollack says.

NOTE: I use TDP far-infra-red lamps to treat every patient. The TDP lamp radiation is very therapeutic partially because the trace minerals found in the ceramic plate create heat that is easily absorbed by the body. Remarkable, the lamp emits a unique spectrum of infrared light with a wavelength range of 2-25 micrometers (μm). I believe that this frequency profoundly affects the body because as discussed above, infrared light especially at wavelengths of approximately 3 μm is the most powerful form of electromagnetic energy required to create EZ water within the body.

20.6 The Three Elements of Pollack’s Pump Constitute the Triple-Energizer Organ Complex

Pollack’s findings reveal that infrared energy from light outside the body, along with heat derived from internal exothermic metabolic reactions, transforms simple hydrophilic tubes into the equivalent of mechanical pumps but without a motor. The motor force is generated by the exclusion zone and the protons formed when (1) infrared light energy, (2) water, and (3) hollow hydrophilic tubules come together in space and time. The Triple-Energizer Metasystem is an omnipresent body system responsible for driving the numerous fluids (Jin/Ye body fluids) to every nook and cranny within the body, and such tubes include arteries, veins and capillaries, lymphatic ducts, renal tubules, sweat glands, ureters, tear ducts, Eustachian tubes, respiratory alveolar ducts, bile ducts, etc. All these tubes need pumps to move the associated fluids within. The connective-tissue membrane system happens to be composed almost entirely of hydrophilic material. While there is no doubt that the heart is the predominant pump for the arteries and veins, the pumping mechanism of most other tubes and pipes in the body is inadequately defined. So we can see that two of the components of Pollack’s EZ pump—namely, water and hydrophilic material—are bountiful in the body. The third element of the Pollack Pump is light and/or heat energy, including sunshine. Note that while the word sun appears nine times in Unschuld’s (1) translation of the Nan-Ching, remarkably, six times it is in intimate association with the Triple Burner. Perchance, did the ancient TCM sages recognize that yang electromagnetic energy from the sun was a driving force of the hydrophilic, membranous Triple-Energizer organ complex?

20.9 Vortexing Water Puts Enormous Energy into the Water

Mercola (60) advised that he personally drinks vortexed water nearly exclusively. Researcher Viktor Schauberger performed much pioneering work about the benefits of drinking vortexed water about a century ago. Dr Pollack has confirmed that creating a vortex in a container of water adds energy to the water, thereby increasing the EZ content. According to Pollack, virtually any energy put into the water seems to create or build EZ water, and even acoustic energy seems to affect bulk water.

Serendipitously, Dr Ho and her colleague Michael Lawrence stumbled on a new setting for the polarizing microscope that is especially good for viewing biological liquid crystals. The outcome was that they observed that a worm under the polarizing microscope proved to be completely liquid crystalline and coherent to a high degree, even quantum coherent. Ho went on to call this the rainbow worm. This meant that the entire organism was electrically polarized from head to tail, like a single uniaxial crystal. Not only were the macromolecules in all the tissues and cells perfectly aligned, but so too was the 80% by weight of water. Dr Ho went on to say that ‘it is the water that makes the entire organism liquid crystalline because this water is liquid crystalline’ and that rather than the disorder associated with bulk water, the individual molecules are more organized and electrically aligned. She advised that life is possible only because ‘liquid crystalline living water enables macromolecules to function as quantum molecular machines that transfer and transform energy at close to 100% efficiency’. She notes that enzymes are the ‘archetypal quantum molecular energy machine’ as they are naturally able to reduce the time for chemical reactions to occur in organisms by a factor of  1010 to 1023 . Dr Ho further notes that the conventional biochemical community has failed to recognize the immense importance of water in the process.

20.13 Acupuncture Meridians Have Characteristics Similar to Electrical Transmission Lines

Regarding the nature of acupuncture meridians within the body, Dr Mae-Wan Ho (61) explained that, on an anatomical basis, human acupuncture meridians are generally located alongside connective tissue planes in between neighboring muscles or in between a muscle and bone or a tendon.

20.17 Research from a Third World-Renowned Scientist Confirms Fourth State of Water

In between all the above scientific endeavors, over the last 15 years, Dr Lo and his team have uncovered a newly discovered phase of water which he calls Double-Helix Water®. He advised that it is present in ultrapure water without additives or added chemical compounds of any kind. Dr Lo (63) went on to advise that his research team had studied the phenomena for fifteen years and now believe that another phase of water exists. He believes that under a particular set of circumstances, the liquid phase of water condenses into tiny solid particles at room temperature. He further believes that these transmutated water particles are somehow responsible for initiating the self-healing process within the body and that this restructured water phase is a driving force of the body’s immune response. He proceeded to say:

Because of their structure and polar charge, we theorize that these particles are the molecular basis for what Chinese Medicine has suggested for over two thousand years: that an electrical matrix surrounds the body and this electrical matrix is the senior dominating factor in all health issues. This is evidenced by Electron and Atomic Force Microscope photographs, which demonstrate that  these particles line up end to end to form circuit-like  structures. Therefore it is very feasible that we have found  a material basis for the Chinese meridians.

20.18 The Properties of EZ Water Are Identical to the Functions of the Triple Energizer

So notice that Jaxen (64) states that EZ water causes ‘fluid circulation in the body’ and that ‘EZ water acts like a battery and produces energy by splitting into a negative zone and a positive zone’ and generating different forms of Qi (energy). Jaxen further states, ‘The [EZ] water is essentially an engine or transducer by acting to transform the energy.’ All these properties of EZ water are established functions of the Triple-Energizer organ complex.

Summary of Chapter 20

A summation of this Chapter shows that at least three highly regarded scientists have performed decades of research between them, confirming that water possesses a fourth phase that has evaded detection until recently. Professor Gerald Pollack is credited with the discovery of the fourth phase of water, which develops in the form of an exclusion zone, or EZ for short, whereby the water separates into a positively charged zone full of solutes and particles plus a negatively charged zone close to the hydrophilic surface that initiated the transformation of normal old H2O in the presence of light energy. It appears that normal or bulk water absorbs light energy (all wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared), which causes its molecules to align and resemble a liquid crystal structure. Pollack advises that our body is composed internally of approximately 99% water on a molecule proportion basis, not on a weight basis. Professor Pollack advises that long-range ordering of water molecules is not a new idea and relates that the idea of long-range water ordering was proposed by a number of very prominent scientists, including Sir William Hardy, Walter Drost-Hansen, James Clegg, and especially Albert Szent-Györgyi and Gilbert Ling.

After Professor Pollack, the second advocate for a fourth phase of water is renowned geneticist and biophysicist Dr Mae-Wan Ho. She states above, ‘A liquid crystalline continuum extends without interruption throughout the extracellular matrix to the interior of every single cell. Soon after our discovery, I suspected it might be the key to the rapid intercommunication within the body that enables organisms to function as perfectly coordinated wholes.’ This liquid crystalline continuum is what Dr Pollack calls EZ water. Notice what Dr Ho states above regarding this EZ water, that it ‘extends without interruption throughout the extracellular matrix to the interior of every single cell’. What makes up the ‘extracellular matrix to the interior of every single cell’? Is it not the ubiquitous maze of omnipresent membranes or connective tissue that permeates the entire body by wrapping all the numerous organs and structures with connective-tissue fascia like a bag, thereby allowing communication between every cell in the body via the fascia? Li Chiung put it another way when he stated that ‘the Triple Burner represents nothing but membranes attached to the upper, central, and lower opening of the stomach’ in the commentaries on the 38th Difficult Issue on page 396 of Unschuld’s (1) translation of the Nan Ching. Note too the title of an article written by Dr Ho (61) in 2012, namely, ‘Super-Conducting Liquid Crystalline Water Aligned with Collagen Fibers in the Fascia as Acupuncture Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine’. While Dr Ho believes that collagen fibers in the fascia aligned with EZ water constitute the acupuncture meridians, I believe one step further, that the omnipresent connective tissues, collagen fibers, fascia, and membranes make up the Triple-Energizer organ complex. Dr Ho also said, ‘It is water that fuels the dynamo of life; water is the basis of the energy metabolism that powers all living processes, the chemistry and the electricity of life.’ Again that sounds like the major function of the Triple-Energizer organ complex, which is ‘the official in charge of irrigation and it controls the water passages’.

The third world-renowned scientist Dr Shui Yin Lo, a biophysicist, uncovered and has researched for 15 years a newly discovered phase of water, which he calls Double-Helix Water®. He advises that it is ultrapure water, whereby all impurities have been excluded from it. Stone the crows, that sounds a lot like exclusion zone water by another name, Double-Helix Water®. Dr Lo has observed these water molecules can condense into tiny solid particles at room temperature. Pollack and Ho call this a liquid crystal matrix. Lo believes this water phase is involved in the healing process and the body’s immune response. So do Pollack and Ho. Like Ho, Lo believes that ‘these particles are the molecular basis for what Chinese Medicine has suggested for over two thousand years’. Using Electron and Atomic Force Microscope photographs, Dr Lo has demonstrated ‘that these particles line up end to end to form circuit-like structures. Therefore it is very feasible that we have found a material basis for the Chinese meridians.’ When I developed my theory about the nondescript, semiamorphous, ubiquitous, omnipresent connective-tissue system constituting the structural corpus of the Triple Energizer several years ago, I never realized so much established scientific research was available to support my theory and was stunned when these scientists even involved TCM and acupuncture meridians in their theories. Subsequently, I have no doubt that the Sanjiao is actually the omnipresent hydroelectric station that is ubiquitous throughout the body, producing numerous liquids and fluids (sweat, blood, lymph, interstitial fluid, tears, pancreatic juice, perspiration, urine, saliva, semen, gastric juices, fingerprint oil etc) and numerous forms of energy (qi) that engender ‘life’.


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I wish to sincerely thank Dr Paul U. Unschuld for the selfless and tireless work he has committed to make many ancient Chinese medical classics available in English for study and research. My book is based predominantly around his scholarly work ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’. I also wish to sincerely thank Professor Unschuld for permission to use citations of his translation in my book. His translation of ‘Nan-Ching: The Classic of Difficult Issues’ can be purchased from the following link:

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